Tzaangors Teased for Age of Sigmar


Those Beakie-Beastmen are inbound and Games Workshop hints at their arrival in Age of Sigmar!

Games Workshop’s web team really loves to drop little hints at whats to come. Some are way more obvious than others – like the hint today. First off let’s take a look at the post their AoS Facebook page:

Tzaanuary tease

“Sigmar has established the first of his new cities in the Mortal Realms as part of his plan to free all from the tyranny of Chaos, but it looks like not all of his new citizens are 100% on team God-King…GW LINK.”

Now, that link takes you to the Tzaangor page on the Warhammer 40,000 side of things:



That’s kind of an odd link for a post from the Age of Sigmar things, don’t ya think? But it’s been rumored for weeks that they would be making an appearance – after all they do that those close combat weapon sprues in the box:


And we know that the Tzaangors on Discs are coming too.

tzaangor-shaman tzaangor-skyfires-1

I’m willing to go out on a limb and say we can expect the Tzaangor’s to show up with Disciples of Tzeentch which should be out later this month. It’s Tzaanuary after all, the month of change!



Tzeentch is coming and he’s brining his faithful with him – the time is nigh!

  • SupPupPup

    ~SO. Do Tzaangors have herdstones?

    • Ak318

      yes as mentioned in the jan white dwarf that covers some fluff about all the new units that are not demons.”The warflocks of the tzangor raise herd stones like their “lesser” Gor-kin cousins , but these are no mere focuses of faith. The flux cairns raised by the tzangors tap into the latent magical power of the mortal realms.

  • Brandon Rutter


  • Xodis

    That move stat is crazy, going to make for some very fast or very cat/mouse games. Wonder how fast some Slaanesh units going to move in the future?

    • Muninwing

      the old Beasts of Chaos were my primary choice for a WHF army before they got gutted in 8th. half the reason to play them was that they felt like the old germanic hordes pouring out of the woods.

      they were the best at movement, back when each army had its specific niche. not overly strong, not overly armored, not wonderful at magic, but they sure could set up for nasty combo-charges. so you’d spend the first two turns maneuvering and dodging until you could sweep in and execute important units all at once. a lot of fun to play, but tricky to get the hang of.

      one of the big reasons for me and mine that 8th was such a mediocre era was because the Beastmen book was just flat. half the good stuff got stolen by the Chaos armies, we lost Marks (my whole army was Nurgle-themed before that), and more importantly we lost Herds.

      plus, for the supposed ambush army, their ambush ability was worse than the basic one in the rulebook, and worked less often, unless you took a SC… which defeats the point of playing such a low-fantasy army as Beasts were.

      it’s actually a kick in the teeth that they finally released such great Tzaangors… now that i’ve shelved that army.

  • Ravingbantha

    Teased? The current 40k box set is just the AoS box with an upgrade sprue.

    • rtheom

      Yeah, it’s kinda silly really. I don’t see why they didn’t just make them a daemon box and make it both 40K and Sigmar. Woulda been a decent tease for the new Sigmar Tzeentch stuff actually, but GW is so very bad at teases. They either show you nothing or all of their clothes are on the ground at once. :p

      • ZeeLobby

        Awkward Teen Syndrome, haha.

        • rtheom

          Sounds about right. 🙂

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Why do teases when you can release two boxes and have two releases?

        • rtheom

          Yeah… it’s the same as the Age of Sigmar round-base “releases”. 🙁

    • nurglitch

      Actually that’s kind of clever of them to re-use stuff. Although I was hoping that the Tzaangors got chainswords and pistols in AoS…

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        those were the days, when your WHFB Chaos Champion could roll up a plasma pistol!

        • Muninwing

          whoever decided at GW-HQ that the worlds should be separate kinda missed the point.

          the idea that the WHF Old World was one planet in a warp-storm or an isolated pocket of the galaxy, and was concurrent with the 40k universe was neat. it allowed for tons of hints and teasers, references and easter eggs scattered throughout. it added to both, though being one planet among billions it mostly added to WHF in current lore but 40k in hints of the past.

          the “old ones sculpted the life on this planet” idea was a great example, made them seem more real, and gave a rhyme and reason for chaos and others. the idea that the collapse of the webway gates at the poles was what let chaos into the world gave it a great feeling of imminent danger being staved off temporarily (though i guess not in the end).

          now there’s really zero connection past the copy-paste of chaos. it kinda loses something.

          as much as i think that the AoS GHR/Skaven fluff changes are lazy and sloppy, imagine what changes that would have had on 40k? the Eldar see Slaanesh suddenly… vanish. no trace. the Chaos legions lose a patron. a new patron, that really just overlaps 80% with a preexisting member, butts in, but there are no daemons to summon nor worshippers yet. maybe the Hrud have a resurgence?

          so many lost opportunities. so many indications that the writers just don’t have the ability to do service to what the past generations built, nevermind build something comparable on their own

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I agree with everything you’ve said there. I loved the WHFB universe being part of the 40K one. There are some hints of that connection still but the AoS universe is just a car crash that fits nowhere 🙁

          • Muninwing

            imagine what it could have been like…

            * AoS’s “realms” being a look into the post-reality cosmos, the world on the other side of the empyrean if you can delve far enough…

            * the Old World having been one of many planets on which a battle between chaos and other forces has taken place, and not the first to fall

            * every few years, a new “world book” would come out for WHF, detailing the politics and interactions among the races on that world and how they have been affected by the changes in heaven… much like M:tG expansion worlds

            * 40k is influenced by the strengths of chaos and others. results from worldplay events change the power structures for all three games and influence future releases. maybe the less popular “Sigmar = Emperor’s god-body” theory (or the more common “Sigmar is a lost Primarch” theory) would be implemented to further tie them all together.

            * people who like skirmish games get AoS. people want easier get AoS. new players get AoS. experienced players who want the depth of play and the maneuvering/movement/R&F get WHF. expanding Killteams into Zone Mortalis and Space Hulk to come up with a true 40k skirmish game would give another avenue of play.

            then you could show up with two lists but one army and get a skirmish or force game of either type. some worlds have a focus, but all races/types have a role to play.

            think “Brettonians as crusaders in the desert” instead of the french chevaliers this time, next time as old-world relics from the staunch/backward realm, and the time after being monster-hunters in a gothic horror setting. or making High Elves the last bastion of order and good in the first world, in the second their arrogance is what opens the earth from which the undead rise, and the third they are a resurrected race from antiquity who are trying to recapture their former faded glory through massive dangerous works of magic.

            after a world’s fate is decided by its end or existence, the units would still be viable via a minor warscroll mechanic in AoS. nothing is ever lost, but eras change to keep everything fresh.

    • ZeeLobby

      It is unfortunate that buying upgrade sprues separate is just not a thing.

      • Muninwing

        you can from some kits. i recently bought a DA upgrade sprue online — not the one like the UM/BA, but the one with the bike fairings and terminator shoulderpads.

  • Doug Olson

    Warhammer community site showed them all off right before Christmas. How is this a mystery, Adam?

  • Admiral Raptor

    As long as we get a nice SC box with them I’ll be happy.