Privateer: Trollblood Thumper Crew

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Trollbloods are getting a trio of new models with some heavy firepower…

Thumper and pummeler cannons are the most powerful mobile artillery possessed by the Trollbloods. Originally naval cannons donated to the kriels, thumpers fire devastating cannonballs that punch through walls of enemy fortifications and flatten their warbeasts. The trollkin-designed pummeler instead fires devastating chain shot used for breaking troop formations from a distance, ideal for thinning enemy lines and mowing down anything in its firing arc.

Thumper Crew – $34.99

The kit is plastic and hits the shelves Christmas week.


~Be like the Trollbloods and give the holiday gift of FIREPOWER!

  • zeno666

    Its so cute!

  • Hawt Dawg

    Naw… Cute little trolls.

    Maelok will feed on your innards coming thursday.

  • petrow84

    Can we get it in Cygnar version, pelase?

  • Richard Mitchell

    The troll woman to the right is hawt.