Runewars: Latari Elves Preview – Aliana of Summersong

The First Hero available for the Latari Elves is under the microscope in this preview from Fantasy Flight Games!

Aliana of Summersong is a hero of the Latari Elves and will be leading the charge to the battlefield when their Expansion hits shelves later this year. She rides a great Leonx beast and is a very mobile foe. Her command tool offers some pretty impressive options when it comes to moving around the board:

With 5 white modifiers that can be used with any color action, she’s going to be extremely difficult to pin down. For example, if you paired a charge or turning charge with the shift action, should could charge sideways – or BACKWARDS! That will certainly keep your opponents on their toes.

Her attack also comes in at imitative 3 which is fairly early in the round. That will allow her to deal some serious damage with her attacks early which could turn the tide later in the turn. Plus she has the potential to get additional panic results with her attacks. That might be enough to send a unit packing before they can attack her in response.

Her attacks are a respectable white, red and blue die. This provides her with a pretty broad spread of damage options. She’ll be able to get surges and damage with most of her attacks. And with every attack she’s also adding a mortal strike on top of that which will reliably add at least 1 wound. That might not seem like that big of a deal vs a block of Waiqar Reanimates, but when you’re attacking characters or really tough targets like Calvary or that Rune Golem unit, that extra damage will come in handy.

Aliana also has a couple other tricks up her sleeves with Impact 2 and Precise 1. Those allow her to add those extra panic tokens and improve the odds of her attacks getting the results you need. On top of that, her ability to redeploy a unit of Leonx Riders after deployment is a pretty sneaky trick and will come in handy to make sure you get them where they can do the most damage.

On top of all that goodness just on her dials and character cards, she’s also got a couple of new upgrade cards as well:


Packleader’s Spear allows you to exhaust the card to add Lethal 3 to your attack for the round. That’s a great way to put the hurt on enemy characters or ensure you can finish off a unit that’s already hurting. The down side (besides the 8 point cost) is that it only readies if you destroy a unit. If you want to be the Packleader, you better be able to deliver the kills!

Wildcall’s Instinct allows you even more mobility. This card is unique to Aliana, but it adds even more movement tricks to her moveset. Anytime you perform a charge or shift action, you can treat it as modified by a turn – without taking a speed penalty! Plus, because it’s a “may” instead of a “must” ability, it gives you some added cushion. Did an enemy unit move into a spot you weren’t expecting? Now you can modify your move and counter that play.

Ambush Predator rewards a patience commander. First off, ranged attacks cannot target you. That lasts as long as this card is in play and for 3 points, that already seems worth while! But it’s not just used defensively, because it also adds Lethal damage based on the turn you use it! It is a great way to ensure your first pounce of the game with Aliana will be crushing. You could use this on an enemy character to take them out of play or you could hold it for the right time to wipe an enemy unit in a single blow!

Want to learn more about Aliana of Summersong? Read the full article from FFG HERE.

Aliana will be available in the Latari Elves Expansion – heading your way in Q3 of 2017!

Latari Elves Army Expansion $59.95

The Latari Elves Army Expansion ushers in a brand-new faction to the world of the Runewars Miniatures Game in the form of the Latari Elves. The expansion includes four new units, the Deepwood Archers, the Leonx Riders, the Aymhelin Scions and new hero Aliana of Summersong, enough to field an army of Latari Elves. The expansion also includes tokens, new mechanics and twelve upgrade cards for further customization.


Aliana of Summersong – First Hero of the Latari Elves!

  • Drew

    Does anyone know for sure if you can get all the upgrade cards available for a faction (including any “neutral” upgrades) just by buying the models for that faction? The community at my FLGS is intrigued by this game but NOT willing to buy into an X-Wing/Armada type racket where you have to buy off-faction stuff just to get the upgrade cards you need to be competitive…

    • ZeeLobby

      So supposedly the developers at FFG who created the game promised that all usable cards could be obtained by just buying in-faction. So far that appears to be true (people were opening expansions at my local store last week). My guess is they probably realize in a game where you have to build and paint the models, doing so would be pretty bad.

    • Gridloc

      Yes/no, currently there are some upgrades found only in one army expansion box. BUT… these same upgrades will be in the next expansion wave. So currently you would be stuck buying multiple faction boxes for the upgrades. But once more waves hit, this will not be the case. Also rumor of upgrade cards separate but that might just be high hopes on the forums.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, I’ve heard that as well, about the separate cards. I’d be shocked, but it’d be huge.

      • Benjamin Davis

        A good example of this is the “Wind Rune” equipment upgrade. Currently, it’s only available in the Reanimate Archer expansion for Waiqar, but it’s already known it’ll also be available in the Rune Golem expansion for Daqan.
        So you won’t have to buy out of faction, but you’ll probably need/want to buy everything in faction at some point.

  • Jay Barton

    I would love to play this but magic and 40k dominate my area. My store that used to do warmachine closed down and moved to their warehouse which is too far for me. Sigh, the plights of a gamer.