OGRE Miniatures On Kickstarter


Steve Jackson Games has a slew of new miniatures for the classic boardgame up on Kickstarter right now.

I’ve been wanting some plastic minis for OGRE for ages.


OGRE Miniatures SET 1 Kickstarter Homepage

Via Steve Jackson Games

At long last, plastic Ogre miniatures for use with the Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Designer’s Edition games.

Fans have been asking for Ogre miniatures in an affordable plastic form. Finally . . . finally . . . we’re able to provide a set of unpainted, unassembled ABS minis on sprues at a reasonable cost.

These miniatures are in the same scale as the Ogre Designer’s Edition and the upcoming Ogre Sixth Edition. Each unit is sized for one hex. Ogres, of course, take two hexes. Ogres are big.

Ogre Miniatures Set 1 Contents:


  • 6 GEVs
  • 6 Heavy Tanks
  • 4 Missile Tanks
  • 2 Howitzers
  • 1 Command Post
  • 12 Infantry bases, each with three miniatures for a total of 36 Infantry units


  • 1 Ogre Mk III
  • 1 Ogre Mk V




The set is compatible with the oversized OGRE 6th Edition and there is a large set of add-ons including dice, the boardgame itself and rules supplements.


You have 3 weeks to get in on the action.

OGRE Miniatures SET 1 Kickstarter Homepage

~ NICE, who’s in for this set?

  • Commissar Molotov

    OGRE was fun, but GEV was better. Gimme a GEV reboot, Steve!

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      It was included in the Designer Edition AFAIK and they are releasing the DE in 2 separate boxes: Ogre then GEV.

  • kobalt60

    i’d settle for a new Warlock of Firetop Mountain

    • euansmith

      There is a version up on Steam, if you want to play through the old adventure.

    • Not the same Steve Jackson.

  • Michael Virks

    C’mon SJG, give us a plastic cruise missile crawler already. You know that’s the one we really, really want 🙂

  • GiftoftheMagi