GW Shadespire: Seminar Rundown

GW had a LOT to say at their Adepticon Product Seminar about Shadespire rules. Let’s get started gamers:

Here’s the rundown from our reporter in the room:


Seminar was given by Andy Smilie & Pete Foley

Here’s the rundown on what was shown and discussed for the future of the game:



New push-fit models for Shadespire

Game is a custom-deck arena warband game with minis.

Build a warband using your deck, fight on the board using the minis and cards.

There are both cards in your hand, and objective cards.

Board has variable setup options.

Set in the Mortal Realms.

Warbands have been trapped in the “Mirror Realms” forcing them to fight for eternity.

More Warbands are coming, ships initially with Stormcasts & Bloodbound.

Designed to support comprehensive competitive organized play.

Heroes will get AoS warscrolls, might transfer to Warhammer Quest.

Designed for extremely fast play. A set of “best out of 3” games takes 40 minutes.

NOT a CCG, cards are set in each box.

It’s a CORE STUDIO game, not a Specialist Game.

Spent 1 year in development.

~ More as we get it.

  • orionburn

    “GW had a LOT to say at their Adepticon Product Seminar about future 40K rules. Let’s get started gamers:”

    Umm…wrong article guys…lol

    Not saying this to be daft, but are these games really that popular? I guess these smaller standalone games have never appealed to me much, outside of Blood Bowl that is. It just seems that with the specialist games division that it’s almost overkill with all these smaller games coming out.

    • Leif Leegard

      One thing these stand alone box games gives is a lot of value for bunched model sets. GW is really good at making sure there’s a few well valued kits in every box, so even if not playing the game people will be buying for the models.

      Also, I’ve found they truly are fun to play as well in a pinch, as most of GW stand alone games are designed to be quick and simple to play. Great for a quick game when you can’t afford to stay for a full pitched battle.

      • Xodis

        As long as they keep allowing all the different board game models to participate in the other board games, their value keeps increasing as well. Its pretty awesome!

    • This isn’t really aimed at wargamers it’s a swipe at the Xwing crowd, different market

    • hashshashin

      These games are awesome in my opinion. I started off playing GW games with Talismen, rogue trader (which was not at all like 40k nowadays and was much more like Necromunda) and Space Hulk back in the early nineties and eventually got into Necromunda, gorkamorka and so on so on s they came out. So this flood of boxed games to me is like a renaissance in the best possible way!

      I havent played 40k proper in a couple years now, just don’t have the time or energy to paint up a whole army anymore as I get older and my life gets more complicated, but I have been a ton of Space Hulk, Blood Bowl, Gorechosen, and am really looking forward to Shadow Wars and this game as well. Painting up 6-10 models for a cool board game I can play with the lady or some semi-geeky friends who I know will never get into full blown AoS or 40k s perfect for my current socila situation/lifestyle. Have a few friends over drink some beers and push some models around….

      Not only do these types of games scratch my hobby itch but they do it without the overwhelm of needing to paint up 50 guardsmen and 7 tanks….

  • TKIY

    So Xwing, AoS edition.

    • Luca Lacchini

      More like Krosmaster Arena in AoS.
      Which to me, is more appealing.

      • Matt Razincka

        Krosmaster? You can buy character upgrades but that’s about it. This uses a hand of cards. Does sound interesting, though.

        • Luca Lacchini

          Was thinking more about warband size and arena combat, but yeah.

          • Matt Razincka

            Oh, in that regard, absolutely! Which I am likewise very interested in.

      • euansmith

        Cool pre-painted minis would be cool 😀

    • Admittedly the card aspect of it reminds me of Xwing which makes me not interested, but 3 matches in 45 mins is super appealing & this is great for AoS28

  • Sonic tooth

    not spending money on stormcast and bloodbound, a wasted oppurtunity. sorry gw. prob pick up the lady on ebay at some stage

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. It’s a shame. They’re the SM of fantasy now, so expect every box to come with them…

      • Aezeal

        I don’t think I’d buy this set. I’ve already got the AoS base set for my kids but they are actually not old enough to play a game like that, certainly in another language. I just sprayed them gold and black and I especially love the stormcasts – the Khornates not so much – but now I just stumble on those models in whenever I go into the storage cabinet and I just think it’s kind of a waste of my money :D.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah, I mean it just would have been REALLY cool to see two different factions duking it out. I mean I know they’ll release models for the other factions as well, but having two factions I could care less about in the starter (and that even people who play them are tired of getting releases for) and I just wish they’d gone a different route.

      • Dennis Finan Jr

        They are smart. They these would be the least bought figures. Might as well throw it in with tge game

        • ZeeLobby

          Huh? You’re saying Stormcast and Bloodbourne are the least bought figures?

          • Dennis Finan Jr

            Ehh. Just thinking out loud. It does seem that they are always in the boardgames and starter packs. Maybe they dont move as good as other factions? Might as well thriw them in a cool looking game

          • ZeeLobby

            Hmm, i think it might be the opposite. Just look at GW’s track record. When something sells well, they throw in in everything. I know at our local store they sell more stormcast than anything else.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            Its weird, didn’t think Stormcast would do as well as they did, but they really seem to be popular.

            Lots of attention, cool models that are big shiny and easy to paint.

            people like playing the heroes as well.

          • ZeeLobby

            Well, it’s the consistent issue GW has. They release stormcast because they sell, they release more to sell more, other factions get ignored. So far AoS releases are pretty awesome if you play one of the two starter factions. Otherwise it’s been a lot of waiting :/

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            Trick is to dabble in lots of smaller factions (which is easier to do these days)

          • ZeeLobby

            Well, the real trick would be for GW to balance their release schedules, but meh. They just prioritize some factions over others, sucks if you only want one of the unprioritized ones.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            GW can do GW, you got to adapt to them.

            If you want one of the niche armies, kinda entitled to expect them to treat you to a release every year, when their are loads of other cool armies available.

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean I don’t HAVE to adapt to them. I simply don’t play fantasy anymore, haha. I would hardly call Orks or Death niche factions, lol. The only factions really getting attention are the two above. A lot of our gaming group is pretty disappointed. It’s sad.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            Death got Flesh eater courts. They are pretty awesome.

            New Aelfs rumours soon.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, I’m definitely still watching, but we’re almost up on General’s Handbook 2, and there’s definitely been some lacking. Would have just been cool to see two different factions in this one.

          • Dennis Finan Jr

            Maybe thats why everything is stormcast and bloodboumd!

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean it def is. I just don’t know how it is for the game. A lot of local players have become jaded with how many goodies the Imperials get in 40K. Has chased some of them away.

    • Ben Martin

      There’s gonna be more factions in the game as far as I know, including ones we haven’t seen before

      • Sonic tooth

        then why not start with something we havnt seen before? theres only so many times they can use the “we need to flesh out our awesome new faction the stormcast” bs excuse. its beyond overkill now and i dont care what any gw defenders say

        • Xodis

          Same reasons we see Space Marines in every 40K box set almost, if people dont like the game, they will buy the models discounted at least.

        • Ben Martin

          Oh believe me, you’ve no idea how much I want some Death units or even some Aelves, I’m just saying that at least there actually IS other stuff

          • Sonic tooth

            elf of all faction player/collector here myself (and old world fan). i WANT to like aos but i just cant get past the lore/fluff/setting and this constant sigmarine/khorne favoritism is pushing me further and further away. this is a new game in a new substetting, they couldv brought something new to the table. khorne vs sigmarines is just pure lazyness. and that horrendous artwork? cmon

          • Rumor engine from yesterday showed an elf looking hand, we may finally get them. The sylvaneth stuff was awesome so here’s hoping after the flying stunties elves are on the table

          • Sonic tooth

            yeah youre right, the tzeentch stuff was awesome, and most of the new dwarves are nice too

          • I definitely agree that stormcast are overdone at this point, and I play Khorne but I’m over them getting new minis.

          • Aezeal

            I’ve there is team with my Sylvaneth or wood elves I’d buy it.. but NOT if I need to get this box first for the rules. Same for bloodbowl, I MIGHT play that.. but not if I have to buy 3 teams just to play with the last one of them.

        • The game isn’t out for 6 months, why not wait and see if there are other core sets at launch before getting upset?

          • Sonic tooth

            i suppose im overreacting but when i saw that first teaser and saw the name “shadespire” i immediately thought of dark elves and undead and though “right, this could be for me!” but then stormcast/khorne etc after a month of new stormcast and another starter game (blood and thunder) with khorne/stromcast and then a book for khorne yada yada yada

          • Totally, and the fluff is that this takes place in the realm of death in some kind of mirror dimension thing so it definitely hints at death. And tbf the “new” starter is just the old one minus 2 minis with a vinyl mat, so no big loss there

          • Aezeal

            It’s what I hope for. This game seems easier to teach my kids than AoS so might be a good intro game for them.

          • I’m intrigued either way, I mean worse case it’s a good way to get small numbers of models to play with for AoS28 conversions/play with my AoS28 warbands without needing a full army

      • Sonic tooth

        probably “evil stormcast”, like that image of the guy with the silver mask

    • This is one core set, there will be others

  • Leif Leegard

    Sounds Like Mordhiem AoS edition to me…

    Small unit tactics seem to be the name of the game this year at GW. Got no problems personally as the games are quicker then pitched battles.

    • Xodis

      I was thinking more Descent the boardgame, now by GW lol.

    • Eh this is super 2d, mordheim thrived on lots of terrain

    • Aezeal

      It’s not mordheim, it’s more like an evolved gorechosen game.

  • Jared Swenson

    Honestly I am not a fan of arena style games like this. So this really doesn’t excite me. I do like the news of each faction getting a team box set or whatever. I am looking forward to the new kits and stuff.

    • Exactly. And if it’s like bloodbowl they should be affordable

    • Aezeal

      Well if I can play the game with just a team box.. I’m game.. if I need this and then my team.. I’d be out.

  • BenTheMan

    “Spent 1 year in development.”

    Probably plays like this too! XD

  • Jabberwokk

    What is Garen doing outside a bush?