40K: Grey Knights Codex Preview

Codex: Grey Knights a surprise preview! Check out the Marines of Titan – it’s a Grey Knight Preview!

We’ve been getting glimpses of the Chaos Space Marine Codex all week. But now Games Workshop is flipping the script and showing off the secretive scions of Titan – the Grey Knights!

via Warhammer Community

“Chaos is on the rise – but hope is far from lost. The new Grey Knights codex is incoming, and with it, new ways to build an army from Titan, new Stratagems, new psychic powers and more.”

New Units Confirmed

  • Nemesis Dreadknight for the Grand Master
  • Stormtalon Gunship
  • Stormhawk Interceptor

New Psychic Powers – 6 Total

Astral Aim allows Grey Knights to fire at units they do not have Line of Sight to and those attacks ignore the benefits of cover. Did you think your LoS blocking terrain was going to spare you a round of shooting from the Grey Knights? Think again!

Grey Knight Stratagems

Honour the Chapter allows Grey Knights (a pretty potent close combat force) to unleash their fury on their foes once again in close combat. This can be used to great effect which is probably why it’s so pricy at 3 CP!

Sometimes you can’t always be near a character that will boost your to-hit rolls. That’s when you can call upon the Wisdom of the Ancients to aid you. This basically turns every single Grey Knight Dreadnought out there into a mini-buff battery. Keep in mind that it can be used at the start of ANY phase (shoot or melee, yours or your opponents) to help turn the tide of a fight.

Only In Death Does Duty End is what I like to call the Khan rule. (Side note, Khan stole that from Captain Ahab…so maybe it’s the Melville rule?) Anyways, it’s a Characters one last epic sign of contempt towards their foe. You might of slain them, but they get to take the last shot at you.

Grey Knight Relic Banner of Refining Flame

The Banner of Refining Flame amps up your Smite power. It also has the side effect of shorting the range to 6″ – but it increases the damage potential to D6 vs D3. It’s a trade off but those are Mortal Wounds we’re talking about – and let’s be real, Grey Knights do enjoy getting up close and personal…

Games Workshop also confirmed two more Relics are returning – Soul Glaive and the Cuirass of Sacrifice. No news on what exactly those do, but they are in the game.

The Grey Knights Codex sounds like it’s going to get a lot of extra rules to help balance out the fact that they aren’t part of the standard Space Marines. But from the looks of things – they won’t really need it! They are getting their own relics, stratagems, psychic powers, “new” units, and more (I’m guessing their own Warlord Traits as well). Oh and let’s not forget We’ve already seen Voldus running around as a new Grand Master. I’m sure all the other characters that had models are probably back, too.

I’d also like to point out that in the full preview article (which you can read HERE) GW mentioned that the Grey Knights can fit 8 Dreadknights in a 2000 point Spearhead Detachment – and that means it’s a legal matched play list!


So what do you make of the Grey Knights? Are they going to be able to smite the foes of the Emperor or are they going to be really shiny target practice?

  • GnomesForge

    Keep your Primaris off Titan Roboute.

    • ZeroOne

      But, but, but – they would be bigger and shiner

    • CloakingDonkey

      Too late. Already ordered a box of Intercessors to turn into a Strike Squad. Suck it, Fluffernutter 😛

  • edmundblack

    Grey Knights with a bit more choice and versatility? I’m OK with that. No Primaris drama queens needed.

  • Defenestratus

    As someone who loves to paint flyers, the ability to take these new ones excites me a great deal.

  • georgelabour

    I rather like the look of that stormhawk. The bright silver with the heraldry painted on the side reminds me of some old ww2 fighter planes like the p-52.

    • Deathwing

      the role is less P-51 mustang and more P-47 thunderbolt

      • georgelabour

        But the color scheme is one people will usually associate with the mustang instead of the jug.

  • Jack Boland

    Does anyone else think GW has literally lost all creative thought and effort? Bland primaris marines, terrible design choices then a straight copy and paste for the grey knights?!

    • Deathwing

      They just re-invented the entire game and are powering through every codex to get the entire system updated as quickly as possible. Id say they are doing a decent job of it. Remeber this edition is all about attracting new players to an easier system to learn. New players are not going to really be looking at all this through the refined lense of a 40k rogue trader-2nd-3rd-4th -etc edition veteran player
      (side note now I feel old)

      • Jack Boland

        Yeh thats true and incredibly sad. Its a game made for children. That’s not bad in and of itself, but I truly dont see why that was needed. I started playing 3rd ed when I was a child and I grew up with the hobby. Now as a veteran, I feel absolutely 0 connection to this new game, models, and fluff. It was almost a fantastic journey, starting out not knowing what I was doing and growing into the game, the story, and the design. I think they took something very valuable from both veteran and new gamers alike with this new excuse for a 40k edition.

        • Defenestratus

          100% agree

        • CloakingDonkey

          Yes and when 3rd edition came out, the old grumps were all like “BAH! 3rd edition is a system for children! Muh Overwatch! Muh Tactics cards! Muh 76 Grenade types!”

          I remember because I said those things. The truth is however that sometimes simplification is necessary to drag a game out of a swamp. When I came back to GW last year, I looked at 7th and was absolutely confused as to where I would even start… and so I didn’t. It was convoluted, bloated tripe. Good riddance.

          • Jack Boland

            I disagree completely. I’ve lived through many editions. I’ve also played many different games. Never before have I seen such a complete disregard for the lore, complexities, and universe that was built over the last 20 years. This game is a game for children. Plain and simple. Its made to entice the non veteran to come in, buy a box set, and thats it. It was the same strategy they used in Lord of the Rings and we all know how that turned out. Despite all that, the sad thing is the response from the community. The 40k community in 7th was so use to bad rules, they actually embraced this terrible edition. There is a reason 30k isn’t taking 8th and that should tell you all you need to know.

          • georgelabour

            Yeah if only it was more adult and smart.

            Like back in the day when half-elf ultra marine librarians rode their anti-gravity surfboards over the planet of Metallica, and into a war against orcs armd with guitars and big BIG speakers.

            Or when crab people and fish people teamed up to retake the planet la’tuna from an army of goat people.

            Man, and all that writing which was in no way a rehash of any scifi setting involving a god emperor and his super soliders. Oh and people who hated AIs, and relied on human mutants for piloting space ships….

            So creative. And original.

            And then those super tight never problematic rules….which were super easy to work with.

            Ayep…it was so much more of a game for super hip kewl kid adults back then alright.

            Now let us turn up our noses and hufaw at those lesser beings.

          • Jack Boland

            ahhh so just trolling. good on you mate!

          • georgelabour

            You’re the one claiming that this game is for children, and that it’s original incarnation was…more creative and mature.

            Now you may not realize this but the kind of people who call people names instead of using facts are generally the trolls.

            Whereas the people who remain mostly civil, if slightly facetious, are not usually considered trolls.

            But hey, you haven’t let facts color what you’ve done so far so why start now?

          • Jack Boland

            Trolling once again, lovely. The new edition is for children. Thats not name calling. The new edition is designed to bring in a younger group of players. A group that has a lot more expendable income, namely their parents, than 20-30 year olds. The models are bland and easy to build, the lore is generic and quick to get up to date, the rules are simple and easy to learn, this is why this new edition is meant for kids.

          • CloakingDonkey

            This exact stupid argument has been made for every single edition since Rogue Trader and lots of other games for that matter. GW has ALWAYS been about the new customer and not the old, grumpy elitists. And clearly, this strategy worked on you when you were a kid, didn’t it? So why don’t you go give your old marines a hug and a polish and play some of that proper adult 7th edition 40K with your elitist curmudgeon mates? Honestly, I’d rather play this game with children than people like you cause not even children behave like such obnoxious, entitled bellends.

            Oh and you are correct. I do have 0 understanding as to why people enjoy paying exorbitant amounts of money for ugly, tiny 30K Space Marines that they can then pit against other ugly, tiny 30K Space Marines. Because you know what 40K needed? Less army variety. It’s a fan service game for the kind of strange people who actually think GW’s fluff is good. lol.

          • Jack Boland

            Oh shush.

          • CloakingDonkey

            lol nice argument. You are definitely the mature adult here, you clown 😛

          • Jack Boland

            consistently using fallacious arguments and dismissing fact, deserves nothing more than a shush. So, Shush.

          • georgelabour

            Spoken like someone whose only experience with the setting is through copy pasted 4chan posts.

          • Jack Boland

            Literally no idea what that means.

          • CloakingDonkey

            lol you can disagree as much as you want, I’m still right. The transition of 2nd to 3rd was exactly the same, with exactly as many people whinging that change is bad and that not playing a 2000 point game over the better part of a weekend, while having hour long debates over badly written rules was for weak children! EW! And seeing how you grew up with that, well I guess you’re one of those gross 3rd edition children that ruined all their amazing 2nd edition fun… It’s a good thing you grew up to be better than those sad, elitist neckbeards, eh? 😛

            And yes 30K not updating does tell me all I need to know, namely that no one but stunty marine lovers like “Spacemarinehammer the Prequels”, hence there being no monetary incentive for GW to update it. But hey have another kit of 5 sword chicks for 30€. They’re so fluff conform and entirely golden… almost like Sigmarines. 😀

          • Jack Boland

            Well this barely coherent response is simply incorrect. As you said, I’ve been through those transitions and enjoyed them to varying extents. I would agree that 40k in 7th had many many neckbeards and 8th unfortunately has only continued the trend, but hopefully with time that gets taken out. I think you have 0 understanding of why people enjoy the horus heresy. And honestly, if you can’t realize yourself, no one explaining it to you will ever convince you. Like I said, there are probably better, well different, games out there for you.

          • georgelabour

            You left out “Muh ending the game before deployment even happens” ^_^

    • georgelabour

      You mean they were being creative and original back when they began naming planets after metal bands? Not to mention calling their post human super soldier poster boys…

      Ultra Marines….

      you know, the things they’ve been doing since day one?

      • Jack Boland

        Incorrect. That is completely false logic. Look at the original grey knights release. Full of character, new units, new models, new fluff (not all of it fantastic albeit), everything was new. It wasnt a simple, lazy copy and paste of models theyve already made for a faction that is somewhat tenuously related. If you really can’t see the fun in naming planets after metal bands, then why are you even playing this game? 40k was the best when it was cheesy, dark fun. Now that all the soul, original fun is out of the game, why not just play starcraft?

        • georgelabour

          The original grey knights were an all terminator squad. A squad that could only be brought onto the field if your opponents were fielding chaos units.

          And you could only have the one squad which always came with the exact same five guys in terminator armor.

          If you’re going to try and denigrate certain things based on their previous incarnations you need to at least get their history right.

          As for what I said. That was more poking fun at this conceit that GW has ever had these high standards of ‘originality’ that were somehow more intellectually significant than anything they do now.

          • Jack Boland

            Well that is just a completely fallacious argument. Its just trolling for the sake of trolling. Congrats. Yes, I’m fully aware of the first release of grey knights. Yes, you are correct. Yet, any person open to a discussion would clearly interpret what I said as the first grey knight codex release. If you really can’t see what the difference in the originality of GW previously compared to now, honestly there are better games out there.

          • georgelabour

            If any person would have done that then why did I have to correct you? More than once I might add.

            And again, my comment was pointing out that there is no magical time period where GW was somehow more original, creative, and or fun than any other.

            The only difference is the mass of material and level of nostalgia. Oh and people looking for anything to whine about.

          • Jack Boland

            incorrect completely.

          • georgelabour

            Just a heads up. Shouting ‘nuh uh I WIN and you’re a dumby head’ is not actually a way of proving yourself right.

            Not even if you call people names.

          • Jack Boland

            I outline my argument enough already.

          • georgelabour

            If by outline you mean make completely false claims, and then resorted to ad hominen attacks then yes you did that wonderfully.

            Now if only you had a position that wasn’t backed by pure whimsy and as substantial as pixy dust.

          • Jack Boland

            I outlined every point.

      • Patriarch

        Ultramarines was a pun on the colour, hey probably came up with it before they had a chapter. Not the funniest thing in the world, but it’s not like they called them “Mega Marines”. They weren’t even the poster boys until 2nd ed.

        • georgelabour

          Even if that is 100% true it really doesn’t change the relevant point.

          That being that this idea that GW is somehow less creative and or original than they were back in the “good ol’ days” is just a myth.

          A myth that seemingly exists just to justify the whining of people who apparently enjoy being perpetually disappointed. Usually because it makes them look hip.

          • Patriarch

            I really don’t agree with this. It’s not a myth, there was a huge amount of creativity back in the old days, much more in evidence then than now.

            The models are much better, but when was the last time you saw something from GW which made you think “this is completely new”? For GW I mean? When the Tau appeared, possibly?

            8th ed is still recognisably the same game as Rogue Trader, the rules and models are much tidier, but that has not taken the same level of creativity to get from Rogue Trader to here in the last 25 years as it took to flesh out RT in the 5 years before that. Apart from Primaris marines, which are the true scale marines GW has probably dreamed about doing for years, what is the revolutionary creative stuff in the latest codex that wasn’t around, say, 15 years ago? Even flyers existed in RT.

            I’m not saying that GW isn’t creative. Rehashing your old stuff and throwing in an occasional new thing takes some creativity after all. But it isn’t misty eyed to say there was much, much more of it in the early days.

          • georgelabour

            Again. I never said there wasn’t creativity. Just that it was not somehow more ‘refined and mature’. Which is what the guy you’re defending has claimed.

            Heck he even said anyone who likes the extant material is a child….

            As for completely new. Nothing. Not even the Tau. Since all of 40k is , and always will be, a mash up of awesome ideas given more skulls and a british accent.

            As for revolutionary stuff that wasn’t around 15 years ago. Imperial Knight suits.

            But then I waited two decades for 40k scale versions of those so I am very biased.

    • CloakingDonkey

      I don’t really see how Primaris are any more bland than the 20 year old absurdly out of scale Marine sculpts. But that’s the problem with posing questions on taste rather than anything solid 😉

      • Jack Boland

        I disagree completely. Primaris are simply marines, just bigger. The lore behind them is as bland as it is outlandish and completely out of touch with 20+ years of story line. Sure, the normal marines were sculpted a while ago. That does not make them any less worthy. Primaris marines are simply a function of a struggling design studio tasked with inviting new kids to the hobby. And you can certainly tell. Bland units, uninspiring rules, absolutely terrible lore, it all combines to form truly the worst release in my life time from GW.

        • Mark Howarth

          on this doll can you please show the court where games workshop touched you… man stop whining like a man child its happening and theres nothing you can do about

          • Jack Boland

            You have an interesting definition of whining. I am not drinking the GW koolaide, that does not mean I am whining. Having an opinion that does not agree with your does not mean its whining. Also, I disagree that we can’t do anything. Look at AoS, we changed how that game is played and how GW looks at it. God willing, we do the same with 40k, or else its dead. To many people, it already is.

          • CloakingDonkey

            lol yeah. Let’s wait for those next Quarter sales numbers before we make any silly claims about dying games, shall we? 😛

            And what you are doing is definitely whining. You have one (pathetic) argument and everything else is your personal taste, yet you keep repeating the exact same comment, over and over claiming that people who disagree with your taste are incorrect. Just have an ugly cry in private instead, please.

          • Jack Boland

            Sales figures to me does not reprsent a game that is thriving. The game is dead.

          • CloakingDonkey

            So just more of your silly feelings that you are mistaking for objective fact. Ok then. As I said, have an ugly cry. Eat some ice cream… you’ll feel better, darling.

          • Jack Boland

            Enjoy some generic, sci fi. Thats always been the reason people loved warhammer anyways!

        • CloakingDonkey

          Fluff has no impact on the quality of sculpts… The Primaris sculpts are scale appropriate and look crisp and modern. The old Marines look old. Because they’re old. 20 years old. ffs I haven’t been allowed to vote as long as the old Marine sculpts exist. Every one of these ancient sculpts that gets replaced should be celebrated. Let’s hope the Ork Boys are next. Even if they’ll be called Orruk Prime 😉

          And I just can’t take the Fluff argument serious, I’m sorry. This is still the same universe where no one eats, drinks or defecates and 10000 souls a day… And you’re complaining about bigger, stronger super humans replacing the slightly less bigger stronger super humans? Come on…

          • georgelabour

            Orruk Primauls.

            Which honestly sounds a bit kewler than it should…

          • Jack Boland

            Well thats incorrect again. The quality of lore impacts two things. First, it impacts the inspiration of the sculptor. Simon Egan was heavily influenced by the character series and even put himself into one of the novels! Thats just completely false that the quality of inspiration does not affect the quality of the end product. Second, the quality of the lore affects how I look at the model. Even if primaris marines were decent, the absolute child like, comic book lore of 8th puts me off them. All that aside, Primaris marines do not look crisp and modern, they look like they are straight out of starcraft. Gone is grim dark and in comes the same old generic sci fi. From the sounds of things, that looks to be your bag. Its simply not mine. Yes, marines are date, why not just update the marine sculpt then? Finally, im not complaining about the content of the fluff, I’m complaining about its complete lack of consistency with 20+ years of story line, the incredible amount of ex machinas, the atrocious story line and the completely generic plot. You combine this with truly bland game play, incredibly generic new models and terrible lore… all you get is a completely mediocre edition.

  • Martin Detheridge

    Anyone else notice the Grey Knight chaplain in the back ground and what looks like it could possibly be a new Grey Knight librarian to the right hand side of the picture?

    • bfmusashi

      I think that’s a paladin with a nem warding stave. Nice catch on the chaplain though. I didn’t know they got them 🙂

      • Nameless

        previously the seldom used brotherhood champion has filled the same roll on the battlefield as the space marine chaplain.

      • Marty d

        Yeah chaplains only appear in the fluff I think, Alaric in the Grey knight’s trilogy talks to a chaplain on a few occasions, although the chaplain had nemesis lightning claws if I remember correctly, not sure about a paladin though as the hood seems bigger and I don’t recognize the legs and tabard

    • Calarax

      It’s the limited edition chaplain from a year or so ago painted silver. The librarian looks like a kitbash of the grey knight paladin and existing terminator librarian parts

  • Skeksis

    People are really missing the point of Primaris Marines.

    1. Space Marines are clearly THE money maker for GW, as their release schedule dwarfs all others. By releasing bigger and better looking Space Marines, they ensure a flood of new fans and a massive profit from longtime fanboys. People will buy the same army ALL OVER AGAIN to keep up with the trend. It is an open goal; they cannot lose.

    2. Codex: Copyright. Shove the word ‘Primaris’ in front of whatever laughable new terms you want to call Devastators etc, and your IP is now secure. Of course everyone knows what Assault Marines do, because they’re called Assault Marines. But it’s a little too general for GW, hence the ‘Primaris’ precursor.

    Personally I don’t understand the hate around the kits; they look fantastic and finally the scale is there. They (and AoS) are a sign of the times; get used to it.

    • memitchell

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but I sold my Ultramarines to a friend because I think Primaris Marines make older Marines look puny, silly, and out of scale. My friend started to add Primaris Marines. And, promptly shelved the little guys and went all BIG Boys. Get used to it.

      • Skeksis

        That’s pretty much what I wrote.

    • Deacon Ix

      You are completely right, they are a better scale and the IP is a very valid point.


      And this doesn’t actually disagree with your points, I have had over 25 years of space marines being the biggest and best badasses in the universe, something which the game has actually reflected very poorly, IMO the primaris stats are what SM should have always been.
      Had they been a direct replacement I possibly would have shrugged (I don’t really collect or play SM – the ones I have are due to starter sets) probably been a bit miffed as they looked better (esp against my CSM) but life would have gone on, GW has released new models for before…
      my biggest beef is actually is that they are a fully fledged force with veterans, captains et al, ok they have been training in VR for years apparently, but that seems far to deus ex machina even for GW standards, had they all been equal with Sargent equivalents with different shoulder pads (similar to the clones in SW) and then veterans where introduced gradually I would have found that easier on the palate. Characters and veterans could then have been introduced gradually to represent them gaining real experience, and, for us oldies, reduce the culture shock.

      • CRW

        If you read the new Space marine codex or rule book you will see that the Primaris have been fighting and seeding across the galaxy for over a century in the current live setting.

    • AircoolUK

      I like the new guys. My old marines (except the really old 80’s metal one’s who are used as characters) have been tidied away in the loft. Of course, my Land Raider, Predators (and other Rhino based vehicles) are staying, along with my Dreadnoughts and some of the units that don’t look too out of place next to Primaris Marines, such as Centurions.

      As I keep saying, GW won’t kill off old marines, it will be us, the players, buy buying P-Marines and ignoring old marines.

  • Jay@habour

    …has anybody seen the chaplain like character in front of the Land Raider (2nd picture), too?…is just my wishful thinking?

    • Calarax

      THat is the limited edition chaplain from a year or so ago painted silver. Greyknoghts must be getting chaplains then?

  • AircoolUK

    Grey Knights don’t really interesting me (and yes, the fluff is worse than the current Dark Imperium stuff). However, some of the kits provide a lot of material for conversions, so I have a few boxes (now half empty of course), but just not interested in them beyond that.

    Great if you want an army with few models and are quite happy to spray and drybrush them to quickly get them on the table.

  • Koen Diepen Van

    I am starting to think the cp are really delivering some unhealthy options into the game.