2016 Best Plastic Miniature of The Year


We’re proud to announce our pick for the Best Plastic Miniature Kit of 2016!

2016 has been a jam packed year for the Tabletop Gaming Industry. It was incredibly difficult to choose just one kit/model that we felt was the best one of the year. For plastic kits they had to be mass produced kits. That included unassembled plastic, pre-assembled plastic and/or pre-painted plastic kits. So here are our humble Honorable Mentions first off – in alphabetical order:

Honorable Mentions

Hammerfall Seige Crawler – Warmachine – Privateer Press


House Hadross Pit FightersWrath of Kings – CMON


Kurnoth HuntersAge of Sigmar – Games Workshop


Sky PiratesMalifaux – Wyrd Games




U-WingStar Wars: X-Wing – Fantasy Flight Games



All of these kits we very impressive – they showcased some amazing sculpting, fantastic packaging (either on the sprue or in the box) and really had a strong visual theme that was unique to their respective game system. The Hammerfall Siege Crawler captures the Steam-punk vibe that is Warmachine perfectly. The Pit Fighters, Kurnoth Hunters, and Sky Pirates are all outstanding additions to their respective game lines with their impressive sculpts and strong visuals. And the U-Wing could be the future of miniature gaming on the tabletop. It’s got movable wings, comes pre-assembled and has a pre-painted look that most tabletop gamers would be hard pressed to beat.

However, while the editorial staff here at BoLS was impressed by each of these kits, only one kit could take home the award for Best Plastic Kit…

The Winner IS…

Magnus The Red


Magnus The Red is an amazing kit. It’s large, plastic and highly detailed. But at the same time the kit has different options for the head and weapons. Aside from that, it’s a kit that is also impressive from a technical and production standpoint. And while some folks may not like all the horns this model has to offer they can’t deny that it’s still a striking kit visually.

One top of all that Magnus is huge step forward for the worlds most popular tabletop wargame. Magnus The Red shows that Games Workshop still has quite a few tricks up their sleeves and they are ready to use them. The Editors here at BoLS never thought we’d see the day when an actual plastic daemon primarch would be created by Games Workshop. But here he is in all his Red, Tzeentchy Glory!


There were TONS of plastic kits released from more companies that we could even count. What were some of your favorite ones from 2016?

  • SupPupPup

    hmmm. Magnus is nice, but I don’t think its as well sculpted as some of the malifaux kits, or as stylistic as some of the Silver Tower minis.

  • Ucheny .

    Hey! that is BS!
    Even though he is good – he is not even in top 3!
    just look at Allariel Everqueen!
    She is so much better!

    • Artur Żórawski

      True – IMHO – Ariel is much better.

    • Nyyppä

      Is there not one kit for AoS already?

    • EnTyme

      Nothing against Magnus, but Alarielle (and probably the Tree Revenants from the same faction) were better models.

      • Aezeal

        Well I personally like Drycha and the Hunters better than the revenants. Alarielle has the centrepiece thing which helps but besides that I think I like Hunters best, 3 weapon options, dynamic poses and all very different. They also have very nicely done champion upgrades. GW also gets +100 for the quiverlings.

        • ZeeLobby

          I like them better than her actually, haha.

    • LunaWolf

      She was absolutely my choice too.

    • Karru

      To me Magnus is better and here is why.

      Allarielle the Everqueen would have been a gorgeous model, but the Beetle and Allarielle feel like they don’t fit together. Allarielle is literally just glued on top of a Beetle. I judge the entire kit fully assembled. Separate the Beetle and Allarielle and you have two massively better looking models than Magnus is. Together they bring themselves down below magnus.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      agree, the beetle is epic.

  • Hawt Dawg

    While my main game is Warmahordes, PP is far behind the competition with their hard plastics.

    • rtheom

      Unfortunately. I weep every time I need to put together a new PP kit. Which is too bad, because I think their stylistic designs are pretty fantastic. They just don’t think at all about assembly.

      • Hawt Dawg

        Luckily most of the stuff is in good resin like the MoW Shocktrooper attachment or hard plastic like the Victor/Colossal kit. Some like the brigands for Farrow are still bad.

      • Hawt Dawg

        You never yield.

        I like that!

  • PrehistoricUF0

    Just built Magnus yesterday. Wonderful kit.

  • ZeeLobby

    Yeah… Magnus is definitely a good model, but GW itself put out better models this year.

  • Barty

    It’s not an impressive kit in terms of scale, but I still think the Plastic MKIII Marines are the best things GW made this year.

    Well top 3 at least. There’s stuff that’s more impressive, or with better aesthetics, but the MKIII kit is just so crisp.

  • Nyyppä

    From that list, sure, Magnus is the top dog. There just might be better things out there that were not listed here.

    • Statham

      Well, it’s all subjective. Throw up your own list.

      • Nyyppä

        I’m not educated enough to even claim to know most of the miniatures. One competitor comes to mind though and it’s the Cyberdemon mini from 2016 Doom board game.

        • ZeeLobby

          That is one sexy model.

  • Diagoras

    I agree with your decision, for pretty much the same reasons. Sure, as a Thousand Sons player, I may be a wee bit biased, but Magnus is an absolutely terrifying and gorgeously detailed model, and it’s hard to understate what he represents.

    Go figure. The Daemon Primarch of Tzeentch represents something I’d given up on seeing from GW- Change. Not just in finally moving the plot forward, but as a company. I know many are less than enthusiastic about these changes, but as a Chaos player, this is a very exciting time for me.

    I can’t lie, I’m still really disappointed with the new Iron Warriors rules, relics, etc, and the Thousand Sons are so… expensive… so very expensive… but we EXIST now. Not just as one throw-away unit, but as a full army of some of the most stunningly-detailed models in all of 40k. Are we winning any tournaments? Probably not. But we EXIST.

    And, with how beautifully Magnus turned out, I can’t wait to see the other Daemon Primarchs, especially Perturabo and Mortarian. There aren’t really any pictures of Perturabo after his apotheosis. Personally, I hope he’s a twisted mess of steel, more machine than Primarch. Daemon Engine Perturabo, if you will.

  • Statham

    I love all the people going ‘but wait, don’t you think X was better’? Because clearly, no, they don’t. It’s a subjective list. It’s not fact, guys. They liked Magnus enough to make him their top kit of the year. Simple as.

  • dave long island

    Red Hornhead beats out Shark dudes with garden rakes and the Tree dudes with bows? Pffftt…. Cmon, ya gotta go with one a them. I mean cmon, they’re tree dudes AND they got bows!… pfffttt.

  • Keith Wilson

    After seeing Magnus i eagerly await The Reaper

  • Christie Bryden

    I agree with magnus, as its not just the amazing model, its what it represents, a end to khorne dominance in chaos as a whole, and progresion for CSM in 40k, plus everything about him works, he looks how a primarch (even demonic) should, powerful leader of his legion,well for one that isnt practicaly insain, dont think aggron would be quite as noble looking.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Magnus is nice looking but he cannot compete with Ariel for big plastic model.

  • Aezeal

    Most honorable mentions are pathetic, the Hunters and those Malifaux are nice, the rest seems mediocre at best.

  • Dusty

    I personally would have picked the new Blood Angel chaplain. It made me want to paint and play BAs.

  • Phil Turner

    Really? A prepainted model? Is the warmachine one plastic or that wierd stuff they use? Magnus is a good call, it has options that people don’t even realize.

    • Snord

      Regardless of what it’s made of, how that clumsy, shapeless model warranted inclusion in this list is beyond me. The level of detail and finesse is decades behind what many other companies are doing in plastic.

      I don’t really ‘get’ the whole attraction to Magnus. Maybe it looks better in the flesh.

      Overall, it seems like a strange list.

  • Heinz Fiction

    I think the Magnus sculpt lacks a coherent design. Maybe that is intentional, being a demon and such but I like the regular thousand sons models a lot better.

  • zeno666

    Haha, really?
    Please name the people in the jury.

  • Seb

    Be nice to know the criteria within the decision. It could provide context for considering merits better. 🙂

    For example, whilst visually impressive, it will be on fewer table tops than the latest Horus Heresy marines.

    Or the subtle remaking of core tau kits, or Adept Mech kits or Silver Tower.

    How well does one model stand up to entire units of carefully crafted styrene?

    Unfortunately most ranges I have admired this year, beyond GW, are in metal or resin only.

  • Martin Cann

    Just as Tzeentch planned…

  • Arthfael

    Alarielle is better, probably the only AoS model I would ever consider buying, because she looks so damn cool. But Magnus wins because c’mon, PLASTIC DEMON PRIMARCH!

    • Emdee

      I think Alarielle is better as well, but the will of Tzeentch cannot be denied.

  • Kreoss4u

    I think having nipple horns would severely hamper one’s range of movement.

  • KellyJ

    You must mean “WARGAMING Plastic Kit” because their are some real awesome models that came out this year…for a snap-tite kit the details on the new Star Destroyer are pretty darn nice.

    • nuggy

      Im eagerly awaiting the zvezda star destroyer to hit retail, rumours has it that Revell are to rebox it for international sales in april as zvezda only have russian market licence.
      Its even bigger and blows way past Revells own SD in terms of detailing.

  • AnomanderRake

    Magnus? You pick the giant gimmicky flying monster thing? As opposed to giving some recognition and respect to GW finally bringing out fantastic option-laden line infantry kits for the Thousand Sons and the Deathwatch?

    (The only thing that’d have me more excited than GW declaring they’re going to go back and clean up their backlog of chunky 3e-vintage infantry kits would be updates to the chunky 3e-vintage motor pool.)

  • Timotheus

    Now I know again why I (sadly) only buy GW Minis. The Rest on this list looks rediculous as usual…

  • Jason Dowley

    Your adverts cover the page and cant be closed.

  • Grand_Master_Raziel

    Eh. Nipple horns should have bumped him from the top slot. That should just be a rule. Nipple horns automatically disqualify any model from winning the top slot in any quality rating competition.

  • MechBattler

    I’m going to have to go with the Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerors. They are ornately designed and immaculately detailed for infantry sized models. Packing that much crisp detail into a plastic model that small is an spectacular achievement in design. It’s easy to make a model look good when it’s as big as Magnus. Making a model only 1.5″ tall look as good as those Sorcerors is WAY more impressive.
    My Blue Ribbon for Best in Show goes to the Exalted Sorcerors.