GW Goes Retro With AoS General’s Handbook 2017

Games Workshop pulls out all the 80’s nostalgia you can take with this “retro” look at the General’s Handbook 2017 edition!

Get ready for the arrival of a Game Changer, again.

via Warhammer Community

Coming soon.

Okay – maybe it was the music or the fact that I’m just excited about the 80’s pop-culture revival that we’re seeing (Ready Player One and Stranger Things season 2, anyone) but I think Games Workshop nailed it with this video. Someone is enjoying themselves again and it’s shows!

For all the nostalgia bombs, this video did give us some hints at what we can expect:

  • New Allegiance Abilities
  • New Allies Rules
  • New Points Values
  • …And more!

But the biggest reveal is that we now have a timeframe on the release date:

Get ready for a new wave of war coming in August 2017!


…NMM was SOOOO 80’s.

  • orionburn

    Being a child of the 80s is so awesome and terrible at the same time…lol

    • benn grimm

      The best thing about being a child of the 80s is the ability to completely ignore social media, should you so choose. And that’s valuable…;)

      • euansmith

        Who said that?

        • benn grimm

          Me? I dunno if anyone else has said it, seems likely though. I usually get all my best ideas unconsciously from the media…;)

      • Simon Chatterley

        I knew middle age had hit me when a youngling at my work was showing me the snapchat map

        “Look, this guy is in Malta, you can see his emoji” she said

        “Why is he in Malta?”

        “Oh, he lives there”

        Real useful then. I love an app that tells me what I knew already

        • benn grimm

          Lol. I had to learn to use FB, linked in etc for Uni, and work, but I refuse to go near twitter or Snapchat.

    • GWELLS

      I think I would have enjoyed the eighties. I guess we’ll never know

      • orionburn

        There’s good & bad with every generation, but yeah, the 80s were special. Growing up with one foot set in the analog world and the other foot in (the growing) digital world was something to behold.

        • GWELLS

          Yeah true that, maybe in another life I was there.

          Nice, yeah I always just took digital for granted (mostly because it was always there). Seeing it come into fruition from the start had to have been exciting.

          Its funny to think back about all the naysayers, I’ve seen some who actually wrote whole articles and essays about it never catch on, or it would make society less efficient or something. Then again hindsight is 20/20.

  • Luca Lacchini

    Was a teen in the ’80s, and I fondly remember music, movies, TV shows, the videogames and wargames/RPGs… some of the best. And some of the worst.

    Truth to be told, even the best were actually not so good, by today standards. Rulesets were either sketchy (fill with your own brew) or morbidly overburdened by useless detail (aka realistic simulation). With tables. Hundreds of pages of tables.

    But the creativity and the boldness of ideas, well, the ’80s had a lot of them.

    • Rolemaster. FTW.

      • Luca Lacchini

        And this table determines how much fatigue you take for a forced march during which you wear boots of the wrong size… chaos demons pale in shame when compared to the real stuff of nightmares.

        The matrix needed for attack in D&D 1E, and people complained THAC0 was too complex! Kids these days…

        • heh. I miss THAC0 lol.

          We had a GM that made even more tables. We even had tables to go to the bathroom.

          I’m not kidding.

          • Luca Lacchini

            I was the GM… wait, 30+ years later, I’m still the GM! I’ve been screwed!

      • dave long island

        Champions FTW. The only rpg that required a phd in mathematics in order to roll up a character.

        • Luca Lacchini

          Traveller, which could kill your character even during its creation – while determining the outcome of the military service, IIRC.

          • Ragimund

            And a phd in math to travel 😉

  • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

    It’s cute, although I definitely don’t get a retro vibe from AoS as it’s less “Power of Greyskull” and more “Brawndo… with Electroytes!”

    • ZeeLobby


  • Ronin

    I love the new GW marketing team, lol.

    • Dan

      They’re doing a bang-up job. It’s amazing the results you can get when you put someone who knows what they’re doing in a position to do it and just not interfere.

  • benn grimm

    Well that was weird… did kind of leave me with an urge to go play Hotline Miami though so not entirely useless…

    • David

      I remember Hotline Miami

  • Xodis

    This is awesome. Sometimes it takes a joke like this to really get back to your roots. Hope its just not a stunt but an actual mission.

  • Hagwert

    It’s hard to believe this is the same company from just two years ago!

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      It really is.

  • Good Gooooooood. Now please have fixed some of the really broken things like kunnin rukk and this will be perfect.

    • EnTyme

      That horse you keep beating? It’s been dead for days. Maybe give it a break?

    • Munn

      Kunnin ruck hasn’t been any good for 6 months. Can’t beat stormcasts or syvaneth so not worth taking.

      • You’re the first person I’ve ever encountered to ever say kunnin rukk isn’t good lol. And I hang around a LOT of guys that go to the big tournaments on a regular basis.

    • Grasshopper

      I’m too lazy to google: care to explain what kunnik rukk is?

      • Its a formation. Typically two frostlord ogres on the thundertusks and then a unit of 40 savage orks that put out 120 shots twice a turn (once in hero once in shooting phase) and an assortment of other things.

  • AircoolUK

    Not as weird as the one where Duncan is lifting ‘large cans’ in the gym which is done in the style of a 70’s adult movie.

  • JL

    Imma let you finsish, but Hero Quest is the greatest 80s Warhmmer commercial of all time. Of all time!

    “I’ll use my brode-sode!”

  • luke-vdv

    Is this marketing supposed to blind people from the 80s with nostalgia so that they forget that the Old World is unnecessarily gone?

    • BaronVonYoloing

      You say unnecessarily but try to remember that GW is a business and during the End Times they were losing money on Fantasy as a whole. It needed a swift kick to get it revved up in terms of sales again. Now it makes (reportedly) nearly a third of current sales so whilst I also miss parts of the old world the new world is certainly working for them.

      • luke-vdv

        Is it because of the AoS world though? I think it has more to do with the change to a skirmish system which could have been and could still be done in the setting of the Old World.

        • David

          Im happy the Old World is dead. That frankenstein creation of other fantasy worlds and real life locations was far too dated

          • luke-vdv

            The familiarity of the Old World with real life counterparts, and the mix of various fantasy staples is precisely why I enjoy it. What other fantasy setting compares to the Old World? None. It is so rich and full that the many borrowings in one setting is what makes it unique. As to it being dated, I fail to see how it is even possible for it to become dated. I will never tire of the 40K universe and I’ll never tire of the Old World.

  • dreamwarder

    That video sums up my feelings about Age of Sigmar in a beautifully ironic way.