GW: New Releases April 22nd “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop’s Kharadron Overlords are inbound and a new book for Shadow War: Armageddon is up for Pre-Order!

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Shadow War: Armageddon (Rulebook) $40

Armageddon is wracked with war. As hordes of ferocious Ork warriors surge across the planet, they are met in combat by the combined forces of the Imperium. The bloodiest and most gruelling battles are fought within the hives: the ancient, towering cities that are the last strongholds of Humanity.

Across Hive Acheron, elite squads of soldiers are deployed where larger armies are unable to operate. These guerilla fighters creep through the twisting pipes and gantries of the hive to strike deep within enemy territory. They are assassins, and saboteurs – they are the kill teams of Armageddon, battling over precious promethium in order to win the shadow war and decide the fate of the bitter battle that has engulfed the planet.

The Shadow War: Armageddon rulebook is a 200-page softback, featuring new rules and some features previously only available online:

– a short history of the brutal conflicts that have wracked the hive world of Armageddon since the notorious Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka decided to invade, in order to declare himself the true prophet of the Ork gods – and deliver a crushing blow to humanity;
– the Warriors of Armageddon: an overview of the main forces fighting over the hive world – Space Marines Scouts, Astra Militarum Veteran Squads and Ork Boyz Mobs – how they fight, why they fight and the wargear they employ;
– rules and background for 12 further factions not previously found in the boxed game’s rulebook: Skitarii, Craftworld Eldar, Dark Eldar Wych Cults, Genestealer Cults Hybrids, Grey Knights, Harlequin Troupes, Necrons, Tau Pathfinders, Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, Adeptas Sororitas Battle Sisters and Inquisitors of the Ordos Xenos – the last two factions’ rules have been previously unavailable anywhere else;
– Core Rules: as you might expect, this is the set of rules you need to learn in order to play Shadow War: Armageddon. It covers the items you need in order to play and the characteristics of each fighter type, along with a breakdown of a game turn – this will teach you movement, shooting, hand-to-hand combat and recovering from injuries, along with an explanation of the mechanics behind using terrain;

Quick Note: “Pre-order product that will ship on 6/05/2017” – That’s May 6th, 2017 (which is a Saturday, not June 5th which is a Monday)

Grundstok Gunhauler $50

Grundstok Gunhaulers streak through the air, weaving between the larger Arkanaut craft. They are two-duardin vessels tasked with eliminating threats before they have a chance to endanger the ships under their care. In this the Grundstok Gunhaulers are ideal, for they are fast and agile craft, being little more than a gun platform carried aloft by a buoyancy endrin. Their speed and agility, and their ability to deliver firepower at a moment’s notice, make them invaluable additions to every prospector’s arsenal.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Grundstok Gunhauler. Small and agile, it features as a main armament a choice of sky cannon or drill cannon. Two duardin crew the Gunhauler: a pilot who stands at a large rack of arcane instruments, and a gunner who controls the aethershot carbine, fragmentations charges, detonation drills and belaying valves used to gently dissuade enemies from getting too close to the main fleet.

Despite its relatively diminutive size, the Grundstok Gunhauler is covered in detail: ailerons and rudders to steer it, duardin faceplates on the prow and dirigible, and a host of pipes, valves and propellors giving it a truly industrial feel. There’s even an anchor swaying gently from the side.

This model comes in 50 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 105mm Oval base, and 50mm ball and socket flying stem.

Download the Rules HERE.


Grundstok Thunderers $40

The Grundstok Thunderers are militarised formations employed by the fleet to help defend it. The endless training and drilling conducted by the Grundstok Academies results in high standards of discipline and marksmanship in their graduates – upon commands from their officer, the Grundcaptain, they march, wheel and ready their aim with awe-inspiring speed and precision. Firing in near-perfect synchronicity, a line of Grundstok Thunderers temporarily disappears among eye-searing flashes and weapon reports as they unleash a storm of munitions that can halt even the most well-armoured foes in their tracks.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 5 Grundstok Thunderers, professional soldiers and the main fighting force of the Kharadron Overlords. Each is armed with an aethershot rifle, with some impressively chunky special weapons available as options – an aetheric fumigator, a Grundstok mortar (with an extra bomb for modelling on the base), an aethercannon (so powerful that the duardin carrying it needs a blast shield) and a five-barrelled gun known as the Decksweeper. Their sealed suits of armour are covered in valves, pipes and respiratory systems used to make the air palatable to their aether-gold addled lungs.

There are options for a gunnery sergeant and honour bearer – the gunnery sergeant wields a special double-barrelled aethershot rifle, can be modelled with a prosthetic leg, has 2 differing head options and features a Drillbill: a bizarre mechanical bird who can launch himself at enemies. The honour bearer features a keystone added to his suits’ power pack.

This kit comes as 61 components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

Download the rules HERE.

Space Marine Battles: Calgar’s Fury (Hardback) $27

The Realm of Ultramar stands as a shining beacon of order and strength in a galaxy wracked by war and torment. Custodian of this realm, and Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, Marneus Calgar has fought many foes and won countless wars to ensure its borders remain safe. But when an immense space hulk emerges into the Ultramar system, carrying with it the threat of something ancient and terrible, it is Calgar once again who stands in defence of his realm, prepared to meet whatever horrors are aboard and discover the mystery at the heart of the ship dubbed Fury.

The Lord of Macragge returns to action in a classic Ultramarines style story – when there’s a space hulk with something deadly on board, who else are you going to call but the boys in blue?

Written by Paul Kearney


Scythes of the Emperor: Daedalus (CD audio drama) $17.50

Waging a bitter war of vengeance against Hive Fleet Kraken across Ultima Segmentum, the Scythes of the Emperor must continue to look to the future if the Chapter is to survive. In a distant system of the Sotharan League, a lone Apothecary has become stranded before a fresh tyranid invasion – and the stock of Space Marine gene-seed he bears is too great a treasure to abandon to the xenos. Striking from the air, Assault Squad Cassander must push deep into enemy-held territory if they are to mount a recovery mission, facing all the winged spawned horrors of the hive ship Daedalus.

It’s a daring, dramatic tale of airborne action featuring the devastated remnants of the Scythes of the Emperor as they struggle for survival.

Written by L J Goulding

Running time approx. 75 minutes. Perfomed by John Banks, Antonia Beamish, Robin Bowerman, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Toby Longworth & Luis Soto


The Grundstok Mercs bring all the guns to the yard!

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    As seen on Warhammer TV the Shadow war kits hopefully has more coming our way next month.