Primogenesis: The Third Law Tutorial

The Third Law puts the controls of deadly fighting robots in the players hands – check out the tutorial today!

The Third Law is a new sci-fi minis game that puts players in control of fighting robots. You can check out the rules and universe here before it hits Kickstarter later this spring.

The creators want to make it even easier for you to dig in to the game, so they’ve recently made tutorial available…

We know that picking up a new game for the very first time can be a daunting prospect no matter how experienced a gamer you are.  With so many excellent systems available it can sometimes be challenging to keep track of all the different rulesets, army lists and game mechanics that are out there.  We are totally committed to ensuring that everybody has the best opportunity to ‘try before they buy’ and with this new tutorial, getting started with a game of The Third Law is now even easier.

You are guided step by step through key rules mechanics such as using subroutines, combat, Overload tests and interacting with the strategically essential battleground Nodes.  Geoff has done a fantastic job yet again, laying out the document in an easy to follow, colour coded style so there is no excuse not to get those Wreckers on the tabletop and start causing some critical damage.

Download the Tutorial

If this wasn’t enough, [we’ve] put together a helpful quick reference guide too! Here you will find all of the essential terminology and common effects/interactions, gathered together in one easy to use sheet of A4.

Download the Reference Sheet

Are you playing Third Law already? The designers would like to hear from you! If you have any feedback, positive or negative, let them know on their forums.

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