BREAKING: Dawn of War III Prophecy Trailer


Dawn of War III has a crazy gameplay video just out every 40K fan needs to see.

“It’s a race to the pointy stikk as Gabriel Angelos, Farseer Macha, and Gorgutz ‘Ead’unter command their massive armies in a search for a mythical weapon that can control the fate of their races! With the Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks all hunting for the same treasure, there’s only one thing they’re certain to find – war.”






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  • Seienchin

    Trailer looks awesome but the gameplay footage worries me quite a lot… DoW2 was sooo great – I dont understand why they backed away so much from its formula.

    • CptCaven

      I think because DoW 1 and 2 are quite different they tried to strike middle ground with this one. Personally I was a much bigger fan of the more classic RTS in DoW 1.

      • zeno666

        Yepp, me too. I want to build a base 🙂

      • ZeeLobby


      • BloodAngel

        DOW 1

      • WindSplash

        All they had to do was just do DOW 1 again with a better engine, super improved pathing, redo the balance, tech trees and unit selection etc..

        These folks are trying to re-invent the wheel or fix something that isnt broken. That is the main problem.

        Also notice that Gabriel Angelo’s face now mirrors that of Magnus the red.
        What is poor Macha going to do now that her craftworld is… well.

      • TenDM

        I liked Dawn of War, but I’m in the minority that actually prefers DoW2. I felt like I could get DoW anywhere, it’s a RTS, but DoW2 felt like something I could only get from Warhammer 40,000.

        • Ditto. Dawn of War 1 was fun, but the second always struck closer to home. It is more of what I think a 40k RTS should be like. Not massed battles and base building but more tactical unit placement and smaller groups trying to outflank. With DoW1 you usually just ended up throwing enough at the enemy til it stuck, with DoW2 you had much more to worry about.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      They got a lot of flakk for going away from a traditional rts. It was a neat new game but not an rts as most of those who would be marketed to. In any case it does look worrying as it looks more like warcraft 3 or starcraft 2.. and really I could not care less for how those were really. The art looks more comical too.

    • Orblivion

      Most DoW1 fans cried bloody murder over the changes. I feel like Dow2 represented the fluff better, but I’m hopeful that 3 will find a happy middle ground.

      • Emprah

        Considering that Space marine Predators and Devastators now are armed with Multilasers, I think it will be the least lore game ever.

        Yes, apparently CS GOTO is designer here.

    • Shawn

      It worries me a bit too, only so much that there is too much going on to keep track of. I liked DoW II becuase it wasn’t so large scale and worked as a kind of rpg with level advancement for your Blood Raven squads.

    • Philip Estabrook

      DOW 2 was the great one? DOW 2 ruined the entire thing…

    • Chris Boyle

      It looked overwhelming to me, but then I’m old and didn’t grow up with a joystick in my hand. : ) I don’t think my brain could keep up.

  • Angry Panda

    I like it.

  • Private Skittles

    I don’t know what it is but the space marines seemed lackluster in that trailer. Could it be the basic troop units are a bit skinny/small to seem imposing?

    Otherwise it looks great. I love the Wraith Knight and everything about the orks…they seem less goofy and more threatening which is nice.

    • EnTyme

      I’m a big fan of the Dawn of War series, but they always seemed to play up the comedic aspects of the Orks rather than showing what a threat they could be. Space Marine is probably my favorite portrayal of Orks so far.

      • Private Skittles

        Totally agree..didn’t the DOW 2 Warboss have a peg-leg and a pirate hat?

        Goreguts seems proper killy.

        • Jooster

          That was a DLC one, I’m sure.

        • Dave Bacon

          Yeah that was Retribution. And the entire premise of the Ork campaign was that the pirate freebooter ork boss was doing the whole thing for the Inquisitors hat as a reward, which was simultaneously hilarious and cringeworthy.

        • BaronSnakPak
    • Cresent78

      Also at 1:15 being jumped by bomb squigs.

  • jmaximum

    Warcraft III style (the forerunner of LoL) where there’s armies meant only to support hero characters.

    • BloodRaven

      I think they’ve said previously that the hero units are buffed in demo versions of the game and will need to be used more carefully than the promo material suggests

    • Randumbwon

      I’ll assume this is hyperbole, but if you think the armies were only meant to support hero characters, then you didn’t play the game very much at all.

      That said, the demo looks like it’s borrowing A LOT from SC2. Can’t say how successful that will make it in the long run, but who knows, it’s a popular franchise.

  • Derek Lee

    Does the guy with the thunderhammer still throws it in the air, pulls a back flip, and then hits the ground with the hammer? I lost nearly all interest in this game when I saw that tech demo.

    • SilentPony

      Well that’s what you get when you bring on Matt Ward as a ‘consultant’
      Jump pack equipped ninja Cataphractii armor.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        That isn’t Cataphractii armor. It’s Tartaros armor, the single best terminator armor ever made. It provides all the protection and strength enhancement of terminator armor, with none of the clunkiness.

        In tabletop terms, Tartaros armor is Artificer Armor with a built-in 5++ and the Relentless rule. It doesn’t reduce your mobility in any way, it’s just better power armor.

        So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can agree that he’s just a ninja with tartaros armor, which I’m fine with.

        • Prospero 4life

          It is Cataphractii……

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            @prospero4life:disqus , I humbly disagree and no amount of ellipses will convince me.

            Below I’ve provided two links, the first is to a good shot of the armor in question which I’d like you to examine. The second is to the Lexicanum entry for Tartaros Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armor (yes you capitalize the whole thing, yes every time). You can scroll up from there to find examples of Cataphractii armor for reference.

            The distinctive trait of cataphractii terminator armor, which is present in every depiction of it so far, is the greek-style leather skirting on the shoulder pads. However, if we set that aside as decorative, you’ll note that both his armor features a shield shaped belt/crotch plate and no exposed tubing. The cataphractii armor has exposed tubing in the center and a rectangular belt section. The limbs of cataphractii armor also seem to be multiple layered plates, where as the Tartaros is large single plates. These style choices combined with his displayed agility lead me to believe it is Tartaros-pattern.


            @shinros:disqus That sounds even more like he should be stronger and faster than a regular marine, if the Iron Hands are to be believed. 😉

        • ragelion

          Do also remember story wise majority of his body is bionics. The only piece of flesh he has left is his head, torso and one arm. The rest is bionic.

  • piglette

    ERE WE GO!!

  • Arthfael

    First time I have some hope that the game will be decent. Worse case scenario, someone will mod the awesome graphics to turn in into a decent DoWI game.

  • Cameron Barclay

    Knight paladin at 1:41

  • markdawg

    As usual Relic dose 40k best!

  • Silas7

    I’m mostly displeased with the way the three fractions are rolled into one campaign; just reinforces the feeling of multiplayer training and like they didn’t want to or couldn’t have three separate campaigns revolving around the three races. giving players the choice to only play what they like or play all three to see every side of the story.

    As others have said in the comments I hope it stays away from starcraft for inspiration. Blech!

    I also hate that GMC are featured in this game, I predict 3 will be my least liked in the series.

  • Prospero 4life

    Pardon my french but ever since they showed gameplay footage I have stood strongly behind my assertion that this game looks ****ng abysmal and a disgrace to DOW