FFG: Star Wars: IA – New Expansions Inbound

Fantasy Flight Games has a quite a few expansions planned for Imperial Assault – come see what’s on the way!

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is getting a brand new expansion and this time you’re going straight into the heart of the Empire…

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In the same vein as the previous 4 expansions, Heart of the Empire is the next  expansion set in the fantastic Star Wars: Imperial Assault universe! New Heroes and Villains will square off to face new challenges, new adventures, and to determine the fate of the Empire!

This new Expansion is set in the Coruscant cityscape and will have an additional 16 missions to battle through. And we’ll be seeing 3 new heroes as well – for now here are a few preview cards:


Heart of the Empire $59.95

The Heart of the Empire expansion for Imperial Assault welcomes you to Coruscant, capital of the galaxy! This globe-spanning metropolis is the home of Emperor Palpatine and countless other beings. It is also the home of countless mysteries, including the location of an ancient artifact of incredible importance…

Set forth on a new, highly replayable campaign of sixteen missions that explore every level of the world, from its glistening halls of power to its grimy underworld alleys. You’ll find three new heroes ready to join the Rebellion, aided by the talented Force user Ahsoka Tano. You’ll maneuver through the crowded city, pursued and confronted by Imperials at every turn. And you’ll find the Emperor isn’t the only major player working against you. The former Sith, Maul, has sent a Clawdite Shapeshifter to pursue the artifact, and any face in the crowd might hide the Shapeshifter’s true identity.

Altogether, Heart of the Empire expands your campaign and skirmish games with three heroes and thirteen other figures, including the massive AT-DP, baton-wielding Riot Troopers, and twin-gunned Sentry Droids. Coruscant comes to life with dozens of new map tiles and more than 130 cards. New energy shield and rubble tokens will throw a wrench in your opponent’s plans by modifying the battlefield, and new power tokens give you more control over your fate than ever before!

Heart of the Empire is slated to hit shelves in Q3 of 2017!

But that’s not all from FFG on the Star Wars: Imperial Assault front – FFG is also bringing in some more Ally Packs, too! And we’ve got some old friends and even older baddies:


Ahsoka Tano Ally Pack $9.95

The legendary Ahsoka Tano lends her Force talents and rebellious spirit to your cause with the Ahsoka Tano Ally Pack for Imperial Assault!

With her twin lightsabers, Ahsoka may offer you just the edge you need to survive your adventures in Coruscant. Her Force leaps allow her to move quickly into position wherever she’s needed most, and then she can press the attack with one blue die and two green dice, as well as the ability to reroll all her attack dice or all the defender’s defense dice.

You’ll find more of Ahsoka’s talents, spirit, and connection to the Force represented among the expansion’s mission and Command cards. Four of these Command cards strengthen her connection to the Force, and the fifth takes full advantage of her talents as a Spy. Finally, two new skirmish missions provide ample opportunities for you to fight alongside Ahsoka, sowing chaos in the heart of the Empire.


Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack $9.95

Throw Force lightning, tempt others down the road to ruin, and spur others toward spontaneous violence with the Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack for Imperial Assault!

Although this Sith Lord and head of the Galactic Empire does most of his work behind the scenes, playing admirals and generals and politicians like puppets, you’ll find Palpatine more than capable of taking to the streets and acting directly to advance his interests. No matter whether you have the Emperor navigate Coruscant and its intrigues in your campaign or lead his army into quickly fought skirmishes, his impressive melee skills and inherent Pierce “3” offer only the merest hints of his full range of power.

And, as befits his status as master of the dark side of the Force and supreme ruler of the galaxy, the Emperor also comes with a full suite of Force-themed Command cards and an Agenda deck that allows you to explore his many plots.

Maul Villain Pack $9.95

With the Maul Villain Pack, you can bring one of the galaxy’s deadliest Force users to your games of Imperial Assault, either as a powerful piece in the Imperial player’s greater campaign designs or as an independent member of the Mercenary faction, ready to join any skirmish army that might allow him to further his own interests.

In either case, you’ll find Maul eager to claim vengeance. To that end, he may be willing to stick to the Coruscant shadows and skyrises for a short time, stalking his prey, but it won’t be long before his rage and fury get the better of him. Then, when Maul leaps into the fray with his iconic dual-bladed lightsaber, you’ll find him more than capable of cutting cleanly through the defenses of any who stand against him. And while much about this former Sith is shrouded in mystery, you’ll quickly learn that he’s sustained by rage and almost always looking for a fight.

Finally, If you’re looking for something to add to your games of Imperial Assault right now, then don’t forget 3 new Ally packs are out right now:

BT-1 and 0-0-0 Villain Pack $12.95

Jawa Scavenger Villain Pack $9.95

Hera Syndulla and C1-10P Ally Pack $12.95


Star Wars: Imperial Assault – the adventure awaits!

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