Geekery: New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailer is Gorgeous

More action, more characters, and a look at the city scape Officer K calls home.

Empire’s beautiful subscriber exclusive cover hit mailboxes late last week (the alt cover is on news stands now), and yesterday afternoon Ryan Gosling teased a new trailer…

… and GMA delivered.

SPOILER ALERT: if you want to go in to the movie blind, hit the back button now. The trailer may reveal a bit too much, and my comments after the trailer contain theories that could be considered spoilers.

First: holy mother of gah am I glad I get the chance to experience this in IMAX when it comes out… it looks really good.

Jóhann Jóhannsson‘s soundtrack is spot on.

I’m really digging the look and feel Villeneuve /Deakins / Gassner have given to the universe. They’ve done a good job of capturing the feel of the original, and updating it just enough to make it look like thirty years have passed. No doubt Hampton Fancher‘s screen play will be crafted just as well.

We get a new look at the extended cast, as well. Beyond the two headliners the cast includes Mackenzie DavisBarkhad AbdiRobin WrightDave Bautista, and Edward James Olmos is returning as Gaff.

There’s definitely something going on with Officer K. It’s looking more and more like the theories are correct: either he’s not human, or at least partially augmented.

What do you think of this second look?

  • GrenAcid

    Thats gonna be overhyped overthinked flop made to chash on nostalgia right?

    • Zhan

      While i’m looking forward to the movie very much, i’m afraid it will be. At least when i look at the trailer i’m not really impressed

      • GrenAcid

        I dont think I want ruin orginals with this.

    • chris harrison

      Could you maybe try that comment again, and this time run it by somebody whose English is better than yours?

      • Theodosius

        Meh, bad English or not, I understood perfectly what GreenAcid was trying to convey. Could you maybe try that comment again, and this time run it by somebody whose grasp on civility is more developed than your own?

        • chris harrison

          “Civility” when applied too liberally is even more of an impediment to communication than poor language skills. I say what I’ve got to say, then I take a moment to review what I’m about to release on the world before I post it. Spattering a bunch of nonsense on the internet doesn’t contribute to the conversation. And don’t pretend you understood that post, it was gibberish!

          • Theodosius

            Of course excessive manners can inhibit communication but that is not the case here – unless you genuinely expected the poster to go away and run his comment past a second party and repost it, then your comment serves no purpose than to point out to a person they have poor English (and breaks your own rule of not contributing to the conversation). I could be wrong of course, you may have been so desperate to understand the meaning of the comment that you were not capable of simply ignoring it and scrolling down to comments you do understand and was genuinely hoping your request would be undertaken (in which case I will provide my own understanding to ease your mind: GreenAcid suspects that the film will be an excessively hyped flop driven ultimately by a desire to make money off people’s fond memories of the original…not really that hard to work out). Alternately, your comment may have been pedagogical in nature, you may have taken it upon yourself to highlight poor writing that you come across on the interweb in a selfless effort to improve communication – in which case good luck to you, you have a long hard road ahead of you – but I would suggest you can still do this with a modicum of civility without jeopardising clarity.

      • GrenAcid

        Sure sweety, just for you Im gonna spend lots of time to learn perfect english, so I can coment on BOLS with your aproval.
        How many other languages you know?

    • Theodosius

      I think that’s the best base-point from which to approach any of these type of films; that way anything else is a nice surprise! Too many of us go into new Star Wars or Alien films expecting to relive that first experience.

  • chris harrison

    After Star Trek; Into Darkness, I seek out spoilers. I’ve been burned, now I’m never again putting down my hard-earned money just so some jackhole in hollowood can give me the finger. I want to see this movie just for the spectacle.

  • PrehistoricUF0

    Yay this was such a great idea! Can’t wait to see them piss all over another classic. Ryan Gosling too, what a disaster.

  • dave long island

    I much prefer Rich Evans from RLM in the lead role, as evidenced by his audition tapes. See here:


    • Paul Wesley Pratt

      Blade Runner 2049 is a seboot.

  • Gustav

    I understand everyone’s trepidation. However, I am eagerly awaiting purchasing that soundtrack.

  • FerociousBeast

    Sure was an awful lot of fightin’ n’ shootin’ in that trailer. The tension and atmosphere were what made Blade Runner great, not the action. Yes, 2049 needs to be its own movie, but “yet another shoot ’em up” would not be my first pick as the best way to differentiate it.

    I really hope I’m wrong and it turns out awesome.

  • Agent OfBolas

    the trailer for trailer? Seriously?