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KoW: New Army Sets on the Way

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Feb 16 2017

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New army sets are coming for goblins and ogres!

via Mantic:

After a long run, we’ll be retiring the current Goblin and Ogre Armies and Mega Forces in March. These will be replaced with new sets featuring revamped contents, which will be released on the 24th March.

Each of the new sets include one (or more) heroes – so whether you are starting a force from scratch or bolstering an existing army, your troops will be inspired on the battlefield. You can see each of the new sets below.

Goblin Armies

Ogre Armies

We will continue to sell the existing armies as long as we have stock, but once these are gone, they are gone. The Goblin Army set itself has already sold out, but you can pre-order the new set here or snap up the existing mega force, perfect for preparing for the Summer campaign! Meanwhile the current Ogre starter force and mega force sets are in short supply too, so you’ll need to be quick to add one of those to your collection.

Goblin Metal Upgrades


For the Goblins, we will be releasing the oft-requested metal arms  for the Goblin Sharpsticksand Rabble as upgrade sets. Sharpsticks are relatively brave goblins who fight the enemy from arm’s length with spears and battered metal shields – they can take charges, relying on strength of numbers to drag their foes down. Rabble, on the other hand, are those unfortunates who, having scavenged a ‘sword’ (or a rusted knife to anyone else) and meager protection are marched to the front lines of an army to act as chaff for the enemy to we themselves down on, while the rest of the army is unscathed.

Each one comes with 20 weapons and shields (enough for a whole regiment!) and a full set of command components allowing you to upgrade any unit of Spitters, including the ones found in the army sets above or any you may currently have hidden under your bed waiting to be assembled!

These metal upgrades will be the first in a new line of metal upgrades for Kings of War and Warpath. Over the coming weeks we’ll be introducing more sets, including command upgrades, different weapons options and more. So stay tuned to the blog for more details.

The introduction of the Rabble and Sharpsticks upgrade kits does mean we will be discontinuing the Sharpsticks and Rabble Regiment sets. These will be sold until they are out of stock (the Sharpsticks already are) and replaced with the upgrade sets.


Finally, we will be releasing some smaller sets designed to bolster existing armies with a small number of units, or to get started with Kings of War on a budget. There are two of these (at the moment) for Goblins and Naiads, which will be released on the 24th February.

The Naiad Patrol includes 30 Naiads, 3 Water Elementals and a Naiad Centurion/Envoy. The plastic Naiads can be built with either nets and tridents (Ensnarers) or harpoon launchers (Heartpiercers) allowing them to be fielded in a variety of roles. Backed up by the inspiring presence of the Centurion (or the cheaper Envoy) and the strength of the new Water Elementals these troops will make strong addition to a force, or even act as a starter army in their own right. This set can be used either as part of the new Trident Realm of Neritica army or as part of a Forces of Nature army.


The Goblin Raiding Party includes 20 Spitters, 10 Fleabag Riders and a Biggit. Use the Biggit and the Spitters as a stationary firebase, while the Fleabag Riders range ahead of the mainforcer to outflank the enemy. These units can be used as part of either a Goblin army, or as Red Goblins working for Ogre mercenaries.

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