Warzone’s New Industrial Zone Terrain

Elevate your game with Warzone’s Studio’s new industrial terrain sets – and a working crane!

via Warzone Studio:

We are proud to present you our new set of terrain – laser cut mdf buildings for any wargames! You can find more of them at our site:

Wargaming terrain: Industrial Zone $99.00

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Eagle_Terrain_wargaming_scenery_28mm (1)

The industrial Zone is a gigantic set of 28mm buildings, suitable for any futuristic wargame – Warhammer 40 000, Infinity, Warmachine, etc. It includes all elements from City Terrain, which is enough to fill in the whole 24×24 sector when assembled.


The toughest fights were between the corporations took place in the industrial area of the city. Mercenaries were hiding behind the hangars while the turret, mounted on the cargo platform was suppressing the other squad with fire. In the middle of this counterstrike, a tank went out of the depot and completely changed the battle…

Alterntator_Terrain_wargaming_scenery_28mm (6)


  • MDF – wooden material, processed by pressure and temperature
  • We recommend you to use primer before painting
  • Comes unassembled
  • Ideal for 28mm (1:35) scale
Apparatus-corrector_Terrain_wargaming_scenery_28mm (3)

~What do you think? Laser-cut terrain is getting crazy these days!

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  • orionburn

    I freaking love these! I’ve been wanting to get these flatbed rail cars and make a shipping/repair yard of sorts for a game. I have a crap load of Rhinos not seeing playtime so might as well make them part of the scenary. That garage & repair platfrom is awesome and really like that reactor too. http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8fba8543e984c6603ef933d2494c5fff80a1f57fa1804de27211d58f018fcdcf.jpg

    • Urban Bungledorph

      I want to see your dream become reality.

  • Krizzab

    blotz has too pretty nice mdf scenery. At 28, 15, 10 mm.

  • frankelee

    Stupid uncopyrightable eagle! Damn you nature!!!

  • Are Riksaasen

    28mm is not 1:35, it’s more like 1:56