Geekery: The Sound of Star Wars

The new universe demanded a new way of thinking about sound in movies.

Star Wars is ground breaking for a lot of reasons. New techniques for sound were created by necessity – ones that would change how audio would work for a ton of future films. The original trilogy required new sound that would give direction to massive space battles, give droids a bit of humanity, and make us believe that the lightsaber wasn’t just a fancy flash light.

Kaptainkristian takes a quick look at the genius of Ben Burtt

Want more? Check out this full length doc from Sound On Sound that focuses on Rogue One’s sound design…


What is your favorite iconic Star Wars sound?

  • bobrunnicles

    Favorite sound? so many good ones, but at the risk of being obvious, that initial ‘zing’ when a lightsaber is turned on followed by the ominous low hum of the blade is probably my own personal preference.

  • euansmith

    There are loads of fantastic noises in Star Wars, and I’m particularly found of the bestial snarl of the Tie Fighter; but, for some reason, this is my personal favourite.