Skorne: Chiron Brings the Spray

Skorne’s whippy warlock Xekaar’s personal character beast is here.  Let’s check out this giant basilisk.

What Is It?

This is a character beast for the Hordes faction of Skorne.  It is pretty defensive vs ranged attacks and sports one of the biggest sprays in the game.  If you like to run Xekaar this beast gets a big boost for being in his battlegroup.  Or if you are looking for a 10″ spray and don’t have the points in your list for the Desert Hydra then this is the beast for you.  Chiron is 19 points.

What’s Chiron All About?

SPD6 DEF12 ARM18 is a pretty standard statline for a heavy.  Chiron sports Fury4 so he can boost most things.


  • Chiron has 3 initial attacks.
  • 2 POW14 RNG1 claws and a RNG1 POW16 bite.  Throw in enrage from beasthandlers and he hits pretty standard heavy levels.
  • Destructive Gaze is his Spray 10″ and it is POW15.

Animus: Counterblast with 8″ command.  This is pretty strong because of his command range.

Bond: Xekaar gives him boosted attack rolls.

Dig In: Useful for staying safe from shooting.  With a Krea nearby he should be pretty hard to hurt from ranged.

Leadership Basalisks: If you are running multiple lizards this guy can keep the fury management in check.

Inflict Pain: His spray can remove or add fury to a warbeast.

How to Use Chiron?

Chiron’s biggest strength is his massive spray.  It can reach targets 16″ away and ignores a lot of bonuses because of it being a spray.  If you don’t mind going crazy skews a bunch of lizards running around can give your opponent some real headaches.   This list gives you fast lizards with decent melee and shooting power.  Xerxis gives extra speed to his battlegroup, has ignite to pump up melee power, and his feat makes everything more accurate and painful.  Shieldguards do nothing vs all this shooting and with the brutes and Krea’s the enemies shooting to scary either.


Skorne Army – 74 / 75 points

(Xerxis 2) Xerxis, Fury of Halaak [+28]
– Basilisk Drake [8]
– Basilisk Drake [8]
– Basilisk Drake [8]
– Basilisk Drake [8]
– Basilisk Krea [7]
– Basilisk Krea [7]
– Basilisk Krea [7]
– Basilisk Krea [7]
– Chiron [19]
– Cyclops Brute [8]
– Cyclops Brute [8]
Paingiver Beast Handlers (max) [7]

Revenant’s Final Thought:

Chiron is a little pricey at 19 points.  But, that is still a lot cheaper then the desert hydra and you still get that big 10″ spray.  I think it can be really powerful in Xekaar’s hand since he doesn’t have to boost attack rolls.

I give him a grade B+.

~What do you think of Skorne’s latest warbeast?

  • ja_kub_sz

    That’s a pretty whacked list! I like it, but for real? All beasts?… I’m a hordes novice, but is this a viable/competitive build?

    Looks like it would be fun though. To play against or with I don’t know?

  • Richard Mitchell

    Boosted 10″ sprays huh? Could have fun with that.

  • WildWingZero

    There’s an important detail missing. Chiron also has assault with his package. He’s going to put the hurt when he charges.