Privateer Press: Skorne Releases Wave 2

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This week any questions asked of Privateer Press are met with Skorne.

That’s right. The coolest Hordes faction–sorry Trollbloods, you’re close, but these are like roman centurion samurai guys who also have magic–is getting four new releases: a new warcaster, a new solo, a Character Warbeast, and some specialist troops.

As always, these guys seem ready to give just as much pain as they receive. That’s kind of Skorne’s whole deal, and since the troops are the paingivers, this is even more apropos than normal. Zaadesh and Dakar are looking great–and having gotten to see them, I realize now the other thing that Skorne remind me of–the Githyanki out of D&D. Hard to go wrong with that. So, take a look at the new models.

via Privateer Press

Lord Tyrant Zaadesh$18.99

Zaadesh rose from a wounded soldier who few thought would return to the field of battle to an influential lord tyrant. In battle, Zaadesh empowers his army to strike with brutal precision and to punish those enemies within reach before they get the chance to strike. He takes every opportunity in these endeavors so that he may one day face Archdomina Makeda, remove her from her seat, and finally see his own ends come to fruition..

Venator Dakar$17.99

With exaltation a remote hope at best, the ruthless warriors of the Venator caste take to the field for survival and victory instead. Relentless and cunning, Venator dakars are stern leaders with exacting standards. Under the watchful eye of a dakar, other Venators march quickly and take precise aim, proving they are every bit as skilled in dealing death as the more respected warriors of the skorne.

Chiron (Basilisk Drake Heavy Warbeast)$39.99

Chiron is one of the greatest basilisks ever broken to the skorne lash, and his subjugation attests to Beast Master Xekaar’s perfection of the art of physical conditioning through pain. The beast’s physical might is matched only by the power of his destructive gaze. Entire ranks of foes wither to dust as Chiron sweeps his cold eyes across them, and enemy warbeasts tear apart their own flesh in agony at his barest glance.

Dominar Morghoul and Escort$24.99

After a lifetime spent bloodying his hands on behalf of others, Morghoul has emerged from the world of shadows to command a house like no other—the paingivers. In battle, Dominar Morghoul is attended by two paingiver escorts who aid him in crippling his foes so that his blade may find purchase, and he empowers his army with mortitheurgical might so that they may shift like the sands of the desert to swiftly fell their foes.

Okay but who would win in a fight, Dominar Morghoul, or Dominar Rygel XVI of Hyneria?

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    Morghoul3 is da pimp! 🙂
    Looks like a fun caster ruleswise