Privateer’s Lock & Load 2017 Streaming

Get ready for Lock & Load which kicks off this Friday. Here’s the streaming schedule from Privateer.

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Privateer Press Twitch

Friday July 14

Privateer Press Keynote Panel 9AM -10AM PST
Our annual keynote starts off the show in 2017. Join Privateer Press staff as they discuss upcoming releases and projects on the horizon. Be on the information front lines for all the amazing things coming up for Privateer Press. You won’t want to miss the exciting news!

Battle of Boarsgate Narrative Event 11AM – 9PM PST
The fate of Holden is being determined at Lock & Load! We’ve created a massive new table for the event, and the teams of players will be put through a grueling battle conjured by Organized Play Developer Will Hungerford and Writing Manager Matt Goetz.

Iron Painter Showdown & Trivia Challenge 9PM – 10PM PST
Watch a group of speed painters compete against a Formula P3 Studio member in a wacky contest full of silly challenges. Meanwhile, the audience participates in an Iron Kingdoms trivia contest for prizes with host Will Shick!

Saturday July 15

Iron Gauntlet World Championship 10AM – 10PM PST
Watch some of the world’s best WARMACHINE and HORDES players compete for the Iron Gauntlet World Championship! Who will be the 2017 World Champion of WARMACHINE & HORDES?

Sunday July 16

Staff Scramble Noon – 2PM and 4PM – 6PM PST
Some lucky Lock & Load attendees will get a chance to get the Privateer Press livestream experience playing against Privateer Press staff as The Defiers rise, and our staff is eager to show you why every nation in Immoren should be very afraid.

Penny Arcade Plays: WARMACHINE Final Round 2PM – 4PM PST
You probably couldn’t find anything more entertaining than the PA crew playing WARMACHINE…unless it was streamed live from Lock & Load. So, yes, we’re doing that! The final game between Penny Arcade’s top two players will be streamed live from Lock & Load this year, and the winner will be crowned “Overlord of WARMACHINE in This Context”!


~Get ready for a TON of Privateer news this Friday!

  • Richard Mitchell

    I am all systems go to see that narrative game. Hopefully the Bears show up to Boars Gate.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      Yeah me too; I bet the table will be breathtaking.