Wyrd: Kandara Brings Fire to the Tabletop

Check out how her gorgeous new art was created in this look behind the scenes.

Where beauty and power meet…

She’s a perfect addition to Malifaux’s host of magical beings! The Arcanists are hunted by the guild for their dangerous talents…

Almost all of Malifaux’s residents develop some small ability to manipulate this energy, usually manifesting as minor magical talents. A small number will display noteworthy powers, powers that represent a threat to the Guild presence in Malifaux. These individuals have been labeled Arcanists, and the Guild expends significant resources in hunting these dangerous men and women, and have dedicated their Witch Hunter task force to eliminating this unpredictable rogue element.

2nd edition is out now – you can give the rules a try for free! Download them here. The new edition includes new factions, characters, and stories with more depth; and provides more choices and a clarity in the rule set.

What do you think of Kandara?

  • Richard Mitchell

    Pretty nice to see a South Asian inspired character. Especially since they are present in the fluff.