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Geekery: Logan & the Evolution Comic Book Movies

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Jul 12 2017
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Logan marked Hugh Jackman’s last turn in the role – it also says something more nuanced about the genre.

We’re coming up on nearly 20 years of the comic book movie boom – are we seeing an evolution with the addition of movies like Deadpool and Logan, or is it change due to boredom with the subject? Evan Puschak takes a look at changes made within the genre over time – using John Cawelti’s work as a tool to examine the themes in the last Wolverine movie.

Cawelti posits that a genre goes through four modes of transformation:

1. Humorous burlesque
2. The cultivation of nostalgia
3. Demythologization
4. The affirmation of myth

Note: video contains Logan spoilers.

What do you think – is this an end, or is it a turning point?


Author: Mars Garrett
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