Go Viral with Arcane Wonders New Dicetower Essentials Game

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There’s been an epidemic of these disease-themed games lately. Guess someone has a sick sense of humor.

Just announced from Arcane Wonders and Mesa Board Games, the latest Dicetower Essentials game–the english language version of Viral. Viral is a game where you compete with the other players to try and claim a human host by infecting its vital organs. You’ll have to mutate and adapt if you want to survive, though staying careful not to trigger the mighty hand of the body’s immune system, which can wipe out your virus before it has a chance to take root in your host.

via Arcane Wonders/Mesa Boardgames


Arcane Wonders® is pleased to announce they have partnered with MESAboardgames® to release the English language version of VIRAL, designed by António Sousa Lara and Gil d’Orey. VIRAL is an intense area‐control board game where players compete to infect and control organs in a human body.

You are a deadly VIRUS! You have just infected a patient. Your objective is to mutate and take over the host’s organs. Choose your strategy carefully, though, because other player’s viruses are sure to get in your way! If too many viruses are present in an organ, a CRISIS occurs and the IMMUNE SYSTEM will surely wipe out your infection!

“It has a fresh, original and clever theme; a territorial control game set inside the human body! The game play is simple and streamlined, yet it has lots of great tactical decisions and difficult choices. The game has a lot of flavor and personality, with great player interaction. My favorite part is the mutation cards; They allow you to mutate your viruses, changing how they behave, and develop your strategy.”

Attendees of Gen Con will have the first public opportunity to play VIRAL at Arcane Wonder’s booth. Look for VIRAL to hit retail shelves in August 2017 with a MSRP to be determined. Gameplay is 60‐90 minutes for 2‐5 players ages 14+.

Having taken a look at this, I gotta say, this game has a certain infectious charm to it.

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