Unboxing: Wizkids Unpainted: Deep Cuts Miniatures

Wizkids has some new premium models for all your Pathfinding needs – check out the Deep Cuts line!

Wizkids has teamed up with Pazio to create a new line of premium miniatures for the Wizkids Unpainted line. These models are better quality than the Wizkids pre-paints and are worth a good look:

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for cheap, but good quality miniatures for your RPG adventuring. You never know what you’ll need for that random NPC or crazy character concept you come up with. Well, Wizkids has been working with the pre-paint miniatures for years now and while they have gotten better with time, some players still have that urge to want to paint the miniatures themselves. That’s where these new Deep Cut miniatures come in.

Each pack comes with two models – typically for the “heroes” it’s either the same hero in different poses, or perhaps the same hero at different points in their adventuring career. The sculpts are done digitally and the final physical products really aren’t too far from their digital counter-parts. The details aren’t as sharp as a resin or hard plastic, but the bendable material holds the detail better than say the Reaper Bones line. Plus, they are ready to paint right out of the box – they have been pre-primed with Vallejo primer.

It also seems that Wizkids is experimenting with clear plastics too. Some of the models have been cast in a clear material so you can create translucent effects. I thought this was a pretty cool touch and it works surprisingly well! The Hellhounds in particular are really great examples of what they can do with that material.

As a person who does like to collect miniatures and paint them, I’m optimistic about what Wizkids is doing with this line of miniatures. They have a fairly large catalogue which you can see at the link below. They are certainly a step-up from their ‘Clix line of miniatures and I’m looking forward to adding a more than a few to my RPG miniatures collection. The Wizkids Unpainted: Deep Cuts line should be hitting stores this month so keep an eye out!

Deep Cuts Unpainted Line

  • Vepr

    I bought the blink dog pack, older wizard, and some of the paizo goblins and I have to say I am impressed so far.

  • Xodis

    Can’t wait to pick some of these up. My FLGS follows the rules and only releases these products on the release day…tomorrow lol

    • Vepr

      Mine follows it for GW stuff. Everything else not so much. I liked all the one I looked at. The displacer beasts face seems a little off but it is still a nice fig.

      • Xodis

        Yeah, they are cheap enough I know Ill end up having the whole collection. What is really disappointing me is how the “Elven Ranger” is just 2 Drizzt sculpts….like seriously!?! lol

        • Shawn

          I know what you mean, but i’m okay with it, since I play a drow fighter (eldritch knight) that’s a two-weapon fighter.

  • DeadlyYellow

    I do love me some cheap, nice looking miniatures. Will likely be picking most of these up at some point.

  • Elliot Kölhi

    It’ll be interesting to compare these to the Kingdom Death versions coming in 2018.

  • Shawn

    The new D&D minis are awesome too. I just picked up the elven rangers yesterday. All these minis are at an phenomenally awesome price.