The Emperor’s Beard #211: Just Give Him a Chance, Dear

just give him a chance dear


“You don’t want to end up as a spinster, do you?”

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The Emperor’s beard

  • jeff white

    21st ain’t so different from the 41st I guess

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Yup sexism still exists 🙂

  • Simon Chatterley

    I genuinely don’t get it

    • piglette

      It’s a commentary on the absurdly depressing existence in the Imperium. Also, it’s fun to think about normal everyday type interactions in the 40k setting.

      • LeroyJenkinss

        And it’s sexist! Yay!

        • piglette

          No its not.

          • LeroyJenkinss

            Oh yeah. You’re right! Sorry

  • piglette

    Tfw no moldy gf

  • euansmith

    The Light Bulb Servitor is tip top.

  • Damon Sherman