Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp #94 “The Return”

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Eternal Crusade is back from Vacation and it’s back to the Crusade!

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Brent Ellison, Katie Fleming, and Jordan Bregg-Bonneville recently played Eternal Crusade alongside the Praetorian Guard, answered questions, and hosted giveaways!

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This episode was mostly the Devs playing matches with co-ordinated guilds. It was a definate change of pace from what we typically see. They also did Q&A during the session but really it was Brent (Senior Game Design) and Jordan (Developer QA) going to town with other players. I really think this episode is probably the most raw in terms of what you can expect of the game in it’s current state.

That said, the game is in a constant state of flux. The Devs are still working on tweaks and changes for the game – it’s never really “done” as new stuff is constantly being worked on. It’s a new year and the game made a ton of progress in 2016 so I’m excited to see what 2017 holds for us!

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Vacations over. It’s time for WAR!

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