Blood Bowl Blitzmania Rules & Goodies


Blood Bowl Fans, are you ready for BLOOD!? Well come check out the latest for the upcoming Blitzmania league!


If we weren’t aware Games Workshop is ramping up for a new World Wide League for Blood Bowl dubbed Blitzmania. The details so far have been rather sparse but it looks like retailers are getting their league kits. Check these out:

Pics via Scanner

Blitzrules blitzrules 2 blitz rules 3 blitz rules 4

The league is a great way to build up a community and the kit has these new exclusive Special Play cards that you can get just for showing up. That’s a great incentive to participate.

Blitz Swag Blitz Swag 2

Players will receive team cards and it looks like you can fill out the results of your game to turn in to the store. If Games Workshop is handling this like the AoS summer campaign, then the stores will be responsible for turning in those results via some online tool.


Players participating in the league will also be able to grab some new pins and tokens as well – who doesn’t love some new gaming aids and accessories?!

How will you know if a store is participating? You can check the Blood Bowl Page and use the store finder in the top right or you can keep a look out for these sweet new banners:

bloodbowl banner

Also, it looks like the festivities will be starting around February 4th – so be sure to ask your FLGS if they are running anything Blood Bowl related!


See you on the pitch!

  • Shawn


  • Severius_Tolluck

    Looking forward to this!

  • James DeGrey

    We dont have a FLGS, Hope the local GW gets all this in or our club can sign up or we will miss out

  • Ian Knight

    “there are many more [teams] than the four available on 4th February”

    Dwarf team released on 4 Feb then?

    • Harry_Jamieson

      I think this was announced a few weeks back as the Dwarf release date.