Amazing Prospero Display: FW Open Days


Games Workshop has built a Battle for Prospero board you HAVE to see!

You know how we here at BoLS are suckers for crazy dioramas and insane projects you wish you could do – but that would only get you divorced 🙂  Take a look at this massive and extremely tall recreation of the Battle of Prospero and the pyramids of Tizka.

via Garro (Facebook)


I like the plants. the grimdark needs more formal gardens… to blow up.


Everyone loves some Custodes backup.


There are no wolves on Fenris – because they are on Prospero!


Dreadnought fight!


They are going to need a LOT more dead marines minis before they can call this one done.

Battle Bunnies snapped a handful of images of the diorama as well:


Nice banners!


Come and take it space puppies! 




~ Where oh where would I keep something like that?


  • The SW dread in the last pic looks different to me…somewhere between a contempt and a the box on legs. I could be wrong though.

  • euansmith

    It is a work in progress, so I guess that the liberal application of gore comes later.

  • benn grimm

    Needs more psychic dismemberment, other than that, pretty cool stuff…

  • Recalcitrant Daze

    Pics I took from today are now up, including lots of the WIP Prospero board.

  • Myu

    That huge dread looks incredibly silly

  • Nyyppä

    I hope this gets some psychic love. It’s way too plain at the moment for TS combat.

  • Billy Tremaine

    Good thing they had time to put spikes on their rhinos before the wolves got there

    • Kaylum Dicks

      The ones on the front are Dozer Blades, standard vehicle wargear for all legions.