40K: Close Combat Weapon Teaser

Games Workshop is bringing the pain and this time it’s up close and personal – The Close Combat Weapon Teaser is here!

I have been waiting on this one folks. We’ve already seen glimpses at some of the long range weapons in the game and a few hints about the close combat weapons. But today, Game Workshop is pulling the covers of some of the most prevalent weapons in the galaxy. Let’s look at some of the new Close Combat Weapons!

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So let’s unpack these a little bit further. The Power Axe/maul/sword have already been teased before. What I like about this setup is that it feels like each weapon has a different role. Axes drop the “unwieldy” trait and lose a bit of the strength boost – but they still have a respectable -2 AP. Power Swords are the clear anti-armor save option, but have no bonus to strength. And Power Mauls have the weakest armor pen with a -1, but have the best strength bonus.

All of these seem like good options for different scenarios. Making each choice viable is what player have been wanting. While this might be a small instance of GW “getting it right” it’s promising for the rest of the game, too.

The Chainsword is a new reveal. In past editions the humble, yet iconic chainsword really wasn’t much to write home about. But now it provides the user with an additional attack in close combat. What’s got me curious about this reveal is how it’s worded. Does this mean Close Combat units will lose the “bonus attack” for having 2 weapons? Maybe that will be rolled-up into the unit’s profile. Maybe weapons will have a rule like this? Maybe that bonus attack has been replaced by the “pistol” shot…Who knows? We’ll have to wait to see the full rules on this one when it all comes out later this year.

As for the Power Fist we are finally getting a proper look at what this thing will do. Still Str x 2. A mighty AP -3 and D3 damage. Not too shabby. Now that everything can be wounded on 6’s, the Powerfist will be a legitimate threat to everything on the tabletop. Even if you’re tougher than the Strength Value, it’s still going to have a decent chance to wound. With that -3 AP value and a possible 3 damage, I’ll take the -1 to hit!

From a rules perspective, I like the way GW handled the changes to weapons that impacted initiatives. You’ll still strike first on the charge, it’s just at a -1 to hit. For the primary wielder of these weapons (Space Marines) that typically means they are hitting on 4s. That’s not terrible!

It certainly feels like these weapons are designed for different roles. As I said above, that really helps to make each option viable and have a role to play. That’s a good thing in my book – no more “auto include” options.

Read the Full Teaser HERE

Games Workshop also teased a couple other weapons and what they can do. First up was the Force Sword. For a Grey Knight squad, every marine will come stock with these. They have all the same powers as the typical Power Sword, but with the added benefit of doing D3 damage! Turns out those psychically trained Grey Knights will still be stone-cold killers in Close Combat!

The Reaper Chainsword on the Imperial Knight is the final example weapon that GW teased. Strength D might be gone on paper, but it’s still around in spirit. The Reaper Chainsword does a flat 6 Damage when it wounds (and I have a feeling it will be wounding pretty easy). 6 Damage is enough to kill most characters not named Guilliman in a single blow. And that’s just ONE attack. If you’re a vehicle and you get charged by a Knight, well…it was nice knowing you.

Games Workshop has been dancing around just how deadly Close Combat will be in the new edition. But they did say this:

“Make no mistake, when facing a dedicated melee unit, stuff is going to die in combat really, really fast.”

The race is on: can you shoot the enemy off the board before they get to you or will your gun-line run out of time and get ripped to shreds?


What do you think of the Close Combat Weapons and what other melee weapons are you most curious about? Let us know in the comments below!

  • orionburn

    Was really hoping to see the stats for thunder hammers. Either way my Deathwing Termies are getting happier and happier every day.

    • Walter Vining

      probably the same as the pfist TBH.

      • Muninwing

        maybe, but with something to replace concussive…

        • el_tigre

          I’d settle for making them AP -4

          • AEZ

            Considering the maul vs the other options in the power weapons it might have d6 damage and a low AP.

          • el_tigre

            Could be, and it would be nice to have a more pronounced difference between the two

    • Shawn

      My Clan Avernii terminators are very happy as well 😉

  • Karru

    Slightly disappointed with these rules. I was hoping that they would make CC weapons a bit more “destructive”. Even the basic CC weapons should have given at least -1 AP in my opinion considering how difficult it is to get there in the first place. Nice of them to show us how Attacks work now since Pistols are their own thing. That extra attack from having a CC weapon really makes them actually useful compared to those that don’t have them.

    • That extra attack from having a chainsword you mean? How often will you be able to use your pistol in combat? Your opponent will withdraw before the shooting phase. I really hope having a pistol and a sword still grants one extra attack, because if not, Banshees and Storm Guardians look even less attractive to me than ever.

      • Karru

        I was referring to the “fear” I had with CC Weapons and Pistols. Before they gave you +1 Attack from having a Pistol and CC weapon. Now they give you +1 attack from having a CC weapon and you can use your pistol in CC, if you ever get to that is.

        Basically I was afraid they would take away attacks, but it seems they didn’t “change” anything really.

        • Where do you get +1 attack from having a CC weapon? Only chainswords give that +1 A or what did I miss?

          • Karru

            The Chainsword will most likely be something that people like Assault Marines and Chaos Space Marines will have, you know, those people that used to have both a Pistol and a CC weapon.

            For example, in 7th edition, Tacticals didn’t have CC weapons, they had Pistols only. Assault Marines had Pistols and CC weapons, so they got +1 Attack in CC, while Tacticals didn’t.

            Now, Tacticals don’t get their bonus attack, as one can assume they won’t have Chainswords. Meanwhile Assault Marines will have Chainswords, which gives them their +1 Attack.

          • Yea, but there’s not only Marines with Chainswords out there, ya know? I’m thinking about those.

          • Karru

            Now you lost me.

            Are you referring to units with CC weapons in general? I mean, the only Marine CC units that don’t wield Special Weapons, such as Power Swords and such, wield Chainswords.

          • I was talking about the fact that the only ones that look like not having lost attacks are Chainsword-users. All others look like losing one attack compared to 7th from having a pistol+cc weapon.

            GW is saying ‘CC will be brutal’ all the time, but I must be missing something crucial here, I don’t see why it’s not a simply and plain overall nerf for CC.

          • Karru

            Soooooooo…. What makes you think that, let’s say, Choppa won’t give the same extra attack?

          • Because power swords don’t and they said the ‘iconic’ Chainsword will be different. Even if choppas will, we know power swords won’t – I fear my Banshees will gathering dust yet another edition due to losing one attack – at least it starts to become some kind of a tradition.

          • Randy Randalman

            They may be gaining an attack on their profile, Hendarion. Plus they are WAY faster than before, and will have rend -3.

          • Karru

            I’m honestly more interested to see how the Banshee Mask will work. Since Initiative is gone and it is supposed to be used in charges, what will it do? I surely hope it isn’t something lame like -1 to Ld. Maybe give Banshees +1 to WS on the turn they charge, since the enemy is “distracted” by the howl of the banshee.

          • Simon Bates

            Most likely it will do what it does now – prevent overwatch. Which is pretty useful.

          • dark-tadpole

            It may allow them to attack out of sequence, so they could go even before chargers.

          • Karru

            That would be against the “lore” of the Mask. The Banshee Mask is supposed to cause terror against those they charge, it is not a defensive weapon. As Simon Bates said, it most likely ignores Overwatch, but I still hope that it gives them something more than that. Banshees have seen more shelves than your average couple at an IKEA because they are just outright worse than Striking Scorpions these days.

          • Yea… -3. So MEQ gets a 6+ save where it didn’t in 8th.

          • Really depends on their new stats. They may be getting more base attacks.

          • Scatter 667

            that seems to be true. In addition the 7th edition rules only state close combat weapon, not chainsword. There might also be combat blades (scouts but not sure). Actually i asked that on fb but no reply yet.

          • Ragnar_Blackmane

            >I was talking about the fact that the only ones that look like not having lost attacks are Chainsword-users.

            Because you have seen the profile of all the other former CCWs?

            You can freak out in 1 month when the rules are out and if close combat weapons all around have less attacks and nothing to compensate for it, right now you are grasping at straws in order to jump to conclusions.

          • Trey

            I would read this as..

            1 Attack (base)
            + 1 Attack with CCW + Pistol
            +1 Attack for ChainSword

            so 3 attacks for Chainsword + Pistol
            deepening on how pistols work I have not seen the rules for them in Close Combat completely explained.

            You may end up with attack with Pistol as Weapon profile OR as Close combat.

            So a Str 4 model using a Str 3 weapon (for some odd reason) could shoot it or bash with it!

            A more common scenario would be a Str 4 model using a Plasma Pistol at its Strength INSTEAD of using it as a club.

            A 3rd option would be that Pistols shoot at reduced accracuy in CC so 1 attack at -1 with pistol as profile then other attacks at CC weapon profile

          • Muninwing

            the +1 from pistol is not an automatic, is it? was that listen in the pistol profile?

          • Except they so far never said you keep the +1A for having a pistol and a CCW. And no, it’s not pistol OR ccw. You get both. But you can only use your pistol in the shooting phase, they explained that already in earlier community posts quite clearly!
            IF you are still in CC in any turn, you can shoot your pistol in the shooting phase against your CC-enemy. But I don’t see that happening that often yet. You shoot, you assault, you use your CCW, your opponent withdraws, CC is over, you didn’t get to use your pistol in CC.

      • Drew

        In Age of Sigmar, a lot of units who have a pair of hand weapons (like Prosecutors, Beastmen Gors, etc.) get to reroll ones on attack roles in the close combat phase. It’s possible the “two close combat weapons” bonus is going to work something like that, and we might not have seen it yet if that’s the case, because in AoS those abilities are on the warscroll for the unit itself.

        • Well, I really hope there’s something important missing from the grand schema.

      • SprinkKnoT

        Not all charges are into things that want to retreat. If you can’t afford to fire at the unit that assaulted you, it could be better to just stay in combat so you can get a few hits in, especially if they charged something that’s not half bad in close combat. Remember on your turn you get to pick who strikes first, so your guys get to strike first on your turn.

        • No, not all charges are into things that want to retreat. But if there are such units, that means you lost power compared to 7th vs those units that do want to retreat.

      • José Monteagudo Ibarreta

        Except that pistols now will be able to shoot even in combat, so a clasical pistol plus chainsword guy will have its base attack plus an extra chainsword attack plus a pistol shot in his own shooting phase, directly after charging but before gis own attacks

        • You’re mixing something up, there is no shooting after charging. Shooting always takes place in the shooting phase which is before the charge phase.

          • Muninwing

            they’ve talked about how you will be able to use pistols even if you’re locked in CC.

            so standard assault marine would get 1 attack, +1 for charge (if that’s still in), +1 for having a chainsword, +1 for two-handing pistol and chainsword (if that’s still in), and then the pistol shot in cc (with any modifiers)

            that’s not too shabby, really. it’s not going to be all about ap anymore.

          • Nyyppä

            Apparently it’s “just” hitting first that is the benefit from charging. Also 2 ccw seem to not grant extra attacks because pistols can be shot even if locked in combat. The chainsword would still be +1 attack.

            So, 2 attacks, same as before for assault marines.

          • You can’t use the pistol in CC the same turn you charged, because shooting comes before charging.

          • Muninwing

            hahahaha… of course you’re right. friday brain drain i’ll blame…

          • José Monteagudo Ibarreta

            You are right, though I cannot find them saying that the charge phase is after shooting (no reason to asume otherwise, though doing it before would in some way solve the “which weapon can shoot before charging problem). You still are able to shoot into anothe combat if you have been charged, so pistols are also quite good for counter charges

    • Scatter 667

      it is only the chainsword that gives you an extra attack and obviously only when you use it to attack. There seem to be still other cc weapons, eg rubric marines don’t have chainswords, but have one attack. If you have a chainsword , but attack with the powerfist you also have, you wouldn’t get the extra attack.

      • Karru

        Understandable. As I said to Hendarion, I was afraid of them “removing” attacks from CC units, because they made Pistols their own thing. I do understand why they would nerf Power Weapons and Fists by taking away their Attack Bonus.

        • They did remove attacks. There was nothing being said about getting +1 for charge and also nothing about getting +1 for having a pistol+cc weapon either. So from what we’ve seen, it won’t be incorrect to conclude, that Storm Guardians will have 1 A on the charge and that’s it.

          • Muninwing

            nothing has been said. but that does not mean that it doesn’t happen. it just means we have not seen all the rules yet.

            i’m not saying that it’s in. i’m just saying we do not know, so assuming is silly.

    • Steven Hyche

      They are more destructive from last edition

  • Fergie0044

    I don’t like that chainsword rule, it doesn’t read well. Why not just say +1 A?
    Otherwise not much new info here – I was expecting a powerfist to be -4AP but ah well.

    • orionburn

      Wonder if that’s what the AP will be on a thunder hammer. Maybe it does mortal wounds rather than just base wounds?

      • Karru

        It will most likely either have extra damage or it is “faster”. It would be more correct to assume that it will be the Chainfist that will get -4 AP.

        • Fergie0044

          Ah yes – they need some way of it differing from a powerfist now armorbane is gone.

          • Karru

            It will most likely work like the Melta weapon does. Roll two dice against a “Monster” and pick the highest for damage.

    • Scatter 667

      the question is how things will work and if you resolve all the attacks you have with one weapon only. a flat +1 Attack might mean that a character or seargent with a chainsword and powerfist would get +1Attack no matter which weapon he would use in CC. I guess thats the reason why they worded it like that.

      • Fergie0044

        good call. I’ve not familiar with AoS so I guess there’s a lot about the new combat system I don’t know. Won’t stop me from complaining on the internet though! :p

        • Scatter 667

          i don’t have a clue about AoS either, but it seems they cleaned up things and split the pistols from CC (we don’t know for sure yet) and most likely you have to asign the weapon you use to fight as it is in 7th already. CSM chars have a lot of options and you can pack multiple weapons on the same char, but have to decide with which you attack and depending on that you count bonus attacks or not. Bit complecated, but usually not to much work since its only a few chars…

          • Mike Holmberg

            In AOS each weapon has its own number of attacks and you use each one every round of combat.

          • Scatter 667

            i hope they don’t do that for 40k, since there are more options and weapons you can take than the model has arms, even for a mutated chaos lord;-) And i hope they don’t take away weapon options or limit the amount of weapons you can pile onto a single mini to heavyly, since it would take away the charm of a butcher prepared for every kind of bloody work;-)

      • orionburn

        So that Reaper chainsword could be super nasty depending on how many attacks a Knight gets. Flat 6 wounds is gonna hurt bad if it gets 4 attacks.

        Dreads are going to bring some pain too. Base 4 attacks and D3 wounds from the fist is going to wreck face.

    • Mike Holmberg

      -3AP seems to be the standard for what was AP 2, maybe they are saving -4AP for chainfists?

      • Nyyppä

        Power sword is ap3….

      • Rob brown

        It looks like AP-4 is for melta.

    • Simon Bates

      They can’t word it as +1A because that’s not what it does. It specifically requires that you make that extra A with the chainsword.

  • Vachones

    Do we know for sure that the extra attack for charging and/or having two weapons is gone now? I’d be OK with it honestly, it was always annoying to have work it out, but it means less attacks for some units unless their stat changed.

    • orionburn

      If it follows the AoS rules then you attack with all of your close combat weapons don’t you? So your bolt pistol would be one attack and your chainsword would be another attack. I’ll take the trade of being able to swing first for charging rather than +1 for charging.

      • Commissar Molotov

        Bolt pistol doesn’t seem to be a “close combat weapon” any more – instead, you get to shoot pistol weapons during the shooting phase even if you’re in close combat.

        • Vachones

          And here I was thinking that shooting pistols in CC meant in the shooting phase. That would be interesting, to both shoot with a pistol and swing with a melee weapon in the fight phase.

          • You shoot in CC in the shooting phase, not in the fight phase.

          • Vachones

            Sigh… I swear this teaser just made things more confusing.

    • Andrew B

      You get an extra attack for charging but not for having two close combat weapons. I think that’s correct anyway. So Assault Marines with chainswords still get the same number of CC attacks because the chainsword now adds an attack anyway, and now they can also fire their pistols in the shooting phase even if they’re in CC.

      • But then Space Marines with power swords will get less attacks than in 7th? And so will Ork Boyz? That just sounds bad to me.

        • Andrew B

          Have you seen the rules for Choppas yet? They might be like the chainswords now, or better. Sluggas can now be fired whilst in CC now as well remember, although that’s not as useful to Orks as it is to marines.

          • You can only shoot something in CC if your opponent didn’t withdraw. And also while you could shoot in 7th and then assault and getting the bonus for the pistol for an additional attack, it doesn’t look like you will get the same in 8th. You can shoot, but you lose 1 attack which means you output less attacks than in 7th in total the turn you charge. (and in case your opponent wiithdraws in his next turn, you also can’t use that pistol in CC anymore, because there’s no CC anymore)
            I guess I’m still missing something, I just don’t find what it is.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            If you aren’t engaged, you can shoot with everything you have.

          • Chaos123

            I think I red somewhere that there will be 2 CC phases each turn???

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured
          • Per game turn, yes. Like in every edition before. Your turn and your enemy’s turn, that makes one game-turn and thus 2 CC phases per game turn.

          • That’s not the point. But I give up trying to explain it to ya, sorry.

      • Vachones

        I don’t know that they ever said you would get an extra attack on the charge, just that you went first.

        • Indeed. But does that mean CC Guardians in 8th will have 1 attack on the charge? I hope not, lol.

          • Commissar Molotov

            Ah, but they’ll get their pistol shooting in, too.

          • Not if your opponent simply withdraws in his movement phase which is before shooting could potentially happen.

          • Commissar Molotov

            And close combat… 😉

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            And then you shoot him in the back as he tries to run before reengaging.

          • Yes, but in YOUR turn. You can’t use your pistols in *his* turn if he withdraws. If he wouldn’t, you could and thus you could gain back the attack you lost from the removed pistol+ccw bonus. But since you can’t, you effectively lose 1 attack compared to 7th.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            *shrug* you can’t use pistols in his turn anyway, because 8th does not, as near as I can tell, treat Pistols as close combat weapons. Of course, you seem to understand that. As the vast majority of units that have the option can take Chainswords, the loss isn’t that pronounced, apart from certain Xenos assault units, Seraphim, and Cypher, although the last 2, if they get updated, will likely be tweaked in some way.

          • Dude, you *can* use pistols in your opponents shooting phase in 8th if you are in close combat. That’s what we’re talking about here, because people hope/say it will compensate for the loss of the bonus attack from having a pistol and a ccw! But it’s not, because that only works if the enemy isn’t running away before the shooting phase kicks in. If you didn’t read the rules, why are you here discussing stuff you don’t understand? Please, that’s just leading nowhere.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            You’re wrong. You can use Pistols in *the* Shooting phase while enemies are within 1 inch, even if you are locked in combat. Nowhere in the Shooting article does it say that you can fire Pistols during your opponent’s Shooting Phase.

            And, considering that no one has a draft of 8th edition in front of them (Reece and Frankie excepted), it’s kinda ridiculous to expect idle speculation about how the new edition work to be based on anything other than what’s been spoiled so far.

          • If your first paragraph is right (although I don’t see why you think “the shooting phase” is the same as “your shooting phase only”), then based on what we know already, CC units are going to lose attacks, so worse than I expected. Yes, we don’t know everything yet, that’s why I say ‘based on what we know’.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            Because there’s not really a precedent in past editions, beyond pistols granting an extra attack, nor is there one in AoS. Apart from Overwatch and Interceptor fire, Shooting has always been an owner’s turn phase. And until they specifically state that Pistols can be fired during your enemy’s Shooting Phase, I see nothing in how they phrased the Pistol rules presented to suggest that.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured
          • Vachones

            Yep, seems like a waste of a good power sword swing. But, perhaps they are base 2 attacks now.

          • Scatter 667

            but looking from the realistic perspective, does it really make sense that you can strike one more attack with the power sword because you have a bolt pistol? i think it doesn’t. If at all you should be able to shoot the pistol and in addition strike the profile attack value with the cc weapon.

          • We’re not talking about realism here, because hitting on 3+ flat in CC isn’t realistic either. We’re talking about gameplay-perspective compared to 7th.

          • Scatter 667

            that is true i don’t deny that point at all and i find it a bit to simple the way it will be in 8th. but i still would like to point out, that a bolt pistol should have always given you a bolt pistol attack and not an attack on the special fancy weapon you used.

          • Probably. But simply removing one attack is a flat out nerf. Still, maybe they don’t lose an attack compared to 7th, but if so, GW didn’t reveal that piece of information yet.

          • Scatter 667

            that is true. we yet have to see how they will manage other units with pistol+cc like ork boyz. I doubt a choppa will get a +1 attack like the chainsword. Maybe they will increase base line attacks…

          • Karru

            We still have two possibilities here. First is the possibility that all CC oriented units will get +1 attack to their stats. The second possibility, which is extremely likely, is that Storm Guardians will get their own CC weapon, which gives the same buff.

          • There’s a third: They get nothing and just will get worse 😉 I hope not, I don’t want Guardians to cost like 5 points.

        • Parthis

          It was confirmed on twitter, I just don’t have a link right now.

  • Xodis

    Khorne Axes, Lightning Claws, and Deamon weapons….. COME ON!!!!!

    • Fergie0044

      Same as power axes.
      +1S, -3AP, 1D (so a wee bit better than swords) +1A if a pair.
      Who knows? Hopefully D6 extra attacks as they are now.

      • Xodis

        It was mentioned in the CSM spotlight or whatever that Khorne Axes were a thing and much MUCH better than ever…so Im chomping at the bit to find out lol. My boys are ready to build a skull throne.

        • Fergie0044

          Can’t be worse than they are now 😀

          • Xodis

            Totally agree.

          • It can be worse than now if you don’t get a bonus attack from having ccw+pistol or from charging 😉

        • Karru

          Considering that they didn’t have a problem with the Battle Cannon in the Q&A, I wouldn’t hold my breath to see the Khorne Axe being “too” powerful.

          • Xodis

            Anything is better than the standard CC weapon it is normally classified as. Also with the stats of Power Axes being nice , Im sure it falls somewhere around that area. Could be better, could be worst, but most definitely better than they currently are.

  • Mark Smith

    Seeing as Pistols can be fired while engaged I think the +1A for two weapons might be going in the bin. Maybe a lot of standard CC weapons will get something similar.

    • You only can use the pistol if the turn after your enemy did not withdraw before the shooting phase. Otherwise, no shooting for you in CC and no shooting for you in your opponents turn -> effectively losing an attack.

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        That makes no sense. Withdrawing does not negate enemy shooting.

        • It does, because you need to be in CC if you want to use your pistols in CC. When you charge, the shooting phase is already over, so you can’t use your pistols in CC. If the enemy withdraws next turn, you can’t use your pistols in CC either.

          • TheFunnySide

            I thought the opponent has to withdraw in his movement phase? Meaning that your unit is free to do what it wants when its your turn again. Like shooting your Pistols

          • SIA

            Yes but if the opponent withdraws before your shooting phase then you don’t get to use your pistil in CC is what he was saying

          • But it’s his turn, not your turn. You can shoot in your next turn, sure. But I thought we’re talking about using pistols in CC. And that isn’t happening in this scenario at all. It only happens in the shooting phase.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            Or assaulting.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            Semantics. You don’t forgo shooting to charge, and most of the time, he’s not going to move far enough away to completely negate your assault unit’s shooting.

          • You’re missing the point actually. We were talking about losing the bonus from having a pistol+ccw and that he thinks it doesn’t matter because you can now shoot pistols in CC. But you are not using the pistol in CC if your opponent withdraws. You are using it as regular shooting. Overall, you’re losing 1 attack, because shooting outside of CC was possible ever since.

        • Again, you’re missing the point (“in CC”!). But I am tired of trying to explain it to you in detail.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Nothing unexpected here…

  • Robhob

    posting a teaser about weapons with a picture of a weapon not included in that teaser – classic BoLS

  • Guillermo Cordido

    I was expecting to see the fusion blade into that list and onager gauntlet the only 2 real melee weapons worth of use into a tau list

  • MechBattler

    I like where they’ve gone with this. The new system ups the survivability of heavily armored units, but at the same time gives even weaker weapons a chance to do some actual damage by modifying armor rolls.

  • Nyyppä

    Looks weak. A lot of lost power can be seen there though now everything strikes “at the same time”.

  • Jayce Corza

    I can’t get my head around a normal sword having -3 Rend and a Chainsword having 0. How does a motorized chainsaw not cut through armor better than a metal blade?

    • Kinsman

      That’s a normal chainblade vs a power sword, not a normal sword. I think some infused with supernatural/technological power should be deadlier than a chainsaw, personally.

      • Jayce Corza

        That’s a fair point.

  • Mr.Gold

    Techmarines with their power axes are happy…

  • monkeypuzzle

    If there is no capping of strength to 10 now, does that make dreadnought S12 now in assault? Wounding T6 on 2s?

    • Djbz


  • Severius_Tolluck

    Still curious as why mauls are less effective at trashing armor then swords or axes… I mean a maul / mace was designed to bust in armor that usually deflected blades. I get a power field enhances these edges, but then a maul would then be more like a power fist making it even more devastating then a sword!

    • Aura1

      Is it perhaps to reflect that swords can find the weak spots in armour at neck joints etc whilst mauls are just wailing in slabs of ceramite? They show increased strength as you can swing those bad boys with more abandon but you get less targeted armour penetration.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Then why are power fists so much better at it? A Power Maul in theory should be that more destructive. I will hand you that the sword can pierce joints. But a maul….

  • Christie Bryden

    the way things are going it looks like all the traitor legions will be very distinct (since each will be a chaos faction) so we should see some internesting new melee weapons from them, and nut just rusty imperial ones with extra spikes.

  • Nyyppä

    Hey, translate mauler fiends to 8th edition using the things we know now. Try not to cry/laugh.

    • Djbz

      I imagine something like this
      M 12″ Ws 4+ S 6(12 because of powerfists) T 7 W 8-10 A 3? Sv 3+
      (No clue on Ld and Bs is irrelevant because no guns)

      • Nyyppä

        A 2. Also you forgot to count the -1 ws from the fist. Now, there are 2. What if those negatives are cumulative?

        • Djbz

          Then it would be super lame, and hopefully the people that playtested them pointed that out and GW rectified it.
          Maulerfiends might actually be pretty decent. (And we know they won’t get completely shafted by one grav shot anymore so there is that at least)

          • Nyyppä

            I don’t think that it’s going to suck that much but it would be hilarious reminder of the legendary design quality GW has kept up all these years.

  • Randy Randalman

    What we saw: Chainswords give +1 Attack to its bearers. We know nothing else.

    What internet concludes: “Wait, so my [insert random unit] with two fists/knives/claws/axes LOSES an attack?! What a nerf to cc!!!1!1”

    First of all, we don’t even know what those weapons will do. Second, it’s likely on a unit that is now faster, with more rend, and more damage output. Finally, extra attacks will be written into the unit profile instead of being dependent on bookkeeping the number of weapons it had.

    I know for 100% certain that anything that came with two attacks before will still have two attacks in this edition, only with better speed, armor piercing and damage.

  • DawnStone

    Surely units such as Wyches & Howling Banshees will be 2 attacks base, otherwise they’d be rubbish in cc…

  • Emprah

    I like it. These are very, very much like my homebrew rules except not made with a S/T chart and D6 not D10.

  • This Dave

    Kind of odd that Chainswords get a bonus attack. Giving them an armor mod makes more sense as the thing is chewing through armor after all.