40K: Thousand Sons Will Rock in 8th

Magnus and his Thousand Sons are going to give armies nightmares in 8th – Feel the Wrath of Magnus!

Games Workshop had a little teaser of what the Thousand Sons are going to be like in 8th and from the looks of things, they are going to hit like a ROCK and be as tough as one, too!

via Warhammer Community

“Thousand Sons in the new Warhammer 40,000 will be led by none other than their Primarch – Magnus the Red. This guy does justice to the lore; coming in at Toughness 7 with 18 Wounds and a 4+ invulnerable save, he is one of the toughest Characters on the battlefield. Magnus also receives +2 when casting psychic powers and can manifest 3 a turn.

He’s no slouch in close combat either, moving across the table 16″ a turn and hitting with 7, Strength 16, AP -4, attacks that do 3 Damage each – it’s enough to lay low nearly any opponent. Magnus the Red also bestows bonuses to his fellow Thousand Sons, allowing them to reroll 1s to hit and 1s rolled for invulnerable saves. This Primarch will bring glory to his Legion.”

YIKES! Magnus is the total package – speed, toughness, resilience, deadly in close combat, a potent pskyer, and he buffs his fellow Thousand Sons. What more do you want from a Primarch? There isn’t much in the game that is going to want to go toe-to-toe with Magnus on the battlefield. But he’s not the only big threat the Thousand Sons have.

The Scarab Occult Terminators have an ability called “All is Dust.” It grants them a +1 save vs attacks that have a Damage Characteristic of 1. Plus they can ignore the -1 to hit when moving and shooting with heavy weapons – not too bad for a bunch of empty suits of armor, right? But that’s not all – their combi-bolters are pretty mean as well. Rapid Fire 2 with strength 4 and AP -2 means they are a viable threat to anything without an invulnerable save. Sprinkle in some of their other heavier weapons that do AP -3 with D3 damage and you’ve got another unit that will be a brick to the face!

Rubric Marines are also going to be a great option for the Thousand Sons as well. Their basic Inferno Boltguns also have AP -2. Pair that with a Soulreaper Cannon (Heavy 4, Str 5, AP -3) or their Flamer with AP -2 and you’ve got another armor-melting unit! “But the Soulreaper is Heavy, what about the -1 to move and shoot?” Oh yeah, that would be a problem except they ALSO have “All is Dust.” These “ghosts” ain’t afraid of no Small Arms Fire. Proton Pack on the other hand…

The Aspiring Sorcerer in each squad also has the ability to put out Mortal Wounds. Those are very effective on units because they bypass all armor saves – even invulnerable saves. The only way to get a “save” vs them is if the target unit has an ability that specifically allows them to save vs mortal wounds. From what we’ve seen – that’s pretty darn rare.

Read the full Faction Focus HERE

Nurgle and the new Primaris Space Marines might be getting all the attention right now – but don’t count the Thousands Sons out just yet. They will STILL be a viable army in 8th Edition.

  • Karru

    The problem I have with Thousand Sons is the fact that they really can’t do the thing they are meant to do, which is lot of Psychic Powers. Magnus will be the one casting most of the Powers thanks to his bonus while Smite is the only power that the remaining army will try to manifest because it is the only power they can use thanks to the “one cast per power” rule. You are also kinda forced to the Magnus in larger games, because otherwise your Thousand Sons army will lack a lot of punching power. A lot of this might change after they one day release more Powers, but as for now, Thousand Sons lack in the Psychic Power department.

    Otherwise they are a lot more useful then they used to be. The AP on the Bolters now matter, they are much more resilient thanks to their All Is Dust rule and the Flamers are golden. I can see people actually playing Thousand Sons armies now thanks to these changes.

    • yorknecromancer

      Yeah, but are they meant to be the main psychic chapter? 30K Sons, definitely, no argument. Post-Rubric, not so much. The psychics they DO have should be very powerful… But the Rubric broke the Legion. It’s why the Rubric was a failure. Not because it cost them their bodies, but their psychic potential.

      It’s a difference of quality versus quantity. The Grey Knights should be spamming lots of mildly psychic guys with some powerful hitters. Thousand Sons should be packing a handful of the most powerful psykers in existence.

      Chaos is, and always should be, by nature, a top-heavy army, because it values individual power over cooperation.

      • Karru

        The entire shtick of 1k Sons is the fact that they are extremely powerful Psykers. What made the Rubric a failure was the fact that it reduced all those with low to no Psykers within the Legion to dust. Meanwhile all those that had strong Psychic abilities got even stronger. That’s why they have Exalted Sorcerers and Aspiring Sorcerers in abundance. They are meant to be a Psychic Heavy army.

        In the past, what Thousand Sons lacked in firepower physically, they made up Psychically. That was their entire thing.

      • Moik

        “…are they meant to be the main psychic chapter? ”

        …Yeah? They are. They’re the ultimate expression of Manipulators (sorcerers) and Pawns (Zombies).

        “Chaos is, and always should be, by nature, a top-heavy army…”

        WOAH. WOAH. WOAH.

        No. Chaos is an army of IMBALANCE. Top heavy, bottom heavy, but it needs to include both! Hordes of crushing mutants and gibbering chaos spawn are JUST as important to the vision of Chaos as the Tyrants!

        TL;DR: Chaos is about Reaganomics.

        As a famous Terran witch once said: ‘The problem with Sorcery is you eventually run out of other people’s souls’

    • Randy Randalman

      They are still able to produce the most abundant amount of psychic powers in the game. You have to think in terms of how everything will function in 8th, not what they did in a previous edition whose rules aren’t compatible with this one. There isn’t carryover or codex creep; they aren’t going against things from previous editions.

      • Karru

        There are quite a few problem with Thousand Sons and their Psychic Powers in this edition. First of all, you only have 3 powers that you can cast once per turn, one of them being a worse version of Smite, so basically you have 2 powers. Everyone else casts nothing but smite.

        Here’s the thing though, Aspiring Sorcerers and Scarab Occult Sorcerers both only get 1 Mortal wound or D3 if they get 10 or above. There is one thing to remember though, Thousand Sons have no way of negating or re-rolling (outside CP) Perils. Those 1-2 wound Psykers will blow up within the unit and do D3 Mortal Wounds to nearby units.

        You currently have little use for Exalted Sorcerers if you take Magnus or Ahriman, since you still don’t have the powers to use.

        Thousand Sons are still a lot better than they were before, but they will have to wait until their full codex release before they get things rolling for real.

        • Spacefrisian

          Not to mention Sisters of Silence are easy to get by for anyone going imperium.

        • Kaihlik

          Where is this rule that says you can only cast each power once for your army? All I can find is the core rule that stops the same psyker casting a power multiple times.

          • Karru

            It’s under Matched Play in the main rulebook.

            Psychic Focus
            “With the exception of Smite, each psychic power can be attempted only once per turn, rather than once per psyker per turn.”

    • Moik

      Dude, baby steps. For the first edition in history 1ksons are not shockingly, unmitigatably, unusably BAAAAAD.

      In short: this could only happen in 2017.

  • All is dust is the only reason tsons will be any good, magnus’s role has changed so it remains to be seen if he is better, imo he had more tools than now and had more mobility but is significantly cheaper

    Altogether I’m happy with the changes as they will see some table time.

    • Daniel Hall

      Lol “only reason”

      Ya know….not including the mass Ap -2 bolters…the points effective mortal wound spam….Discounting those things and the easy access to good melee combatants and Ork Boy level Cultists (Tzaangors) … ya know totes just all is dust 😉

      • Moik

        Yeah. The bolters always doing work is huge, since they’re not saddled with Schroddingers AP system anymore, where a price must be calculated assuming it both penetrates and doesn’t penetrate the armour.

  • Talos2

    But surely this has been playtested and things are really balanced in 8th

    • Spacefrisian

      As long as it doesnt sound like Bolt Action you may keep thinking 40k is balanced.

      • ZeeLobby

        What’s this mean? (Genuinely curious)

    • Moik

      It looks like the most balanced edition so far to me. Not that this is REALLY an accomplishment.

  • Evil Otto

    The -4 save is due to his nipple horns.

  • I don’t think Thousand Sons will be a nightmare in 8th. I think at best they will be ok. For them to be a nightmare, they would need to be severely undercost. We’ll know when all points are released, but I’m seriously doubting the thousand sons will be undercost enough to make them a nightmare to face.

    • Karru

      Rubric Marines:
      20pts per model if equipped with an Inferno Bolter, 33pts per model if equipped with the Flamer

      Aspiring Sorcerer:
      45pts with Inferno Pistol and a Force Stave.

      Scarab Occult Terminators:
      40pts per model with an Inferno Combi-bolter and a Power Sword

      Scarab Occult Sorcerer:
      67pts with an Inferno Combi-bolter and a Force Stave

      • Fergie0044

        What the hell does that flamer do to be 13pts?!?!

        Anyway, since everything has new points cost (and I haven’t looked carefully at the leaks) this means little to me. Whats a regular CSM and terminator cost?

        • Karru

          It is a Strength 4 AP -2 Flamer, so D6 hits.

          • vlad78

            D6 hits or D6 shots, you said in another of you comentaries blast weapons did not inflict auto hits but shots instead.

          • Karru

            Blasts do shots, old Templates do hits.

          • vlad78


          • Fergie0044

            So a fairly normal TS flamer then. Huh, doesn’t seem to be worth 13 at first glance. Have the old template weapons went up in cost in general?

          • Karru

            A basic Flamer is 9pts, so I would say so. The Warpflamer is actually 15pts, as Inferno Bolters are 2pts and base Rubric is 18pts. You are paying 6pts for -2 AP over the Flamer.

        • Xodis

          Terminators are 31 points before gear and CSM are 13

          • Fergie0044

            Cheers. TS sounds reasonable then.

      • Yeah at 33 points a model thats a big no. Not at flamer range. Thats a huge amount of points that has to get deployed just right or its vaporized.

        • Karru

          I see them as “special weapons” now instead of being their main weapons. You take a couple in there, 3 max, and then stick them in a Rhino if you worry about the delivery.

          I do agree that they could have used some extra rule to make them more appealing or at least a priced drop to maybe 10pts (flamers are 7pts). It has the same stats as the Bolters do, but has an 8″ range. Maybe giving it a way to deal Mortal Wounds could have helped.

    • Keith Wilson

      i agree …. at best they will be ok

  • Deacon Ix

    I am really looking forward to 8th, but there still seems to an overwhelming amount of special rules. Don’t get me wrong, I love special rules, then make armies individual but there where so many in 7th that after the last game I had to go and see a physio!

  • Christie Bryden

    so before we all go fangasming lets remember ONE all important thing.


    yep these arent CSM they are thousand sons YAY this is the treatment we will probably see with the other legions. Other than the initial release I dont think we will see much in the way of a release for them early on, and I hope not. Let nurgle have his spotlight with penty of new releases then when its time Give thousandsons there own book with unique vehicles, think wrath of magnus but more so.

    • Chris Hilliard

      It looks very AoS, where sub-factions can have their own keyword and rules while still working with the overall faction.

      • Christie Bryden

        aye. though im hopeing they expand them to include new stuff when it comes and not just be what we have so far.

        they would work as chaos in the sense of the grand alliance books but still hve there own strong identity.

  • Diagoras

    All in all, I’m a little disappointed. There’s plenty to love about the new Thousand Sons, but also some flaws. Guess I’ll go unit by unit?

    Rubricae- Small changes but important ones. Having a slightly reduced movement and no penalty for using heavy weapons is a lot nicer than Slow and Purposeful, and I love the All is Dust rule. Fluffy and useful. The warpflamers will likely be much more useful as well, now that they can fire overwatch, though I’m still not sure I’d take them over the inferno bolters.

    Scarab Occult- On the downside, the Scarab Occult are now basically led by an Aspiring Sorcerer in Terminator armor; he only knows a reduced smite. Boo. On the upside, All is Dust on a 2+ save? How does this even work? Are they literally immune to bolter and lasgun fire? Still only power kopeshes, but in 8th, there’s nothing they can’t wound.

    Magnus is actually fairly disappointing, in my opinion. Magnus was easily the single most psychically gifted of the God Emperor of Mankind’s hilariously powerful demigod children, and was then elevated to daemonhood by the literal God of Magic. How do we reflect that? He knows the same three powers which his whole army can only cast once apiece, and he has a really powerful smite. He went from ML5 and knowing fifteen spells to being exactly the same power as Fateweaver, Ahriman, Eldrad, and Generic-Mc-Old from the Grey Knights. Yes, he looks like an absolute beast in CC, but that’s not really supposed to be his thing. Magnus is defined by his unrivaled sorcerous might and the arrogance this gives him.

    Ahriman is also disappointing. First and most importantly, he can no longer cast the same spell multiple times. You know, that one thing that made him a unique and interesting presence on the battlefield? Yeah, that’s not a thing anymore. And he still only knows the same three spells as the other Sorcerers in your army. He finally has a Sigil of Corruption instead of just an Aura of Dark Glory, but since the Mark of Tzeentch no longer gives +1 to invulns, he’s gained nothing. His force staff does always inflict 3 damage, but I don’t really want Ahriman in close combat. Really, he just got a completely undeserved whack with the nerf bat. Cheaper now, though.

    All in all… Meh. I’m still mostly just glad they’re a thing, now. Will be glad to see that Thousand Sons codex in three years, though.

    • Fergie0044

      Psychic phase as w hole seems to have been downgraded. Not necessarily a bad thing, but makes it harder for the super starts to stand out now. They really should have given him a unique power or something.

      • J Mad

        Being able to pump out many D3 mortal wounds is starter than you think, armies with 5-6 psykers will be able to do large amounts of mortal wounds over 2-3 turns. And that is just in 1 phase, there is still shooting and cc phases (can cast while even in CC).

        It will be possible for these guys to do 30 mortal wounds just from Smite alone.

    • Merzendi

      “On the upside, All is Dust on a 2+ save? How does this even work? Are they literally immune to bolter and lasgun fire?”
      Have they removed “Rolls of a 1 are always a failure” in 8th Ed? If not, then there’s your answer – All Is Dust does literally nothing against AP 0 Damage 1 weapons.

      • Keith Wilson

        there are some 1dam weapons that have a -1 to save …. like heavy bolters … so we would keep the 2+ while other terminators become a 3+

  • Daniel Hall

    Being a long time thousand sons player, and having a huge 1k son collection; overall I am very pleased.

    We went from an army of “spam sorcerer ad nauseam, ignore rubrics as they blow, fill rest with tzeentch daemons”

    To; a fully functioning army. I am fine with this, and its already been stated directly by GW that they are getting a future codex release to fix the lack of lores. (and presumably other stuff, but the important part is that our psykers distinguish us)

    So it feels like GW is on the right track! looks like an excellent army that I wouldn’t hesitate to hit the field against just about anyone in 8th. Not Bad GW 😉

    • Karru

      Yeah, the real thing that hurts them the most is the lack of “flavour” at the moment, but that is the problem with everyone right now. Once they get their codex, I am sure that they will be amongst the most interesting CSM armies out there.

    • Anasa

      I’m glad that I can finally field (without being severely handicapped) Thousand Sons as I want to: a horde of Rubrics backed by sorcerers with maybe a few vehicles and other support elements.

  • Nothing for Tzaangors?

    • Diagoras

      Haven’t changed much. Still have relic hunters and 5++. Can take an instrument of chaos to add 1 to advance and charge rolls.

    • Karru

      Movement 6″, WS 3+, BS 4+, S & T 4, W 1, A 1, Ld 6, 6+ save

      7pts per model, Tzaangor Blades are -1 AP, get +1 Attack in CC.

  • Moik

    “The only way to get a “save” vs them is if the target unit has an ability that specifically allows them to save vs mortal wounds.”

    Shouldn’t they change the name to ‘vulnerability saves’ then?

  • Keith Wilson

    whomever wrote this is flat wrong ….. plain and simple

  • MechBattler

    Strength 16? WAT.

    • Diagoras

      Yeah, apparently, there’s no cap on strength, anymore, since there’s no instant death. Magnus is S8 with a strength x2 weapon, therefore, s16.

      The Stormsurge has a s14 gun, and the Lord of Skulls’ smash profile on its Great Cleaver is S20. A 2+ to wound against a t10 model. Let the good times roll.

    • Diagoras

      Yeah, apparently, there’s no cap on strength, anymore, since there’s no instant death. Magnus is S8 with a strength x2 weapon, therefore, s16.

      The Stormsurge has a s14 gun, and the Lord of Skulls’ smash profile on its Great Cleaver is S20. A 2+ to wound against a t10 model. Let the good times roll.

    • Erik Giersdorf

      Wound chart chart changed and you need doubles to wound on 2+.

  • alberto alderighi

    thousand son willnot rock as you have a very expensive model which can be snipe by lascannons spam which is basically the best efficent way to kill any multiple wounds char.

    18 wounds are nothing ppl seing big number and still relate them to 7ed 1 shoot from lascannon do d6 wounds; you have no 3++ save
    and the lascannon is the only thing which do not had his cost increase.
    Also no initiative. expect 2-3 unit for the same cost all focussing you to send him to his doom (because if they charge you they will attack first) comparing stuff, 3 mauelrfiend will destroy him and are a bit more costly; it do not suck indeed but do no gave him so much credit

  • packers989

    Magnus moving 32 inches (if he casts warptime on himself and murdering/turning characters not surrounded by units into spawn turn 1 is a thing. He will also be able to easily use his super smite because of this movement. Also, if going a chaos force, you can bring units of horrors and only bring brimstone horrors. There’s 40 pt troop units with a 4+ invulnerable to sit on objectives, while your elites do the fighting. Lastly rubric marines in cover? 0+ armor save vs small arms fire? Why not!

  • packers989

    Then bring a daemon prince and an exalted sorcerer as hqs, to get both of magnus’ buffs for the main force and you can cast all 3 dark heretics powers while also casting smite once each. Sure, it would be nice thematically if 1k sons got their own psychic discipline as I feel they should have, but as far as pure power level they seem strong to me.