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Age of Sigmar: How to Play – Lumineth Realm-Lords

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Aug 25 2023

Today we look at how to play the Lumineth Realm-Lords in Age of Sigmar. Stoic doesn’t mean boring. It’s fun!

Say what you want about Teclis, the aelf is a master of his craft. Not as physically capable as his twin Tyrion, the master mage turned his expertise to strategy and spellcraft. When the world broke, Teclis found himself reborn as a god of light and master of the Realm of Hysh. Of course, no god is complete without an army of enforcers, and Teclis has that in his warrior-scholar Lumineth Realm-Lords. Here’s a quick rundown on how to get the most out of these deadly warriors and what units to focus on to share the light with your unfortunate enemies.

Who Are The Lumineth?

Even as an omnipotent god of light and magic, Teclis can make mistakes. His first attempt to create a new race from the rescued Aelven souls resulted in the diminished Idoneth Deepkin. Looking at his creations with hatred, Teclis sought to destroy them, driving them deep below the waves. His second attempt was much more successful; a race of warriors able to pour their negative emotions into empowered crystals. The Lumineth Realm-Lords all devote themselves to a different style of combat. Some follow the way of stone, becoming implacable on the defense and wielding heavy stone hammers. Others favor the way of the wind, darting around the battlefield on the backs of lightning-fast steeds and firing arrows with deadly accuracy. Alongside these warriors stride living mountains or cyclones, elemental spirits bound to the Lumineth by ancient rites. Teclis is the greatest mind in all the Realms, and the Lumineth are truly his finest creations.

Why Play Lumineth Realm-Lords?

Aside from being deadly in every form of combat, nearly all the models in the Lumineth roster are Wizards. This means your arcane prowess will be untouched by all but the most magic-heavy of enemies while you’re free to rain magical death down with impunity. The Lumineth can mold themselves to any style of play, making them one of the most flexible armies in the game. Regardless of how you want to play, Lumineth can do it.


Lumineth Strengths

  • Magical potency that no one but Seraphon and Tzeentch can hope to match
  • Some of the most terrifying shooting in the game
  • Lumineth can easily shift between infantry, cavalry, shooting, or monsters.
  • One of the deadliest Special Characters in the entire range

Lumineth Weaknesses

  • While you are running premium warriors, you are also paying premium points
  • While your army CAN do anything, not specializing will bite you, and you risk overspecialization.

Signature Lumineth Realm-Lords Rules

  • Aetherquartz Reserve – This represents the stones your warriors carry into battle to pour all their emotional baggage into. Once per game, they can get a temporary boost, albeit at the cost of a point of Bravery. Some subfactions can do this an additional time, and the benefits are usually worth the hit to Bravery.
  • Lightning Reactions¬†– Like the High Elves of old, this represents the martial skill and speed of the Lumineth. You get to activate two units to fight in combat rather than one every time, allowing you to lay down an exceptional level of hurt.

Lumineth Terrain Piece

The beautiful Shrine Luminor represents the Lumineth perfectly – elegant and intricately balanced. It allows you to re-roll a single casting, dispelling, or unbinding roll for a Lumineth hero within 12″, and you can garrison it so it will always have one. In addition, the garrisoning hero can channel the Shrine’s power, increasing the range to 24″, and they can use a command point once per turn without spending a command point. Don’t leave home without it.


Lumineth Realm-Lords Subfactions

The Lumineth have six subfactions, called Great Nations, that represent the different martial disciplines of the Hyshian aelves. They let you duplicate your command abilities with an army of twins, empower your magical aptitude, or devote yourself entirely to the stone or the wind.

Lumineth Key Units

Every Lumineth player will have a slightly different playstyle, but these are five units you can’t leave out.

Light of Eltharion

An animated suit of armor wielding a deadly pair of blades, the Light might be the single most lethal hero assassin in the entire game. While he can’t touch Gotrek in terms of durability, his insane damage output sets him miles above the closest competitor. He can dish out a ridiculous 54 wounds on a perfect turn, many of them Mortal or with -3 Rend. Point him at your least favorite model and hit delete.

Scinari Cathallar


The sad lady mage of the Lumineth, but an essential buy for her ability to redirect the bad thoughts of her fellow warriors. She can make a unit immune to Battleshock while making an enemy pay the price, and she’s a powerful mage in her own right. Couple that with her ability to offset the Bravery hit from aetherquartz, and it’s easy to see why she should be your first buy.

Vanari Auralan Sentinels

An incredible ranged battleline unit, these were the undisputed kings of long-distance death until the Kruleboyz rolled around, and they’re still pretty up there. They can shoot models they can’t see, dish out mortal wounds, AND they’re wizards. What’s not to love?

Hurakan Spirit of the Wind

An incredible archer and the fastest model in the entire game, the Hurakan is the best harassment piece in AoS. It can shoot and still move out of danger, charge after retreating, and punishes anyone who gets too close. If you happen to have a Windmage nearby, it can also heal, so make sure to bring them as a combo.

Alarith Stoneguard

If the Hurakan are the last name in speed, the Alarith are the final word in endurance. With a 4+ save and two wounds, they’re the most durable infantry in the book, and their hammers can dish out a sizeable bit of damage. Keep a Stonemage nearby for even more damage shenanigans.


Hurakan Windchargers

One of the fastest units in the game, thanks to their treerunner mount, Windchargers are the rare cavalry-shooting unit. They can get into some extreme shenanigans with their Move Like the Wind,  and Go Where the Wind Blows abilities.

Alarith Spirit of the Mountain

The only non-Leader monster in the range is an impressive one. Dealing out four-damage, with five attacks on top bracket means this ground beef turns things into ground beef. If you always want that top bracket attack, just keep them within twelve of a Stonemage, and you’ll be there thanks to Stonemage Symbiosis!

Sample  Lumineth Army (2K pts)

Allegiance: Lumineth Realm-lords
– Great Nation: Ymetrica

Avalenor, the Stoneheart King
Alarith Stonemage
Alarith Stonemage


15 x Alarith Stoneguard
– Diamondpick Hammers
– Reinforced x 2
10 x Alarith Stoneguard
– Diamondpick Hammers
– Reinforced x 1
10 x Alarith Stoneguard
– Diamondpick Hammers
– Reinforced x 1

Alarith Spirit of the Mountain

Lumineth Realm-Lords Tips

Build your favorite style of army and show your opponent why you’re the best. Utilize your double attacks each combat to your advantage and pile on the damage. Don’t be afraid to kite your opponent around if you get pushed back.

~Perfection demands discipline.

Author: Allen Campbell
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