GW: New Releases June 17 “First Looks”

Age of Sigmar gets a new starter set: Thunder & Blood! Plus a couple of old favorites get new kits.

via Games Workshop

Thunder & Blood: A Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Starter Set

Khorgos Khul & Bloodsecrator

Vandus Hammerhand




Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden (Hardback)

Scions of Elysia (CD)


Thunder & Blood? I wonder how they came up with that name…

  • dave long island

    I love that new starter set! I know it’s just a mat and a box terrain thing with the starter minis, but I like it.

  • Shinnentai

    What are the ‘old favourites’ that are getting new kits? O__o

    • David Bresson

      I think Khorgus and Vandus, who were only in the original starter set.

      • Shinnentai

        Ah right. I suppose the AoS starter set was a while ago now.

        • benvoliothefirst

          Yeah, no, I’m calling BS on referring to anything from the AoS as classic/retro/old/any other similar term.

  • zeno666

    What a pile of junk.
    Bloodsecrator? Really?

    • Dennis Finan Jr

      Ya because all these games have sophisticated names

      • zeno666

        True GW have most of the crappy ones, but this have to be a new low.

    • georgelabour

      You must really hate Star wars then.

      Jedi, Death Star, military craft named after alphabet letters, Wookie…such silly terms only goobers would think sounded normal.

      Or that silly middled earth thing with its hobbits, and Soreewmens. What kind of unimaginative scrubs let that get past editing?

      • zeno666

        Not really.
        But Blood missiles and Gorebloodskullcrusher, and now Bloodsecrator really feel like I’m playing CS against a norwegian garage band made up of 14 year olds 😛

        • bfmusashi

          It’s almost like it’s a game for children in their teens!

          • zeno666

            Not all children are this silly. But sure, some are. So I guess this is for them

          • bfmusashi

            The silly keeps us safe. The silly shuts the way.

            まっ、まさかあの時の捨てミクダヨー!?— zozi(厳島神社の人) (@zozi009) May 5, 2016

  • David Bresson

    So, does this mean the old set is going away? I still wanted to pick up another of those…

    • AEZ

      My shop still has plenty.

    • zeno666

      Don’t worry, there should be plenty left still. Along with some Dreadfleet boxes 😉

  • This is a pretty cool set, but nothing I need. Kinda wish it was Ironjawz vs something else, even different Stormcast models.