40K: Goodbye Resin Thunderhawk – Hello Plas…

Forge World has made it official the old model is done, and a old rumormonger speaks of the craft’s future.

Ok, let’s dive into today’s big Forge World News:

Forge World

First let’s start with the the official Forgeworld announcement reported to the crowd at Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls as Warhammer World. At the end of the Award Ceremony, Forge World Staff announced that:

“…the last ever Thunderhawk Gunship was available in the Forge World Shop. It Will Not Be Re-stocked”

Plastic Thunderhawk?

Rumormeister extraordinaire chimed in with this in the wake of news of the final resin model sold:

“Yes it’s coming, as everyone can clearly now see the final resin TH has been sold, the plastic one has quite a few options as I understand it, and should come in around 25-30% of the cost of the resin one…. or at least that’s the last I heard. I seem to recall a figure of either £125 or £135…”

Mystery Thunderhawk Sighted

Now remember the mysterious craft from a Forge World Inferno book we reported a few months back:

Look at the craft in the back and to the right of the foreground Stormbird.

Several differences from the current resin Thunderhawk…

~Putting it all together, could GW really make bigfoot – a plastic thunderhawk a reality after all these years? What do you think?

  • Wampasaurus

    Well and they pretty much confirmed this over the weekend with their video they released. Link to the video for those that haven’t seen it


    • Karru

      Shh… It’s not there. It was classified information. Now, report to your local commissar for processing.

    • Crevab

      What are you talking about, they don’t say anythi…
      [generic cardboard box with Plastic Thunderhawk written on it]
      Well alright

      • Crevab

        Also looking forward to those new Deep Strike rules

        • Walter Vining

          im getting all of my drop pods cast in super cheap, but high density resin for this rule alone

    • Adam Poultney

      In fact, you can see something grey at the top of it

      • Wampasaurus

        Yep I saw that too. Didn’t say anything though as it would only be speculation.

  • Peter Bean

    sweet looks like i wont have to get my metal one out of the box after all 😀

  • Dan Prosser

    Will Roboutte be able to fit in it?

    • No…he stands atop one pulled by two more Thunderhawks. Thus he can disembark landing on top of the enemy, auto crushing them before charging in the same turn. I believe its called a Thunderdump.

      • petrow84

        Until then, he boldly stands atop, shredding the strings of his guitar, while the sunshine glances on the front-ramp plate’s battle-cry: “Your chapter sucks!”

        Inspiration from: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_CbSWEUnVCVU/S3JqVpQuduI/AAAAAAAABEo/dh6IVq2IQos/s400/If+The+Rumours+Were+True.jpg

        • Could you imagine the rage if GW trolled us with images like that painted up by their artists 😀 Trouble is they might start to think its a good idea…

          • Brian Griffith

            Space Marine players have had flying Land Raiders for years now.

          • petrow84

            Indeed, that was from the time, when the SR was just a codex entry with no model, but all the BA Land Raiders could deep-strike.

      • Bakvrad

        Ac-dc has a song about it: thunder dumped!

        Good song
        (Honestly, when I heard the fw announcement, the radio played thunderstruck ^^)

        • Walter Vining

          I thunder dumped last night after eating dinner….PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWIE

    • Sz

      Can he even fit in the cardboard box shown in the video? :/

    • Honestly if you’re taking a thunder hawk it’s either apocalypse or a friendly game, so just ask the other player to let himminn

  • Russell White

    Yeah and the squats will return as well…second oldest rumor in GW fandom….even if a plastic thunderhawk happens, still doubt it will be available outside of forge world

    • william timonen

      In a video you can see a box where it says plastic thunderhawk.

      • Which isn’t proof of anything yet, the video was a joke. I fully believe a plastic TH is coming, but the video had square base marines in it too

    • Dan Di Cicco

      Are you one of those folk who insisted they would never do plastic HH stuff too?

    • Damistar

      No, the second oldest is plastic Battle Sisters. Plastic Thunderhawk is third 🙂

      • mikemc2

        What about “Fishmen”?

        • Walter Vining

          tau happened

    • Walter Vining

      baneblade is in plastic and outside of FW…

      • Russell White

        True, but still going to be a pessimist and assume that I will never see a Thunderhawk on the shelf at my FLGS

  • Emprah

    I think they may just scrap the Thunderhawk in favour of the Stormraven and phase the iconic craft out.

    • I’d only be ok with this if there was a plastic Storm Eagle. The Storm Raven is not a good enough replacement but a Storm eagle is

      • Brian Griffith

        Heck, since it transports 20 it’s actually more practical than the Thunderhawk. 30 is a weird number, especially Heresy-wise.

        • Yep, the Thunderhawk Transporter still made sense, but once the Storm Eagle dropped the TH gunship just seemed vestigial. Too many points, too big, etc.

          • Emprah

            The Thunderhawk actually makes sense as a fully dedicated gunship with a turbolaser and full of missiles. Basically a more manoeverable take on the Tau Manta.

          • Hard disagree

    • Shawn

      I’d be ticked if they made the Stormraven obeslete. Just include the Thunderhawk everyone (space marine-wise) will be happy.

  • KingThrogg

    I feel sorry for the poor guy/gal that bought the last one.

    • Johan Strandh

      Buying FW stuff was always about bragging rights, I’m sure he/she won’t mind to have bought the very last one. 🙂

      • jazeroth

        braggin rights? thatmakes me at least a lord then with the amount i’ve bought (not a high lord just a lord of some backward agri world somewhere in the western fringe)

        • Johan Strandh

          I shall henceforth call you Master/Mistress Jazeroth of Resin-opel, most holy plastic nerd person.

      • But, after building it, they’ll agree it was a mistake

        • Brian Griffith

          Sadly yeah. The Thunderhawk is one of Forge World’s oldest kits. It’s much more frustrating to build than their recent stuff.

          • Yep, the Thunderhawk Transporter still made sense, but once the Storm Eagle dropped the TH gunship just seemed vestigial. Too many points, too big, etc.

          • Sorry email went to the wrong reply

        • Johan Strandh

          Haha, that might be true. Some of their kits are pure nightmares to fit together.

  • Honest Kairos

    Just As Planned…Let the Imperium get their hands Knights, on Roboutte, on affordable Thunderhawks. We’ve got them right where we want them, fellow Chaos players.

    • ZeeLobby

      LOL. My guess is you’ll get an updated Abbadon model just in time for him to be murdered.

      • Honest Kairos

        Yeah, that sounds about right.

        • Deathwing

          listen i get it, chaos rules suck. However look at the models that have been delivered over the last year or so for chaos and daemons specifically. Even got a daemon primarch, and if rumors are true about to get a second daemon primarch as the storm breaks.

          • Honest Kairos

            I was more saying that in jest, I’m perfectly happy with the stuff we’ve gotten, particularly the wave of awesome that came with Wrath of Magnus.

      • Sz

        Him being shredded by a zillion AP 1’s and D-Weapons over and over and over again is just things going according to his grand plan.

        • ZeeLobby

          Ahhhh. I get it now. He’ll turn into dust, they’ll inhale him, and then he’ll take over their bodies!

          • Honest Kairos

            Sounds like you’ve got some good ideas for Ahriman’s future plans.

    • MechBattler

      We Chaos players have the Lord of Skulls and Renegade Knights. Skully might be overpriced, but he can cut down nearly ANYTHING in close combat, including titans. The Knights have more flexible weapon options than the loyalist versions, letting us double up on big guns.

      Is it perfect? No. But it’s still pretty darn good when you consider the Stompa is the only thing that has a realistic chance against Skully in combat.

      • Honest Kairos

        That would work, absolutely. I guess we just have to embrace really tiny armies and one giant Daemon.

        • MechBattler

          Chaos is basically the polar opposite of Eldar in point effectiveness. We’re already shelling out 20+ points a model on some INFANTRY units.
          I say screw it! Bring out
          Mr. Choppy McSkulldozer
          and show em why you don’t mess with a murderbot who’s too bad@ss for legs and feet!

      • Brian Griffith

        We Chaos players also have Chaos Thunderhawks.

        Just get to gluing spiky bits.

        • Right, lol, certainly a kit we can easily bling out to chaos isn’t a real complaint for CSM players. Thankfully he was joking

    • If only more SM players wasted points on a thunder hawk lol

  • Graham Bartram

    Next up, we find the Ad-Mech’s work obtaining the head of Ferrus Manus come to fruition. Unknown to all but a few, the primarch had a chip in his brain to back up his brain activity. Now recovered, this chip is placed in a mighty machine and is reborn as the machine spirit of “Ferrus Manus Primarch Knight”…..
    ….well if you can have a plastic Primarch/ Daemon Primarch or Thunderhawk, I want an Imperial Knight with the machine spirit of Ferrus Manus. It’s only fair and reasonable. Come on GW.

    • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

      Honestly a primarch knight/dreadnought would be pretty cool imo.

  • david

    I’ believe it when I see it. If it’s true they’ll go quicker than the Flash’s heels!

  • Gabriel De-Vere

    I hate you wasting 2min of my time… :/