Bushido: Two New Models Approach


GCT studios shows off two new models for Bushido – it’s Pirates vs Ninjas in this preview!

via GCT Studios


Duri – Jung Pirates

He is almost as good a shot as he boasts and with his two “ladies” by his side, a threat to even the most nimble monk or heavily armour samurai, making him a legend amongst the Jung. The tale of how he lost his leg a source of much amusement amongst his peers.


Wamu – Kage Kaze Zoku

Another worm to emerge from the perilous, relentless training of the Kaze Kage Zoku, Wamu is a swift and nimble novice assassin. Like her fellow novice Wamu is able to employ the teachings of her mentors to great effect. A competent warrior and a promising student of the ways of the ninja.


GCT Studios has been cranking out fantastic models for Bushido for years and you should totally check out their catalogue HERE. You should also check out Bushido the Game itself because it’s a great skirmish game to boot! The Rules are Free online right HERE. And if “Stealth Games” sound like they might be something you are into then check out Rise of the Kage as well.


Ninjas and Pirates? Whats next Tengu and Oni? …Oh they have that. What are you waiting for?!

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