Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarfs 101

Get some tips on building your list from Bensome from the Direct Misfire podcast!

Not sure where to start with your dwarfs, here’s some great advice on units and tactics…


1. Gargoyles

Every AD player should learn how to use these nimble diverters as soon as they can. The sooner the better.  Their stats might not seem all that impressive, sporting only a handful of attacks, low defence, low nerve and only available in troops, but it’s not their combat ability that makes them great; it’s their mobility.  For just 80 points we have a speed 10, flying speed bump that, if they survive a round of shooting (unlikely but possible), should be able to regenerate that damage back thanks to their in-built regen 3+.

Their speed 10 and fly allow them to sit behind a unit as the army moves forward and then zip out ahead to block your opponent from charging anything else BUT the gargoyles. This then gives you one turn to approach within charge distance for the next round. The gargoyles theoretically die to the opponent they are blocking, which in turn frees up the charging lane for hard hitters. Mission accomplished gargoyle.


2. Lesser Obsidian Golems

Everything that was said about the Earth Elementals in the Dwarf “top units” article can be said for the Obsidian Golems. There are a couple of notable differences though.

Still retaining the defence 6+, fearlessness and awesomeness, the Lesser Golems lose Pathfinder and Headstrong for increased Crushing Strength and Vicious. So, right off the bat their offensive power is much improved (just try not to hinder yourself). What this results in is a unit that gives pause to your enemy when they’re deciding to charge them or not. If they don’t focus fire or double charge the Golems, then they’ll have an 18 attack, Crushing Strength 2, re-rolling-1s-for-damage counter charge to worry about.


3. Ba’su’su the Vile

My last and most difficult choice (seriously, it took me ages to settle on a choice and even now I’m still a little indecisive) … Ba’su’su the Annoying Vile (or as I like to call him, Bassy).

What makes Bassy so good is that he is essentially a mini dragon. All the sustainability, manoeuvrability and power of a flying monster (minus breath attack), crammed into a teeny base. He can take the hits and make the plays with defence 5+, regen 5+ and a high nerve, -1 to hit from ranged attacks; so your opponent really has to work to take him out.

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  • thereturnofsuppuppers


    • marxlives

      True and the evil dwarves are actually the most innovative of the line. Deadzone seems to be better in some respect. Love the Corporation forces and Asterians as an almost entirely drone army, rebs, plague for a Dead Space feel even the space rats, but the game could have used an absence of space dwarves and orcs. Should have kept running more in the direction of Dead Space and less in the direction of old 40k.

      • thereturnofsuppuppers

        If they just hired a competent digital sculptor.

        The concepts look lovely, but the sculptor completely fails to capture anything great about the design.

        I’ve talked to several people who say that their internal structure (when it comes to mini design) is backwards and somewhat toxic.

      • UnpluggedBeta

        I really like the forge fathers though; I’m glad they went in that direction.

        The marauders are more competent space orks though which I feel defeats the appeal, but it’s hard to say since I don’t collect them.