Privateer: Let’s Talk Trenchers – CID Updates

The three Wills talk about the changes made to trenchers in the first CID live stream – and the latest Primecast!

The latest cycle in CID took a hard look at Trenchers in the game – it was the focus of last month’s Primecast. The game devs took to YouTube live yesterday to talk about how all of it is being implemented…

Speaking of the Primecast – the latest episode came out yesterday, as well. Join hosts Will Hungerford and Will Shick as they talk about what’s new with Privateer Press.

Hosts Will Shick and Will Hungerford jump right into details on all the new Retribution of Scyrah releases this month. Shick, Goetz, and Seacat talk about the Nyss and House Wyshnalyrr’s specialty (hint: it’s pies). The Struggle of Wills sees the return of Will Pagani as they discuss Company of Iron and the Northkin theme force. NO QUARTER Editor-in-Chief Lyle Lowery and NO QUARTER Assistant Josh Colón share giant news regarding the future awesomeness of NO QUARTER, (subscribe here to get #73 FREE!). And in closing, we go over upcoming Organized Play as well as a brand new WARMACHINE animated short and Penny Arcade Plays: WARMACHINE streaming weekly on Twitch (Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Pacific: with the grand finale at Lock & Load GameFest 2017: (tickets available now!).


What are you thoughts on the recent changes? Are you happy with the way CID is working?

  • marxlives

    The “Grave Diggers” style is such a hallmark of Cygnar. I know plenty of people who gotten into Cygnar because of the trencher models. Anything to give them a place in the game is welcomed.