GW: New Releases April 8th “First Looks”

Games Workshop has a blast from the past up this weekend, plus those much anticipated Shadow War Terrain kits!

via Games Workshop

Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Magnavent


Sector Mechanicus Ferratonic Furnace

Sector Mechanicus Alchomite Stack

Zhar-Naggrund Ziggurats Blood Bowl Team

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team

Chaos Chosen Blood Bowl Team


Those Dark Elf Witches would be right at home in the streets of Necromunda with that hair…

  • Shinnentai

    Classic Necromunda Made to Order plz

  • Nogle

    Amazon and Norse team please

  • Ish

    Someone really needs to explain to Citadel’s terrain team the concept of “less is more.”

  • Carey_Mahoney

    There is absolutely no excuse for not getting this terrain!

    (At least for me, that is.)

    • Talos2

      I think the reason would be because it’s price is marked up compared to the set that they were too stupid to realise how popular it would be so we’re forced to pay the increased price due to total incompetence from the gw top brass. Again.

  • TypicalPalmTree

    Has there been any word on why Overlords have (presumably) been pushed back?

    • Shinnentai

      Pushed back? All I know from WD is that they’re an April release.

      Given they didn’t have any prices or actual dates for the Kharadon in WD (unlike these terrain pieces and the other April releases), I’m not at all surprised that they haven’t been released yet.

      I’m a little apprehensive about the pricing on those big airships XD. I also assume we’re not expecting any kind of discounted boxset initially U__U

      • TypicalPalmTree
        • Shinnentai

          Oh I thought you were talking about the models.

          • TypicalPalmTree

            Either way, there was something planned to be on pre order today and wasn’t. I was wondering if they even acknowledged it.

          • Shinnentai

            Doubt it – I wonder if the WD date was a mistake anyway? Seems a little weird for the cards to be available before the battletome?

            This weekend’s terrain was also supposed to be up for pre-order on the 1st, but only pushed back one week. Seems like GW were being a little optimistic!

          • TypicalPalmTree

            Yeah I just find it odd that they just disregarded it without any notice or anything lol.

  • frank

    Does this mean that gw is in no rush to make updated teams for bloodbowl? like I loved the old bloodbowl teams but i was never sure how they would bring some the core factions back. just rereleasing the old minis kinda makes me sad to be honest. i would have liked to see new bloodbowl minis for chaos dwarfs using the forgeworld style.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      They distinctly mentioned they would most likely not make new teams for many of the “teams of legend” but would gladly update rules so that you may continue using them if you have them. Also GW proper will not make plastics of anything beyond the core armies listed in Death Zone. Beyond that, I think it will be all on Forgeworld, just as we are seeing with all the named characters and special stuff.

      • frank

        Yea Ive seen a few companies with nice alternative minis, but the old minis are in a different scale than the new ones. not that bringing them back is bad but the scale diference is bad enough that they look small next to the new releases.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Oh and I forget… you may want to check on Impact miniatures.. They have a few teams that could pass really well