40K: New FAQs Out

Come get the new FAQs for all your Forge world units – hot off the presses.

Forge World has been busy – and just knocked out 4 sets of FAQs for their recent Imperial Armour books.

Here’s the FAQS

Imperial Armour – Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes

Imperial Armour – Index: Forces of Chaos

Imperial Armour-  Index: Xenos

Imperial Armour-  Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum

There’s a lot in there but my favorites so far are: the T’au Tigershark AX-1-0 can now hunt titans on the move as it was meant to, and you don’t want psykers anywhere near exploding deamon engines. Nice touch.


~ Dive in folks!

  • Hazamelistan

    …and still there are so many questions.

    Yay, DKK got its big guns back. But is the Artillery Crew now dumbed down to regular IG?

    And the thing that was discussed the most got a FAQ that was never in question: Yes, you can take the Hades Breaching Drill. Again for the cost of Engineers dumbed down to Veterans and still have to be a ten men squad.
    Still seems like there’s a) a communications problem at FW, b) no QA before they release stuff like that and c) Rules Team doesn’t know what they’re selling

    • zeno666

      I’ll just insert the standard fanboy answer here:
      “But ya’ll know their a miniature company first and rule company second!”

      Thats why Finecast still exists (and is still really, really crappy) and we’re getting a pile of poo with the text “Rulebook” on it 😉

  • Foxdonut

    Thank god my krieg commissar can now boost the leadership of cyclops demolition vehicles before he executes them.

  • Nilok

    I’m glad they fixed the Y’vahra escape thrust rule. Also, did they make the Forge world Riptide drones actually worth taking?

  • Did Shield Drones get an errata preview in this document?

  • G Ullrich

    Great that they are getting FAQ’s out so soon. I wish they had fixed the Knight Magaera costs – it’s probably the worst of the knights (but I have one because I think it looks cool) yet it’s priced as the 2nd/3rd most powerful. Should be priced like the identical Styrix chassis…I mean, identical stat lines and identical abilities – so why is it 100 points more/4 Power more?

  • Oh sweet, I can take my Fire Raptor as I have it kitted in the heresy, with Autocannons

  • Wow… we mailed Forge World a dozen mails with a dozen issues each for Eldar and they addressed 3 of them.

    • Christian Møller Hansen

      yup,, weird that you still can’t order a Lynx with a sonic lance… and what’s up with the malcadors,, the pictures shows them with a heretic driver, but heretics can’t field them..

  • gordonshumway

    Fun how GW swore up and down every existing army would get support in 8th and they just trashed Corsairs for no reason. Amazing.

    • There is a reason. They (GW) never wanted them to become an actual army and even FW always was very sloppy about it. But I see where your pain is coming from.

  • Moonsaves

    Looks like the moaning about Battle Fortresses didn’t go unheard.

    Gun Trukks next, FW! You still sell 2 different trukk models and the weapons that go on them, so chop chop!

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    I am glad my grenadiers can use their hvy flamers again,

  • ILikeToColourRed

    so renegades still cost more than guardsmen, even though they lack armour and have a worse statline…. fml