Outside the Box – June 9th


Welcome to a rather short issue of Outside the Box. This week with Star Trek RPG, Antenocitis Workshop, Wild West Exodus, and some more!

New Wild West Exodus miniatures are coming soon from Warcradle Studios:
–> More Wild West Exodus News

Modiphius Entertainment’s now accepts pre-orders for the Star Trek Adventures RPG:
–> More Modiphius Entertainment News

Mantic Games offers new Warpath and Walking Dead releases:
–> More Mantic Games News

Fantasy Flight Games announced the Hammerhead Corvettes expansion pack for Star Wars Armada:
–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

New vehicles are available from Antenocitis Workshop:
–> More Antenocitis Workshop News

Warlord Games offers glider deals fro Bolt Action:
–> More Warlord Games News

This week Infamy Miniatures published a new preview of their upcoming 54mm barbarian:
–> More Infamy Miniatures News

And this week’s new Kickstarter campaigns:

Mortal Arrow – Tikki Trolls
Knightmare Miniatures – Pantheon of Chaos
Sacred Sword – 32mm Chibi Miniatures
0-hr – Crucible Space Station and Map
Aenor Miniatures – Alien Invasion
Ulisses Spiele – Torg Eternity RPG
Sally 4th – Terra-Formers Wargaming Terrain
Antenocitis Workshop – Roc Dropship
The Assault Group – Dwarf Empire Bear Knights
Awaken Realms – Lord of Hellas

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  • euansmith
    • Tabletop Fix

      Indeed, just a shame that it is not a general release 🙂

      • euansmith

        Holy Moly!

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      army centerpiece right there 😀

  • Tabletop Fix

    Sorry for the short article, there were some technical problems preventing me from updating the article yesterday :/

    • euansmith

      Vising you page after work is a highlight of my day – often a costly one 😀