40K: Dark Apocrypha: Codex Space Marines Week

It’s another exciting week of 40K gaming on Dark Apocrypha and this time we’re putting Codex Space Marine through it’s paces!

Each Week here at BoLS we are playing a series of games which we showcase on our Twitch Channel. But if you missed them we’ve got them all saved and compiled for your viewing pleasure.

This past week, we pulled out the new Space Marine Codex (we had it a week early) and through down with a mix of forces. We wanted to see what the new units could do as well as some of the cool tricks in the book so without further ado, here are the games!

Dark Apocrypha – Space Marine Week Game One: Ultramarines vs Exorcists (Space Marines)

What better way to showcase the Space Marine book than to make it fight itself! We’ve got a force of new Primaris Marines duking it out with an “old school” force of Exorcists Marines. Will the new toys school the old ones or will tried and tested experience pay off?

Dark Apocrypha – Space Marine Week Game Two: Ultramarines vs Ulthwè (Aeldari)

Speaking of Old School we’ve got a 4th edition era Ulthwè (Mech Eldar) force squaring off against the Ultramarine Primaris forces. It’s a battle of the “U” in this exciting game! Side note: we also used the new Open War Cards for the mission in this game. That lead to some really high scoring due to the double points vehicles, monsters and HQ’s were worth!

Can the mobile Aeldari survive the long range onslaught or will the Marine’s fall to the deadly firepower of the Ulthwè? Watch to find out!

Dark Apocrypha – Space Marine Week Game Three: Ultramarines vs Blood & Guts (Chaos Khorne & Nurgle Daemons)

In the final game of the week the Ultramarines square off against a mixed Daemon army with a might Bloodthirster at the helm. However, the Primarch of the Ultramarines himself has stepped up to help aid in the battle. Will Khorne get a new trophy in the shape of the head of Guilliman or will Chaos be banished back to the Warp?

Want more Warhammer 40,000 battle report action? Check out last week’s campaign: Alaitoc Strikes right here!


The Space Marines are back and are bringing the Light of the Emperor with them!

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