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Check out the latest from the Dark Souls Board Game, straight from Toy Fair to you…

It must be time to light a bonfire, wander three steps from the starting area, and then get mowed down by a giant snakeman, crushed by a boulder, be ambushed by undead knights, or be invaded by a spiteful red phantom for the 5th time tonight, because Dark Souls was spotted at the latest Toy Fair. Fresh from a wildly successful Kickstarter (that raised over five million, putting it at #2 board game, second only to the runaway hit that is Kingdom Death: Monster), the Dark Souls Board Game is gearing up to ship out to backers. The folks over at ICv2 got a close look at what people can expect.

via ICv2

First up is the Titanite Demon, a big, faceless, statuesque demon (hah) armed with a titanite catch pole. They deal massive amounts of damage with their leaping attacks, tail swipes, and regular attacks. They are also resistant to a lot of damage, owing to the fact that they’re made of magic minerals.

Then we have the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, whose mini is amazing. Look at the detail on that sword. She’s clearly still in phase 1 of her attack pattern, which means she’ll grab hold of you and then one-shot your character EVEN THOUGH YOU CLEARLY DODGED THIS TIME.

Not that I’m bitter. Nope. Definitely didn’t lose any amount of souls because of her or anything.

Here we see a Titanite Demon, a hollow, and a whole bunch of jerks, lovingly rendered in 3d. Note the scaling–it looks like they did a fantastic job of translating the models from the game into real life. The silver knight and the sentinel, in particular, are on point.

Here’s a look at some of the equipment you can acquire in the game. No word as to whether or not they include a “controller” card that you can tear up if you need to ragequit because you’ve been invaded by humanity stealing wraiths. I do see a decent variety of weapons and armor present–and, if I’m honest, I’m already trying to figure out how to kill that Titanite Demon so I can afford to upgrade some of that gear.

The Dark Souls board game will be in-stores on April 21.

Praise the Sun!

  • Cergorach
  • ZeeLobby

    So is this any good. I was tempted to jump on board, but it didn’t look very deep. I’m sure there’s some learning mechanic for each boss fight, but once you know the fights, I’m not really sure where to take the game from there. It’s a shame they didn’t really add an rpg element to it, or progression.

    • I agree regarding the possible game aspect; the kickstarter made the miniatures look nice which is why I was tempted, but the actual gameplay they showed looked like it was very luck-based rather than the Souls games’ skill-based gameplay. The stamina mechanic just didn’t look quite right: rather than poor management making you more likelyto take some damage or be in a bad spot, it just drained your life bar from a different direction. Guess we’ll find out in late April.

      • Apparently the game is very luck-based. There is a sentence flying around about this game. It’s “Roll high or die.”

    • JPMcMillen

      The bosses each have their own set of move cards that are drawn each turn. The thing is that they have more cards then they are allowed in their fight deck so you’re never quite sure what moves he will have available in a given fight.

      • ZeeLobby

        Oh. I know. But that’s like the game. No development. Limited plot, etc. I mean it might be an OK game, just feel like there’s much better out there and coming.

        • JPMcMillen

          One of the biggest limitations I see with nearly any dungeon crawl game is that when there is some kind of progression system it makes it really hard to play anything but the 1st scenario when you want to just play the game at random. Dark Souls seems to be designed so that players can tackle whatever situation they want without having to play earlier parts of the campaign first.

          Personally, this was one of the few KS I backed more for the mini’s than the game. Unfortunately, even though I asked the creators on day one, even though I kept bringing it up in the comments, they still didn’t create the ‘Bob Ross’ expansion so I could get a mini of ‘her’.

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Nice! And yeah. I guess I understand that. The game just seems to hinge a lot on lucky rolls and randomness, and just doesn’t have the depth most dungeon explorer fans expect from a dungeon explorer. So I guess I’m just confused at its target audience. It honestly seems a lot like GW’s recent board games which usually see very little light past one and done. To the contrary I’ve replayed many dungeon crawls because of the progression and depth of pathways. I mean we’ll see. I like Steamforged Games, so maybe they can keep it spicy.

          • JPMcMillen

            There’s a whole lot to the world of Dark Souls. The secret is that a lot of it is hidden within the item descriptions. So there is tons of in-game information available, but it’s up to the player to find it.

            Also, there are tons of areas, enemies, and bosses they haven’t gotten too yet.

          • ZeeLobby

            True. I’ve played all the games. I just hope they eventually offer more than that.

          • JPMcMillen

            For that, I think we’ll have to wait for something more like a Dark Souls tabletop RPG (or at least an RPG like sourcebook).

  • Chris Fitzsimmons

    Whilst we are on Steamforged can anyone share light on why BoLS does ZERO Guild Ball coverage?

  • Bran D

    Kingdom Death was a runway hit?

    • Brian Brodeur

      With the original staying constantly sold out because of so many great reviews, and the 1.5 version raising 12.3 mil on kickstarter, I’d have to say yes.
      I haven’t backed either because it’s just not my thing, but clearly a bunch of people out there are enjoying it somewhere.