Fall of Cadia: Intriguing Characters Arrive


The Fall of Cadia is upon us. Take a look at some interesting and unexpected folks who show up to the battle.

We all know about the big three Imperial characters and Trazyn from two weeks back, plus Creed from the GW teasers yesterday. But look at the interesting folks on this list:

image via Dakka’s guru 1-8-2016



Some that caught our eye:


Sylandri Veilwalker

A mysterious Harlequin Shadowseer of the Masque of the Veiled Path.

Appearing before Prince Yriel during The Battle for Iyanden as he took up the Spear of Twilight, Veilwalker had vanished and did not appear again before Yriel until he had attempted to return the Spear and die in the process. Veilwalker told Yriel his job was not yet done and showed him a vision of the future, of Eldar Gods reborn and Daemons loose upon the Stars. After seeing what lay ahead Yriel took up the spear once more, and the illusion of Veilwalker faded away and beckoned Yriel after her into the shadows of the shrine.

Another act of that person was the trick with the Tau colonisation of a planet Maudlin III. In disguise, the Shadowseer came before the Water caste as the ambassador of an alien civilisation. With silvertongue words and a description of the future peace, she told them of her planet, Maudlin III. The Tau were tricked into landing there, expecting a new xenos civilisation, though what they found was only world with relatively poor life. Next, the Veilwalker had lured a tendril of Hive FleetKraken from its course, and goaded them to Mauldin III, which now was relatively teamed with living beings. So were destroyed a thousands of Tau, but was saved from the Tyranids menace the important webway portal.

In 988.M41, Veilwalker manipulated Xander Krast into stopping an Ork Waaagh! targeting the Exodite World of Selesti.




Chaos Space Marine of the Black Legion, follower of Khorne, and one of the four Chosen of Abaddon. Selected to command the fleets of Chaos at the launch of the 13th Black Crusade, his flagship was a Grand Cruiser originally named Ius Bellum during the Great Crusade, but once Horus had made his intentions known it was renamed the Hellforger.

He was involved with the struggle over the Dark Mechanicum controlled Forge World of Chaeroneia, in opposition to the Imperial forces lead by Inquisitor Nyxos and Rear Admiral Horstgeld. Urkrathos was aided by the mutant Feogrym in this endeavor, and had allied himself with Archmagos Veneratus Scraecos, who had controlled Chaeroneia at the time.

In addition, he leads a mob of vicious Khornate Chaos Space Marines known as the Hounds of Abaddon.



Baroness Vardus (House Raven)

Of all the Knightly Houses in the Imperium, House Raven is the largest by far. Indeed, Raven’s Knights number in the hundreds, with dozens of households ready to answer the summons of the Adeptus Mechanicus should they be called to war. Quite why there are so many Knight suits available to House Raven is something of a mystery. However, ancient records dating back to when their world, Kolossi, was first settled refer to a piece of STC archeotech that long ago fell into disrepair and was lost. Whether this STC system and Kolossi’s natural resources served as the perfect combination for producing Knight suits, or if the first human settlers merely prioritised the creation of Knight suits above all else, remains an enigma.

House Raven first allied itself with the nearby Forge World of Metalica during the Great Crusade. Lord Gregor, Raven’s ruler at that time, struck a deal with the Techpriests of Metalica to ensure that his house would have sufficient Sacristansto service his full host of Knights.

One of Raven’s first rulers, Lord Grunwald, introduced a knightly elite within the House known as the Companions. This inner circle comprimses many of the most powerful and experienced knights of the house. The majority of them are Knight Errant and Knight Paladin pattern suits. Another sub-order within the House known as the Iron Brotherhood also exists, comprising of a skilled band of Sacristans from Metalica.

In 246.M41, the Knights of House Raven crushed Waaagh! Smogbelcha on the fireplains of Voth.



Bringers of Despair

The Bringers of Despair are an elite fighting force within the Black Legion which serves as the personal bodyguard of Abaddon the Despoiler. Selected from the strongest and most vicious Chaos Terminators, these fearsome warriors are a precursor for the arrival of the Despoiler himself.

~I’m wondering exactly what the Shadowseer is up to.

  • SilentPony

    Hmm, yes, intriguing.

  • Ve Ly Pè

    Where are the big dudes? Apart from Abbaddon?
    Dante, Helbrecht, Zaraphiston (or is he dead?) etc?

    • Old zogwort

      Or Ghazzkull… ; )

    • Ghaniman

      Its the ‘Gathering Storm’ not the ‘Hurricane’s Here’.

  • Xodis

    So we are actually getting models for Abaddons fabulous 4? Awesome, guess Ill turn mine into random CSM Lords.

    • Admiral Raptor

      Those along with a new Abby would be nice. It’s going to be disappointing if the only new models for this campaign are the three Imperial characters.

      • Xodis

        Very disappointing. They dont even need to be named character models IMO. Just give us a CSM Lord kit with a crap-ton more options and I can build him lol.

        • Admiral Raptor

          Yes! I hate how they’ve gotten away from character kits with actual options.

      • Allgamer Man

        Gathering Storm is a big campaign, falls of Cadia It’s just the beginning.

  • Kaylum Dicks

    Seems the Ironwolves have elected a new Wolf Lord. Wonder if we will see some new rules.

    • Drew

      I’m surprised, actually- normally, the new Wolf Lord of Egil Iron Wolf’s old company would reshape it in his own image, and possibly rename it. Maybe it’s just too soon since Wrath of Magnus for that to have happened, so it’s “Orven Highfell, Wolf Lord of the Great Company formerly known as the Ironwolves.” =)

  • jlminella

    Quixos Lives

  • 6Cobra

    Is that one guy named “Sven Bloodbowl”? I guess he didn’t like hneftafl and decided to introduce a new game.. *ahem*

    But seriously, the biggest shortfall this one has compared to the original EoT/13th Black Crusade is plain as day from the ‘dramatis personae’ list of a whopping 18 characters across all the different combatants. I’m well aware there are more involved than just that, but the old book really did a great job conveying the almost unbelievable scale of the conflict – hundreds of billions of warriors hurling themselves at each other on hundreds of planets scattered over several vast sectors. That list made it very clear that scores of entire Space Marine chapters, dozens of full Titan Legions, multiple Segmentum Battlefleets, multiple preceptories of Soroitas, and IIRC thouands of Imperial Guard regiments were involved- and even that was barely holding on. Which characters were involved? All of them that weren’t Tau or Marneus Calgar, pretty much.

    Apparently House Raven and at least the 3rd Company of the Fists are defending Cadia this time.

    It makes the war, and the setting, seem small.

    • PrimoFederalist

      Two things:
      1) It’s “Bloodhowl” – look closer 😉
      2) I totally agree with you about the scale. This is precisely what I was afraid of – the new GW creative team have proven they have no sense of scale or proportion time after time. They have an entire Milky Way galaxy but they talk about a handful Space Marine chapters and Cadian regiments. It’s pathetic.

      • Kolobius

        It is entirely plausible that the scale is still there. If this is the 2nd book in the black crusade, Angel’s Blade and Traitor’s Hate being the 1st set, and we know there are more coming it makes perfect sense that they are choosing to drag out the 13th crusade for a couple years instead of in 1 campaign book.

    • rtheom

      Agreed. One of my favorite pages in that old codex is the one that just lists the couple hundred different forces involved in the 13th Black Crusade. Sure, most of them are just random names with no additional fluff behind them, but just looking at the list put images impossibly large battles into your head.

      The list above gives the impression that these guys are probably just sitting in forts on opposite sides of a valley hurling insults at each other like when the knights approach the castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

      Creed to Abaddon: “I fart in your general direction!”

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Where is the information about the chosen 4 located? Same for the Shadowseer?

    • Noah Jerge

      Lexicanum probably.

      • Coltcabunny

        Probably made up by BoLS. The only identified individuals in that pic were Devram Korda and Yegethmor the Deceiver (from the accompanying fluff piece in the 3.5 codex where the artwork came from). The Khorne and Nurgle guys were never given names.

  • georgelabour

    Couple of other interesting tidbits for space wolves fans.

    1) Logan is not listed there. In some earlier books I am pretty sure he was stated as being given overall command.

    2) The new Wolf Lord of the Iron wolves is listed. I was wondering if they’d replace him after what happened in Wrath of Magnus. I also have to wonder if he’ll avoid the fate of his predecessor.

    For titan fans.

    They list an entire titan legion in the dramatis personae. I don’t think we’ve seen that done since the fifth edition rule book gave an order of battle for Armageddon and included both knights, AND psi-titans in the listing.

    They definitely haven’t been given much a role in 40k campaigns since the Armageddon one.

    For knight fans.

    The leader of House Raven is a woman. That should shut up the few people who are still whining (incorrectly) about how the pilots of knight suits are only men. .

  • DoctorBored

    If we don’t get a new Abaddon model out of all of this, I’ll be freakin’ stunned.

  • Frey Jepson

    Metalica! They must have a Master of Puppets house. m/

  • rtheom

    Oh duh. We aren’t getting a new Abaddon model because he’ll ascend to Daemonhood by the time the whole thing is over, and we’ll get an action figure of him instead.

  • DJ860

    My money’s on Creed being the first casualty.

  • Graham Bartram

    ” The Tau were tricked into landing there, expecting a new xenos civilisation, though what they found was only world with relatively poor life. Next, the Veilwalker had lured a tendril of Hive FleetKraken from its course, and goaded them to Mauldin III, which now was relatively teamed with living beings. So were destroyed a thousands of Tau, but was saved from the Tyranids menace the important webway portal.”….
    Seriously, you guys need to read the stuff you write before you post. This article reads like a 10 year old wrote it.