Dark Angels Tactics: Interrogator-Chaplain


Today we review another of the Dark Angels’ unique units, the mighty Interrogator-Chaplain.

Hi everyone, Michael here with a review of another of the Dark Angels’ unique units, the mighty Interrogator-Chaplain. For more reviews, analyses and battle reports, check out the Tactics Corner.


The Interrogator-Chaplain is a Space Marine Chaplain on steroids. He comes with boosted stats compared to a Chaplain and some great special rules. The Interrogator-Chaplain has a Space Marine Captain’s stats (though with WS5 instead of WS6) for only 20 pts more than a regular Chaplain. He is primarily a combat character, his special rules helping to boost a unit that he joins. He can be given a number of wargear options to help keep up with the fastest units in the Dark Angels army.



  • Bolt Pistol
  • Crozius Arcanum
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • Rosarius
  • Can take Melee weapons, Ranged weapons, Special Issue Wargear and Relics of Caliban.
  • Can take a Power Fist
  • May take a Space Marine Bike
  • Can take Terminator Armour (replacing his Bolt Pistol and Frag and Krak Grenades). May also take a Combi-flamer, Combi-melta or Combi-plasma in Terminator Armour.

Special Rules:

  • Deathwing- Fearless and Hatred (Chaos Space Marines)
  • Fear
  • Grim Resolve- Stubborn and fires Overwatch at BS2 (unless Jinking)
  • Independent Character
  • Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines)
  • Zealot


For me, the Interrogator-Chaplain is a buff character for the Dark Angels, particularly boosting any combat units that he joins in the army. He gains +1 BS, I, W and A on a regular Chaplain, for only 20 points more, which I think is well worth the cost. These stats increases give the Interrogator-Chaplain a measure of increased durability and ability in combat.

He also provides a host of Leadership buffs to any unit he joins, having two lots of Fearless and Stubborn! Not that these abilities stack in the game, but he will keep a unit in the fight throughout the game.


The Interrogator-Chaplain will also greatly benefit the Dark Angels army if you are playing against Chaos Space Marines, giving the unit both Hatred and Preferred Enemy for Chaos Space Marines. This will really boost the damage output of any unit he joins when targeting these units.

For me, the Interrogator-Chaplain works best in a unit of Black Knights or Ravenwing Command Squad. These units are already pretty potent in combat and the Zealot re-rolls that the Interrogator-Chaplain provides makes this unit even more awesome in battle, as well as boosting their morale through Fearless. The Black Knights also compliment the Interrogator-Chaplain, providing him with Hit and Run when he joins the unit and stopping him from getting locked in unfavourable combats.


Fear is also a useful special rule for a combat-centred unit, providing you remember it of course! I use the Interrogator-Chaplain all the time and don’t think I’ve ever remembered that he has Fear in a game. With so many units immune to Fear and ignoring its effects, it is a very situational bonus to have, but is well worth remembering for those times when your opponent is likely to fail, further boosting your abilities in combat.

When I field the Interrogator-Chaplain, he comes armed with a Bike, Auspex, Meltabombs and the Mace of Redemption. He will join a unit of Black Knights to greatly boost their abilities with his special rules and wargear. The Auspex helps somewhat negate the cover of saves of your opponent, allowing the Black Knights’ Plasma Talons to cause maximum carnage. The Mace of Redemption is a power weapon with +3S AP3, along with Blind and Concussive. I think the Interrogator-Chaplain really needs at least an AP3 weapon to compete in the game, as this allows him to take on the ever-abundant Space Marines. With this armament, he gets 5 attacks on the charge at S7 and AP3. This should allow him to take on most opponents in combat, wounding on a 2+, but still striking at initiative. Having Blind on the weapon is also great, giving you another chance to make your opponent WS1 if they pass their Blind test or are immune to it. As a further bonus, the Mace of Redemption goes down to AP1 when facing Chaos Space Marines!


Alternatively, you can always equip him with Terminator Armour and put him with a unit of Deathwing Terminators or Deathwing Knights. The Interrogator-Chaplain will further boost the combat abilities of both units, particularly the Deathwing Knights, who can pack a great punch in combat.

Deathwing Horz

Overall, I think the Interrogator-Chaplain is a great HQ choice for a Dark Angels army.

~He is my first choice for HQ unit thanks to his combat ability and buffs he provides to a unit in the army.

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  • CthulhuDawg

    It would be really nice if GW put out that exclusive store opening Chaplain in Terminator Armor to the masses. I would buy one in a heartbeat.

  • Svenone

    Int. Chaplain is probably the best of the HQs in this era of Dark Angels. He’s a bargain for what he brings to the table and is perhaps the most versatile of all of the HQs available. Deathwing Knights + Int Chaplain charging into an ork or nid horde is pretty awesome.

    Would love to see a unique terminator sprue for him but I know that would never happen.

  • Jeramy Bailey

    I nearly always field an Interrogator on a bike and with the MoR as my Warlord, accompanied by a RW command squad. On occasion I also field one in Terminator armor with a chainfist and lightning claw. He hits like a ton of bricks. More rarely I use one with a jump pack and twin lightning claws. All of them are completely kit-bashed and none use a crozius.

  • Solrac

    You missed one of the best parts about a Int. Chaplain in your review.
    He can “take” a Powerfist as part of his entry. He doesn’t have to swap a weapon for it so it means when he uses his Crozius he gets the +1A for having a Pistol also.
    When fighting Marines and Chaos, definitely Mace of Redemption hands down no question but against Xenos the Crozius is usually sufficient but if you need that extra kick because you are going last anyway or want to bust a tank it’s handy to have the fist, especially if the Draft FAQ on one grenade in the assault phase goes through.

    • Thomas Gardiner

      I *love* that they can do that. It has genuinely won me games, being able to switch between the two.

  • “Fear is also a useful special rule for a combat-centred unit…”

  • SilentPony

    So…like every other Chaplain, buff a CC squad and charge something big, go down swinging.

  • Thomas Gardiner

    Easily one of the best generic Marine HQs, hands-down. He’s just so cheap for what he does, he’s rock-solid in combat, has access to great wargear options and buffs your Black Knights or Deathwing Knights to the stratosphere.

    The only time I even consider another HQ is if I’m running pure Ravenwing and want to take Sammael (even then, I’ll put in the Chaplain too).

  • euansmith

    When I read the title, I thought, “Tactics? 40k? This is really going to be about list building”.

    • Haighus

      They should start calling them “Strategy”, that would be more accurate.

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    What is this “combat” thing you’re talking about?