Shadow Wars Armageddon, D&D, Total War Warhammer 2!

You picked a bad weekend to miss. Shadow Wars Armageddon, and so much more are here.

Shadow Wars Armageddon: Back to the Future

We are kicking off our week of Shadow War Armageddon coverage on BoLS. Let’s take a look as what makes this skirmish game tick:

FFG: New Releases April Week 1

Game of Thrones get a Deluxe Expansion this week and Star Wars gets a TON of reprints back in stock!

GW: New Releases April 1st “Pricing & Links”

Shadow War: Armageddon isn’t the only thing out this week – Blades of Khorne is hitting the pre-orders too!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 41

Shadow War Armageddon: Spec-Ops and Faction Rules

Rules for the various factions are now available for Shadow War: Armageddon. Take a look…

Total War: Warhammer 2 Officially Announced

Elves and Dark Elves and…wait was that a Slann?

40K: New Terrain Kits For April & May

Shadow War: Armageddon’s excellent terrain is coming to a tabletop near you in April & May!

GW: Shadow War Armageddon Retailer OP Kit

Participating Retailers are getting a fantastic new introductory kit for Shadow War: Armageddon – check it out!

Why 40K Should Ban All Allies

Today I want to talk about allies and why I’ve decided I think they need to be totally banned.

~WHEW, what a weekend! YOu’re all caught up and ready for the week.

  • euansmith

    I’ve not seen GW are not making a stronger link between the new terrain kit and the Cities of Death/Containers of Death/etc of Death terrain kits. The Shadow War stuff looks fun, but there isn’t much Line Of Sight blocking terrain in there. I’d have thought that a bundle with the new kit and some of the older stuff could have made a neat product.

    • DeniseDiaz111

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      • euansmith

        Denise, I’ve told you to stop offering me these jobs! I’m already earning $6,947.36/hour doing 10 minutes work, three times a month.

        • Nick Linc

          Just one more job Euan, it’s the only way to afford staying 40k current!

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      LoS was a big thing in necromunda (though I always ran out of ammo or failed bottle rolls anyhow :D)