Wyrd: The Other Side Miniature Preview

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Come take a look at a sample of the production miniatures from Wyrd Games’ latest: The Other Side!

The Other Side Kickstarter was a solid success. Wyrd Games’ next miniatures game is off to a strong start and if the models they sent over are any indication, they know what they are doing:


I’m kind of surprised at the quality of the material. The custom blend of PVC they are using holds detail really well and at the same time can bend quite a bit without breaking. I have seen this type of material used in other miniatures games and the results have been mixed – some of them were too “soft” on the details and super springy. However, Wyrd’s blend seems to be the best of both worlds.

Another thing that is interesting about these models is that they all come pre-assembled. You don’t see that very often from manufacturers, especially with results like these. Now, some folks may not like the pre-assembled models because they enjoy the building/customizing aspects and that’s okay. But for this type of material, I’m actually okay with it! One thing to note is that it does have a bit of a sheen to it and I think that might be the mould release. Be sure to give them a quick scrub with soapy water before you prime these models.

Of the batch that we got, I think “The Frenzy” is probably my favorite. I really liked the sculpt and the way they did the tail. It’s got that hunched-over predatory look that you’d expect from something that looks like a shark with legs! The Infiltrator also had a note that the side-arm was going to be a bit bulkier so the final product might be different.


Wyrd also mentioned that the final bases will be different that the ones from this video. Which makes sense because the Yarazi are a unit and based on the videos we saw units will have a unique base.

Currently, the Kickstarter has an estimated shipping timeframe for December 2017. The burning question I’m sure everyone has is “when are these going to be available for retail?” – we don’t know yet! But they are working with some big names in the distribution area so I’m pretty confident that The Other Side will probably hit the retail stores around the same time as they meet their Kickstarter fulfillments.

For more info on The Other Side check out Wyrd Games at the link below:

The Other Side


See you on The Other Side!

  • MMO Builder

    Awesome, being a backer for this, I was real worried about the quality. I’m relieved I backed now, thanks for the great vid!

  • MMO Builder

    If anyone is interested in some discussion on The Other Side Kickstarter, I would recommend The Critical Twits podcast as they went through it in detail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veNctjin4hQ