Cryx Kharybdis Can Reach You

Cryx’s new character jack is out and it is a long armed monster!  Come check out Aiakos’ personal jack.

What Is It?

Kharybdis is the brand new character jack for Cryx.  It is based on the crab jack chassis so that means it will be similar to the Levithan/Harrower/Descrator in abilities.  It also is bonded with Aiakos giving it some protection up the field.  It cost 19 points to field so while it has a nasty presence on the field it does come out a rather steep price.

What Does Kharybdis Do?

Kharybdis is SPD5 MAT7 RAT5 DEF12 ARM18.  These are ok stats for a melee heavy but, I would have liked to maybe see DEF or ARM a little higher at this point cost.

Kharybdis is armed with:

Black Ink: SP8 POW12 that has critical Blind.

2x Tendrils: Rng 1/4 POW16 open fist chain weapons.  That’s right similar to the Cryx colossal this heavy is sporting a 4″ melee during activation.  This means it’s base threat is a whopping 12″ charging without buffs or 9″ advancing.

Special Rules:

  • Acid Cloud:  Kharybdis can vent a whole bunch of toxicity and put out a 4″ cloud effect on itself that causes corrosion for *Action.  Might be useful if you’re not planning to run or need a little held in the shooting defense department.
  • Bond: While in Aiakos control area Kharybdis has Prowl. This is pretty nice in combination with the Acid Cloud.
  • All crab jacks are: Steady, Amphibious, Pathfinder

What is a Good List for Kharybdis?

Kharybdis is a great jack but at a high price.  With one of the longest natural threats in the game you can go 2 routes. 1 put him with a caster that can buff his damage or 1 that makes his insane speed ludicrous.  Aiakos2 already is insanely fast battlegroup with a +SPD feat.  Why not get the most out of that bond and see what he can do?  This list has a bunch of shield guards to protect the jacks while they come in and some support solos to make sure they can do dirty things when they get there.  You can shoot the mechanithralls with the gunslingers to create clouds for Kharybdis to hide in or behind.


Cryx Army – 75 / 75 points

(Aiakos 2) Captain Aiakos [+29]
– Deathripper [6]
– Kharybdis [19]
– Sepulcher [36]
Machine Wraith [2]
Necrotech [2]
Satyxis Raider Captain [4]
Satyxis Raider Captain [4]
Mechanithralls (min) [6]
– Brute Thrall (3) [6]
Mechanithralls (min) [6]
– Brute Thrall (3) [6]
Satyxis Gunslingers [7]

Revenant’s Final Thought:

I love this new jack and think it is a great addition to the Cryx lineup.  Cryx already has pretty decent threat extenders in things like Mortenebra’s overrun or Scaverous telekinesis so this means really sick threat ranges in combination with Kharybdis.  I give this jack an B+ I only wish it had a little more umph in the POW department or defense or armor was a tad higher.

~What do you think of the new cryx character jack BOLS?

  • petrow84

    I wish Acid Could was an Imprint, than an action. For its price it looks pretty pillow-fisted.

    • zeno666

      Yeah, he is quite overcosted.
      A “funny” thing is the intereaction of his 4″ melee and spray is that since he doesn’t have gunfighter his spray is really only 3.999″

      • petrow84

        Nicely polished claws/tentacles, he doesn’t want them to be blemished by the spray.