40K 8th: Making You Buy More

8th Edition is here here and my desire to grow all my armies is growing – how about you?

Hello 3rd Edition – I remember you.


The Normal New Edition Cycle

I’ve been through a lot of edition changes. Normally it goes something like this.

1. New Edition Rumors-Hype build up.

2. New Edition rulebook/box set hits and gets snapped up.

3. My armies get reorganized, some additions are made.

4. the standard rolling meta cycle continues.

What’s Different This Time

Normally phase 3 will involve me taking an inventory of each army. I will reorganize them to keep them legal, do some weapon swaps and maybe buy a unit or two to bring them “up to snuff”. then each army will remain statuc until its codex comes out and the cycle is repeated, with an emphasis on the new kits.

But 8th is throwing all of that out the window!

Yes I’m proceeding through Step 3 with all my armies. but suddenly I’m filled with a desire to expand the armies to get lots of kits I don’t own.  From things like ancient kits “I wonder what 3 Predators would do for the army” to a lot of the big kits that were rarely used in 7th like Lords of Skulls or Necron Obelisks… I want to bring more and more coolness and variety into the armies.

It might be time to upgrade those War Walkers… maybe…

By random chance I have collecting Death Guard, so all the new boxed Set minis are piling up and of course my beloved Ultramarines will be getting Primaris support.  It’s atough time for my wallet and that’s without the pain right around the corner in the shape of the new Space Marine AND Death Guard Codexes (CURSE YOU GW!!!)  I’m going to have to get a night job.

So my big question is what has 8th done to your buying habits?

I want to hear what you are buying and why.

More importantly I want to hear how it compares to what you bought in previous 40K editions.


~The floor is yours friends.

  • Desire to buy more? Hmm, well, when more Primaris will arrive or some new Eldar, then probably.

    • zeno666

      Yeah, I got more interested to sell actually 😉

      • wibbling

        Well, with the popularity of 8th edition you’re likely to get good prices with the demand out there.

        However more likely people will buy the newer models, but hey.

  • Master Avoghai

    It didn’t give me the intention to buy more… Like you said, I’ve made an inventory and just decided to make some tweak here and there.
    On one hand I need a corvus + RZB for my deathwatch, but on the other hand I’ve decided not to buy the 2 onagers I’ve planned to get in order to reach the number of 6 and I’ll stay at 4.

    But it made me willing to paint those modelw which remained unpainted for too long like 2 undercoated vindicators or 2 WW or my DA company transports..

  • GiftoftheMagi

    That is part of the problem. Not only does the company expect you to replace your existing Marine army with NuMarines, but they expect you to buy their semi-codex at codex prices…and then buy it again in a few months when they release the specific codex. In essense, they expect you to buy the same rules twice. And if you purchased a codex prior this year, three times.

    So no. This does not make me happy. It is pure greed. This alone would have killed my desire to play this game ever again.

    • Donovan Palmer

      You bought the index at codex price? Someone must have bamboozled you then, because they were actually a little more than a third of what a normal codex has costed in the past.

      Likewise if you think the holdover rules present in the index are the same that will be in the codex than clearly you needn’t buy the codex at all! Stick it to GW with your superior reasoning skills!

      • Sparowl

        Sounds like someone bamboozled you – because Codexes were way over costed in the first place. The current price of the index (american) is about what I expect to pay for an army book. Anything more is GW being greedy again.

        • Munn

          Idk, at least they’re not forgeworld. Forgeworld is the worst when it comes to books.

          • wibbling

            Lower demand, higher costs of manufacture makes them more expensive.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            and yet they manage to produce White Dwarf, a publication only available for a month, at a fraction of the price.

        • Donovan Palmer

          “My perceived value for x is y, anything more and the company is just being greedy!”

          Well then I guess GW is just being greedy, guess you’ll have to sit this edition out. 😉

          For real though, personal perception has no effect on market value. If it did my stocks in kama sutra chairs would be killing on the stock market right now.

          • Sparowl

            “sit this edition out” – yeah, I should sit out an edition where I just said that the current price is about what I expect to pay.

            Good job reading my comment.

            Also when discussing market forces, we’ll ignore the fact that
            there are competing companies who produce better quality “army books”
            for less money. Sounds reasonable.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      You were paying for early access to the rules when you purchased the Indexes. GW told you – specifically and quite pointedly – that Indexes were temporary products that would be quickly replaced by real codexes.

      No one bamboozled you. No one swindled you. GW did not make you buy anything.

      You wanted to play when the edition dropped. You decided to spend $25 on the index.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist


        One time GW did it right. They played with open cards. They even said that the first Codices will hit as soon as possible. Wich means like a month later. And now they hit.

        Can`t blame them, but you can blame them for 30 Bucks for a single Model :,D

        • AircoolUK

          Yeah, we’re back to the old ‘Goblin’ price Index. Whilst 3 Primaris Marines will cost you £10, a single Captain of Librarian will cost you at least twice that amount.

          Not that it stopped me from picking up the Primaris Librarian.

          Bulking up your basic troops doesn’t look like being too expensive, but we’re going to get hit a little harder for characters and some of the bigger models.

          Such is life…

          • CloakingDonkey

            You don’t need quite as much of the big stuff. What usually weighs on your wallet are the troops and their transports

          • Corvak

            It’s easier for newer players. I feel like it’s not slanted towards encouraging model purchases like 7th was with its free rhinos and drop pods.

        • Spacefrisian

          35 to be precise, but you might as well get the multiple for 15, some greenstuff and a grab in your bitsbox.

      • AircoolUK

        Yep. I bought them all just so I’d have the rules for everything, yet knowing fine well that at least Index 1 would be invalidated by the end of July.

        There’s also going to be a lot of models dropped when their Codex is released. GW have already mentioned the 2016 Imperial Space Marine for example, and as one of mine is unboxed and painted up, it’s nice to know that I’ll always have the rules for that miniature. Legion of the Damned appear to be on their way out as well.

        Tomb Kings and Brettonia appear to have been dropped by GW, but at least my buddy still has the rules for his Breton army in AoS and can field it whenever he likes.

      • Corvak

        This. It’s only especially annoying for a few factions, particulary the Codex: Space Marines chapters (with no Imperium allies) who only needed the index for a month.

        On the flipside, it kinda sucks that I might have to pit my Dark Angels against a bunch of Ultramarines with relics and exclusive strategems 😛 (Looking forward to orks and nids being more popular just to cut down on the imperium v. imperium matches here)

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      You were paying for early access to the rules when you purchased the Indexes. GW told you – specifically and quite pointedly – that Indexes were temporary products that would be quickly replaced by real codexes.

      No one bamboozled you. No one swindled you. GW did not make you buy anything.

      You wanted to play when the edition dropped. You decided to spend $25 on the index.

    • Commissar Molotov

      Early 2017: “The rules will be FREE!”

      July 2017: “LOL, SUCKERS!”

      • A Smith

        The base rules are free :p

        • Richard Mitchell

          And for every other company out there the entire rules are free.

      • Grasshopper

        Free online available Warscrolls/Datasheets would have been so good… :'(

  • Tigirus

    I run a fluffy wraith list with my eldar and I’m seriously considering adding a hemlock since they’re seriously deadly now since they can hit other flyers automatically with strength 10, even after advancing on top of stacking their innate -1 to hit and -1 ld with either conceal or horrify.

  • Sorien

    Only because some of the units were so bad in 7th. I love the Gorkanaut model but couldn’t justify spending a Benjamin on something that would never hit the table. Now I’m saving up for one!

  • Dr.Clock

    I think it’s more that the opening up of the detachments makes me more likely to build ‘side brackets’ of 5-6 units of a bunch of random force so that I can always squeeze in a Brigade lol.

    Seriously looking forward to having just a few more Guard to go along with DW, Primaris, a Knight and Salamanders to taste…

    And then there’s the fact that my one Khorne army is basically three now: Daemons, CSM and Renegades, each with their own special something, or used all together : )

    I really like 8th with 2-3 themed ‘factions’ per side. As it should be.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Every edition makes you look at previously unused models and imagine how good they will now be.

    The only people complaining about having to buy new models are the ones who only own a specific list of models for their specific army composition, which was utterly ruined and/or hampered by the reorganization of the rules.

    • Karru

      Well, for me the problem is mostly that certain units of my Guard army were made utterly useless while the units that I did use got ludicrously cheaper so I was more or less “forced” to buy more models for the army to make up for the lost points for a standard army. Of course, I was planning to get those models anyway, but 8th edition sped up the schedule a bit.

      • Tshiva keln

        Not looked at my guard yet so I’d appreciate some feedback on what you feel are the useless units if you have time?

        • Karru

          90% of their Tanks, basically all that have Blasts, as well as their Artillery. You also have very little reason to take Armoured Sentinels over Scout Sentinels as Armoured Sentinels gain +1 Save over the Scout one, but cost 5pts more, have 1″ less movement and don’t have the Scout Sentinels extra 9″ move at the beginning.

          Vendettas are no longer in the book and the Valkyries are mediocre. They might be able to deliver their cargo to their destination, but they cost a hefty price for it.

          Chimeras and Tauroxes are still relatively ok units. Like other Transports in the game, they are not too expensive and can be used to tie up larger enemy tanks through charging.

          Death Strike is an automatic no-go. 155pts for a model that has to wait until second turn to even have a chance to fire, even then needing a 6 to do so, and does only 3D6 Mortal Wounds to a single target, after which it does D3 Mortal Wounds to units within 6″ of the original target on a roll of a 4+. Just no.

          Until they improve Blasts or decrease the price of Guard Tanks by roughly 25% – 40%, this edition is mostly Infantry based for Guard.

          • Tshiva keln

            Thanks for feedback. I love my Vendetta! Guess it will have rules in the forgeworld index again? Always liked the idea of the death strike but I never had any luck with it. Going to get a Manticore as I love the model but guess it won’t be too good. I suppose blasts against monsters and vehicles are still pretty good, just not against hordes? I didn’t use sentinels at all before as I felt they died too easily to low power guns. If my experience with Ork kills kans and skorchas is anything to go by, they are probably viable in my mind now. Scout definitely seems the way to go unless you are desperate to include an AT-ST in your army.

          • WolfStar

            They have rules for Vendettas in the released FW Astra Militarum book :).

          • gordonshumway

            Yeah the prices for Guard tanks and artillery are patently absurd. For example: I love a Wyvern, but why spend the insane amount of points on one when it degrades as soon as the paint gets scratched? BS 4+ (soon 5+ and worse)…T6 and W11 with 4d6 S4 D1 shots with “shred”…and a HF or HB. Runs you about 100 points depending which hull weapon you go with. For the same hundred or so points I can build my own “Wyvern” aka 4x Heavy Weapons squads with mortars. This gets me BS 4+ all the time (never degrades) and 12d6 of the exact same shots minus the “shred” that can be divided up however I like. And if I want shred I just add in a commander for the shred order. Oh, and did I mention 24 wounds! Sure they’re behind T3, but they are also spread out over 12 models. It’ll require a fair bit of shooting from my opponent before they’ve whittled this human Wyvern down to the 4d6 shots of an actual Wyvern. Meanwhile I am just showering them with shots, from these units and others. Some might point to the “disadvantage” of having more drops than your opponent this edition, but since we’re playing guard we’re pretty much always going to have last drop anyway, so unit count isn’t so much a worry.

            You can do a similar thing with lascannons to build a better Leman Russ. For about the same points you can afford 2 units of lascannon Heavy Weapons teams that are a guaranteed 6 shots. You don’t get as many ablative wounds and all that mess as above, but I have to think 6 shots you can direct anywhere you want is better than a d6 random shot that you can only shoot at one thing…

            Simply put I think that GW costed vehicles as if they still had AV or a similar ability which made them untouchable to all but the strongest fire in the game…well that’s just not the case anymore. The wound rework makes toughnesses between 4 and 10 pretty much irrelevant in this edition, as it gives many more units way too much opportunity to chunk or chip wounds off of a T6 or T8 unit. Low strength weight of fire, or high strength high damage fire can each spell doom for a vehicle, because you don’t even need to destroy a tank when at that halfway wound mark that fancy battle cannon becomes, well, Orky all of a sudden. (On top of its random shots…ugh)

            I sure hope they fix this in the first rules overhaul, because mechanized guard should always be a viable option in 40k…it’s just so classic.

          • Karru

            The thing I loved the most about the Leman Russ changes was the Exterminator. Upped the price form the past version, didn’t change the weapon outside the fact that it lost Twin-linked. What did the Predator get? Just its own Autocannon that does 2D3 shots which deal 3 damage each. Yep, sounds sensible to me.

          • Brettila

            Interesting . Have you played these or are you going off your feel from reading stats? I’m seeing them played every week. Hellhounds, Wyverns are still ridiculous, the artillery tank that gets 4 shots, various rtusses all doing well and hard to kill. The Taurox is looking to replace the Chimera for many as that 20 shot gun calls to them.

          • Karru

            Yes actually, I have used most of them. I have a Guard army, which focuses mostly on Infantry but I do have Tanks and Artillery. The question is, have you tried massed Infantry much? That is the reason why I consider Guard Artillery and Tanks to be pretty much worthless. For every Guard Tank, I can get between 20-40 Fully Upgraded Infantry Squads or 2-5 Heavy Weapons Squads. The moment I switched to mostly pure Infantry, I still use Sentinels/Hellhounds for my Fast Attack for the Brigade Detachment, I noticed how stupidly powerful Guard Infantry had become.

            Your opponent just can’t handle the amount of bodies you have spread around the battlefield. On top of that, they aren’t just “bodies”, they are also pretty powerful with their shooting thanks to the Heavy Weapons they carry. The amount of times my Leman Russes have just sat there, doing nothing while my Heavy Weapons just shred the enemy army proved to me that there was very little reason to take Tanks over Infantry.

          • Bootneck

            Makes total sense and logic. My only gripe is over the last two editions my guard has evolved into a mini-max list of tanks with the bear minimum of infantry.

            I don’t know if I can go back to large blobs and hoard list. But GW have forced my hand. Which will probably mean i’ll have to retire it as an army until the proper Codex is out which might correct the imbalance – unless of course thats how GW wants them to be used.

    • AircoolUK

      Yep, and these people tend to do most of their business on ebay, either buying or selling large parts of their armies, or by breaking or buying ‘bitz’.

      Whilst I magnetize vehicles and large models (all 8 of my Rhino chassis can be made up into any of the variants via magnetised parts, for example), I’d never start switching weapons around on my Space Marines etc… If I wanted new stuff, I’d just go out and buy the mini’s.

      8th works for me. I can now justify my preference for Tau Stealth Suits & Broadsides over Crisis Suits, yet still run a viable army. It’s not a math-hammered-optimised army, but I was never really one for drop-pods and melta veterans (or whatever competitive was using at the time).

  • Dalinair

    For me it would help if I could actually pick which army I wanted to play this edition 🙁

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Nothing. I’m still just as fiscally irresponsible.

  • Tshiva keln

    New editions or new codexes generally make you re-evaluate units and want to buy new ones due to rules changes or them being newly released. What is different for me this edition is normally this is done an army at a time when the codex is released whereas due to the indexes I find myself doing it across all my armies. For the first time I wish I didn’t have so many!

    • Karru

      This. Since my Guard lost a lot of its point value with this edition, I had to buy tons of extra models for them. Then my Orks got gimped by the rule changes and now I have to do the same there as I was running a Mechanised Ork army that is now not that fun to play because all the proper Ork rules are attached to large units.

      • Tshiva keln

        I haven’t looked at my guard yet, I had assumed they would cost more as vehicle points have gone up. Quite pleased if they are cheaper personally, but then I have a large army allowing multiple builds so should be just buying units I didn’t have rather than more of the same for me. I certainly appreciate others aren’t in this position and it is a shame when you have to buy stuff to basically field the same army.

        I found mechanised Orks to be much better in this edition as they survive to make combat. They probably kill what they charge then I don’t care if they die as they are so cheap! Having said that, a battle wagon lets you have the large unit and get the bonus (charge with it first to soak up overwatch) and also boosts moral of trukk boys if they are nearby. Loving my Orks so far! I’ve played both mechanised and mob builds so far and thoroughly enjoyed both so I would recommend trying yours again. I probably found the mechanised more powerful but even though you don’t need it, you do feel you are missing out if you don’t use the synergy of the mob rules so there is a definite pull to buy more basic Orks!

        • Karru

          Most Guard Tanks got nerfed by a ton this edition due to Blast changes. Their most effective weapons are their Sponsons while their expensive Main Guns do very little to no damage. They also got more expensive.

          Their Infantry got a massive price drop, especially the Heavy Weapons Squads. Now costing only 4pts a base, 72pts for Lascannons or 57pts for Autocannons is a bargain.

          • wibbling

            Having a bttlecannon being d6 shots – average say 3, then 4+ to hit means you’ll get 1 shot ‘on average’, likely none most of the time. On rare occassions you may get all 6, but those will be very, very rare and don’t justify the points cost especially with the armour save mod now.

            Sadly it looks as if we’re pushing for multiple shots as a guarantor of return on investment.

            The Leman Russ base tank is also more expensive than a wave serpent which has the same toughness and save, and moves faster. It is more lightly armed, yes; but the weapons it can mount are more reliable – especially with the 3+ to hit.

      • wibbling

        You didn’t *have* to, you chose to.

      • Bootneck

        Which rule change has gimped your orks?

        • Karru

          Morale changes and pricing as well as Attacks to some extend.

          My Orks were Mechanised, which was really the only way to play them in 7th edition. Units of 12 Boys with a Nob in a Trukk. Now that unit suffers from Morale by a lot. Losing 7 models in that unit automatically kills it, unless I have a Warboss within 3″, which is pretty much impossible due to the “MSU” approach this army used to do.

          Also, pretty much all the buffs Orks got were aimed towards large units. There is also the fact that Vehicles are very squishy this edition in my experience so those Trukks have a hard time delivering their cargo.

  • Mr.psyker

    I repainted all my Imperial guard into Astra militarum. Now I need to buy Klonopin. Last addition I was buying Xanax, it seems like 7th passed me by…

    • luke-vdv

      Astra Militarum and Imperial Guard are exactly the same thing with the former being High Gothic and the latter being Low Gothic. How are you supposed to turn them into AM when they already are?

  • AircoolUK

    Everyone has probably noticed, but some Primaris Inter’s come with targeters on their bolt rifles, and of course, one of the new easy to make Primaris Marines comes with an Auspex.

    I wonder if, in the new Codex, there’s an option to give Primaris Inter’s Targeters.

  • Timotheus

    GW sales team speaking

  • Heinz Fiction

    Actually the new Edition doesn’t make me want to buy more, as my existing collections work surprisingly good. In fact, now that I know which units I don’t need anymore, I will probably sell a few…

  • benn grimm

    Show don’t tell. Buying is boring, wish listing is boring, hearing about other people’s shopping habits is insanely boring. I want to see painting/modeling, interesting visual and narrative ideas explored through the medium of the hobby. I don’t care about rules loop holes or about deep and meaningful insights into business practice from armchair experts. Just show us your army. Or don’t.

    • kloosterboer

      It’s time the focus of the hobby was changed, from what’s the most competitive, to this – “..painting/modeling, interesting visual and narrative ideas explored through the medium of the hobby..”

      • benn grimm

        Would be nice for a change.)

  • Not until after I sell some things away. I actually want to down size my collection and get rid of armies I don’t play anymore. My shopping list is actually fairly small. I’m only looking for more Ork Big Guns. I could go for a few more Kannons.

  • orionburn

    I actually have less desire to buy more models in this edtion thus far. Why? Because GW pushed formations so hard in 7th that I now have a lot of models that are excess. Now that the DA Lion’s Blade is no more I have more troops and Rhinos/Razorbacks than I need. The upside is it taught me not to chase special rules and won’t fall into that trap with my Nids. I’ll get the models that I want to play, not because it will give me a special ability to crush my opponent with a rules loophole.

    Plus given how quickly GW has changed rules on some things I’m gunshy on certain things. I don’t play Eldar, but seeing how in the course of a few weeks they changed weapons damage from 3 to D3 that makes me nervous on builds. I’m not going to be snapping off arms/weapons all year long.

    • wibbling

      You can easily fit those models into a formation. More troops means a battalion detachment, or even multiples on them, with associated vehicles.

      Honestly, I think 8th is going to be the turn of infantry.

    • Commissar Molotov

      Yeah, I’m afraid to do much hobbying until the actual codecies drop. We’ve already been jerked around by the FAQ’s and I expect another round of big changes when the first codex hits.

  • Horus84cmd

    I’ve 8th has made me want to play more than anything (7th had became such a chore), but not necessarily buy more. Then again, I generally tend to buy the kits I like the look of to model/paint and not how “good” it is on the table top. I play for fun and try and make my rabble of units work together – doesn’t half make you think more tactically when playing.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Makes me want to buy more SAGA, Bolt Action and 30K stuff…

  • Jack Boland

    honestly, this edition, the new story line, the new models makes me want to switch entirely to 30k or choose a different game. Its a terrible system with incredibly lazy story.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      its an odd experience to live through this edition change, so many people seem to be absolutely raving about it, but as time passes and people try it out there are a lot of folk who really don’t like it. It seems extremely polarising.

      Not sure what the future holds. I can see a lot of people fleeing to 30K, perhaps continuing to play 7th, or some of the 7th ED books with the 30K version of 7th’s rules.

      On the other hand maybe GW will fix the issues with 8th. I reckon any competent rule writer could easily write a patch for 8th bringing back most of the tactical elements people complain about as missing, and eliminating the counter-intuitive stupid things, without adding too much complexity.

      • Jack Boland

        Certainly. My problem is if they try and take these rules into 30k. I honestly do not understand what people are raving about. The new edition to me is simplistic, boring, and honestly does feel like its meant to be a starter game. The more i play and the more i watch, the worse the edition is to me. My biggest problem is the immersion breaking elements of the game. I would honestly switch to a gw competitor if they moved this edition to 30k.

    • Crablezworth

      Amen brother

      • Jack Boland

        make some more 30k videos please : )

    • Crablezworth

      30k has like fire arcs and rules for terrain and sane army construction rules, why do you hate fun? :p

  • LordKrungharr

    I’ve been buyin a lot more because of Sigmar, but daemons are nice because they are in both games. Looks like most of my 30k purchases will be able to be used in 40k now too so that’s good. Then I spent about $100 on the 40k rules. So more bits are needed to convert stuff into the units I want them to be. Tzeentch is strong with all this change!

  • Commissar Molotov

    Just the opposite – it was 7th’s formations that made me buy oddly specific combinations of models. I have decent sized armies of everything but Necrons and Tau thanks to collecting over the years, so now my focus will be on actually painting and fielding the models I already own but haven’t assembled.

    • Crablezworth

      You monster! How dare you paint something, painting isn’t an accomplishment, mindless commerce is!

      • Commissar Molotov

        Ya know, I realized that being a member of all these miniatures painting groups on Facebook was really psyching me out. I would look at my work, and then I would look at their masterpieces, and I’d think “I really don’t wanna mess this lovely model up, so I guess I won’t paint it just yet.”

  • Dan

    I don’t really understand the point of this article. The gist of it seems to be: ‘I’m used to habitually emptying my wallet whenever GW bring out something new that I like. In this last month, they have brought out lots of stuff I like, so I’m spending lots of money. Are you the same?’

    Why are Bols readers interested in your spending habits? It just feels like a gushing love letter to GW constantly. A little more objectivity please.

    • memitchell

      You think this is the only hobby where folks talk about their latest purchases?

      • Crablezworth

        It’s the only one I’ve seen where a purchase in an of itself somehow is interesting. Probably why we see so many fields of grey and half built models.

      • GnomesForge

        So it sucks in other hobbies so it should be given a pass in this one?

    • Loki Nahat

      they’re american, objectivity isn’t something they do

  • Jens Hahn

    Near to nothing, some new Models for the fun of building/painting. (Cause they are great)

    GW told me that they ceace the support of old marines entierely. So to me they “soft-sigmarising” this faction. Maybe to the next edition, I don’t know the schedule, but they will fade. This means no oldDeathwatch, no oldGreyknights no oldVehicles and so on. And all of the thick fluff, the nice armor variants, all the cool characters getting replaced with some calm always the same background noise.

    If you look at Sigmar they replaced the factions or scattered them. So I must assume other armies will get the same treatment as Marines.
    So at the moment I wouldn’t buy any Marine faction Orks, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Imps till gw knows how they treat them in the future (i love the new models, it’s not that i don’t like the change but i find it a difficult situation to plan future investments and the hobby is to expensive to not to) At the moment I invest in third party models or other systems where I know what I get. .

    And then there is this godaweful fluff. I miss the creativity and thickness of the universe. At the moment, to be a bit polemical it feels like they replaced “the incal” with “Yu-gi-oh”. Its a tendency not a 8. edition thing to be clear.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      it does seem fairly obvious that unless customers vote otherwise with their wallets (which I doubt since NewShinySyndrome will probably win out) the old Space Marine line will be phased out.

      Its a shame as Primaris and their fluff sucks.

      I was looking at my Iron Hands marines in their display case today. Such a shame, they won’t get much if any play now since although they have a lot of MkIV parts they don’t really look like 30K guys, too many later Mk parts. I have an unpainted Stormtalon I bought for a cool formation in 7th, now I don’t know whether to put it on ebay 🙁

      • Jens Hahn

        Maybe, i would assume it backfires hard, if people ignoring Primaris. It’s a fluff issue, i’m not sure if you can fix this with your buying habit. It’s more a cultural thing I guess. It’s hard to blame GW for their customers. But I would prefer a bit of a backbone too.

        And yes I would prefer if they just replaced old models. That happens and don’t invaldiate old models.

        Its a shame for your Iron Hands but I would play them nevertheless. They stand as your dudes and as a hobby project worth your character. That will always show. And if Primaris get the Stormcast treatment, they get pretty standardised. So your Iron hands will have the edge in atleast one department.

        I started 40k 3 years ago think how I feel .. i’m now in the old-dude department of gamers who played the game for 20 years just becaust I bought my armies at the end of their cycle ,, yai .. . My armies are outdated before they are finished …now i have to decide if I build and paint whats here regardless of it beeing not playable in a year or so. But selling it is a bit pointless because the Idea of the army stands strong. So I get nothing out of it.

        I collected the whole 3. company of the Ultramarines as a counterpart to my Tyranids. Head on with tyranic war veterans, self painted banners and so on .. and i just started 1 and a half year ago with them. I Made the arachnis Freeblade by hand and invested pretty hefty into this (time and money) But that doesn’t ban the army to the shelf. I will play them as a timestamp to another era. I mean the alternative is to sell everything or disrespectfull put it in the cellar. But.. the Idea of it remains .. so the army will stay. Buying new ones doesn’t do it justice.
        maybe as a hint to your Stormtalon. If you like the model .. build it.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          I’ve been playing 30 years, feels odd to be dropping out of 40K, though I missed out on 3rd and most of 4th, I guess I can miss another.

          You are right of course about my Iron Hands, though to be honest its not just the fluff and the imminent phasing out. I can’t face learning yet another set of rules and buying yet another codex for them which will doubtless be replaced itself in short order. I understand such books can’t last forever, but really the turnover of books has been getting quicker and quicker and its getting too much for me.

          I actually enjoyed 7th. the balance wasn’t good, but nothing that couldn’t be worked out between friends, and it did make for interesting armies. I rather wish they had stayed with the CAD/AD but 8th looks even worse in this regard. 8th is wide open for spam and unbalanced forces.

          I could dabble in 8th, but it feels easier to go ‘cold turkey’ and just kick it into touch. I don’t want to waste any more money on this system. I’ll have to hope 30K is managed better.

          Your Ultramarines sound great, a real labour of love. I guess we’ll have to play Warhammer 39,999! I will probably slowly adapt my Iron Hands for 30K, replacing the later Mk heads with MkIV heads and converting the razorbacks into Rhinos with Horus Heresy style pintle weapons.

          I like the Stormtalon, its a great model. I already have one painted up, and I’m not sure I need two! I only bought it for the formations, which just goes to show the power of that marketing tool!

          • Jens Hahn

            Thats nice, seeing all this and beeing part of the community at a time where the roleplaying part was stronger must have been quite some expirience. I started with Spacecrusade in 1990 but the lack of a GW and a gamerbase banned me to the observer stage and so I was stuck with playing this and Heroquest ^^. So when i started i had a pretty good idea of what i want ^^ seeing it all replaced is like taking away your lolly just after recieving it after 20 years of staring on it ^^.

            I did 4 games in 8th and its not that hard to learn. The rules are effectively the same, with some minor adjustments, the rest is on the cards (like movement). Most stuff workes more intuitive like you would assume it should work (like cover), thats a big bonus. The one thing I can’t wrap my head around is the lack of armor. I liked 7th too but ignored formations because they mostly were unfair, that worked out pretty good, but 8th has two vast advantages.
            First: It’s all new. The fixed set of “this is good and this is bad” is gone. At this point all units have the same playability. Thats awesome! I forced myself to stop thinking in probability and just play. A fullfilling expirience.

            Second: The speed. I have a ordinary work-oppressed-life, so i can’t invest like younger players can. (sure i can paint through the night, but i couldn’t play often ^^) So I rarely played games as they cost us 5 – 7 hours at best. In 8th I can.

            I will continue to play Marines. For now they have rules.. And then when they are gone, I proxy them or play them as traitors !

            The turnover is brutal.. So we arrange us as a group. So the investment in books is less, and then there is ebay. GW pretty much showed me in just 3 years that their books are the most useless investment. I buy one book (for the fluff and painting schemes, maybe i try a complete 7th collection) then I set a low budget for rules replacements and everything that fits into it .. fits into it.

  • Otter

    8th got me back to working on my eldar conversion project. 7th ed eldar jet bikes were too OP to be fun and my eldar exodites are all on bikes. So I’m happy that they got brought back down to a level playing field. I’ve been converting like a mad woman since the new edition dropped

  • SilentPony

    Why does this smell like an ad for GW?
    ‘You want to buy more. You want to buy more. You want to buy more’

  • Bootneck

    I really don’t see how they can actually phase out the old style marines.

    They will always exist because of the relationship with 30k, and there not going to be doing away with the HH as they’ve not even finished it.

    Suddenly all the marines in the universe aren’t going to be upgraded to primaris so what will happen to them?

    Maybe some virus will kill off all the old gene seed leaving only primaris upgraded marines. I don’t buy it and cant see how they could make the story work without making it stupid and ridiculous.

    What about Chaos Primaris Marines? The four powers will find ways to corrupt them too.

    Perhaps its GWs 1, 5 and 10 year business model.

  • Jack Boland

    Honest question, why does anyone even play 40k anymore compared to 30k? If there were xenos in 30k, do you think anyone would even play 7th ed?

  • Crazy Menno

    I’ve been playing fantasy for 20 years. Always intriqued bt 40k but kept my money in fantasy. I’d heard so many good things i figred i had to try it so i bout Dark Vengeance the rule book and Indexes. Im so excited that now I’m looking at tanks and flyers and……. “honey can we get a loan?” 😁

  • Adam Sinclair

    As a guard, Eldar, and Imperial Fists player i’ve already bought and/or planned on buying models for these armies i always wanted but never got round to buying due to either lame rules or…well, lame rules…

    Now i’ve already purchased 6 Bullgryns for my guard and they’re my favourite unit of the edition so far!. I’ve got a Vindicare Assassin for the guard even though the rules aren’t that stellar. I’m planning on buying Lysnader for my fists, have already bought a flyer and a Vindicator for them (always wanted a unit of three!) and plan on buying some howling banshees and rangers for my Eldar.

    I’ve also started an Iron Warriors army as a new edition seemed as good a time as any for a new army! I’m already at around a 1000pts and i’m loving the opportunity to look at a completely new range (to me) and just piick the models that look cool (Forgefiend, Hellbrutes…)