40K RUMORS: The Next 5 Codexes of 2017 are:

Here’s the set of rumors hot off the internet about what five lucky armies get books this year.

We’ve had 5 codexes released or announced by GW so far:


Three are out now:

And two more unveiled:

Leaving five more unknowns.  Now GW has said that 2018 would focus on Xenos, so with that in mind…

One of Faeit’s little birds says to look for:

Thousand Sons

Astra Militarum

Followed by these three getting a same-day triple release before the new year.

Blood Angels

Dark Angels

Space Wolves


First of all, there’s not enough here to even work over – it’s just a list. So right off the bat:

OK, saltiness aside. This list makes sense.  It defines the codexes of 2017 as purely Imperium vs Chaos – leaving 2018 to focus on sweet, sweet Xenos.


The Thousand Sons make sense coming on the heels of Ad Mech, as they just got a codex last winter and it sucks to have your new toys invalidated after only a few months. They have a shiny new range of models and need a full Tzeentchy codex back ASAP.

Astra Militarum is a bit of a surprise, but they are the bedrock of the Imperium.  I have no idea if they would get a Grey Knight-style codex with a new unit or two that are just re-uses of existing minis, or if they would get any new kits. With the new 8th Edition rules – I would love to see plastic Roughriders return to game after a 20 year absence.  That unit is legitimately solid now.

GW, a new mini PLEASE! My base makes me feel inadequate…

Marines, Marines, Marines. Just get em out of the way to stop the whining and move on.  All three of these got a decent model update last time around.  I would see these codexes as being more about integrating the Primaris units and drop in a plastic mini – probably a character.  You know – with GW’s “triumvirate” character boxes – it would make a lot of sense for Nottingham to drop all three of these codexes at once accompanied by a plastic set with 3 new plastic characters – 1 from each chapter.  I would do Dante, Grimnar (on foot), and Sammael (on his jetbike).  I’d buy that!

~Have at it rumormeistors.  How do you feel about the list?


  • piglette

    Can we stop making salt jokes in every rumor thread ever?

    • Damon Sherman

      what, take it with grain of salt is a classic saying.

    • Kociamber


    • Josh Felstead

      You sound salty.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Rumour has it they are planning too. However, I would take that rumour with a grain of salt.

  • Max Knickerbocker

    My three would be … Dante, Ragnar and Azrael.

    • dynath

      Mephiston needs an update too. That model looks so 80s.

      It would be awesome if each of the chapters got a triumverate or something. Not going to happen though 🙁

      • Orblivion

        Dante is in worse shape than Mephiston though, due to models like the Sanguinor and his own Sanguinary Guard outpimping him.

        • dynath

          Set a mephiston next to a modern librarian model and you’ll want to cry just as much. 🙁

          • Paul Mattingley

            It’s the same with Njal, at least there is the terminator version of him though.

    • danbond

      don’t see any of them getting a new figure consider

      why? they still haven’t released a new figure of Abaddon, the most important character out of the entire range of chaos characters

      • Brettila

        Yep, sorry folks. If they couldn’t get Abaddon done, those marines have no hope.

  • ectoplasmic gyrator

    Agents of the Imperium/Talons of the Emperor, please

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Naaa. GW has updated the box available on the web store with the 8th ed rules. Any one who bought one with the 7th ed rules in and has proof of purchase can request the new rules booklets via customer services. Doubt they’d do that is a codex was due in short time.

  • shmabadu

    Oh come on, one of the first ten has to be a Xenos codex!

    • Pcm979

      Guilliman counts as a filthy Xenos after The Gathering Storm.

    • Orblivion

      I think GW said the rest of this year is Imperium vs Chaos

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Its not “GW” directly saying 2018 would focus on Xenos but that it is the various “inside sources” and “rumour mongers” peddling that line – they may well be correct but let’s not confuse sources. I can certainly fathom the first 10 all being balanced between Imperial and Chaos related ones.

  • uatu13

    Hopefully they’ll fix IG tanks, they’re trash now!

    • Crevab

      Most of em, anyway. Wyvern’s cheaper than most tank chassis :/

  • BrianDavion

    actually if we get a trimvirate box I’m gonna make another prediction.

    Dante, Azreal, Lemen Russ

    • georgelabour

      They’ll be pulling Russ’s sled right?

    • Iconoc1ast

      Leman Russ. Ragnar Blackmane (primaris), Logan Grimnar (primaris) with no sleigh.

  • Randy Randalman

    Don’t expect new minis for really any codices until next year. The main point is to get all of the books up to date and every army playing on the same field. Then GW can get to making models. This isn’t like previous editions where every codex came with models.

    • Advachiel

      Marines got loads of new models, and Nurgle got a handful. Who knows at this point

      • NNextremNN

        I wouldn’t say that Deathguard get less than Space Marines.

        • Fergie0044

          Possibly more!

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Nurgle seemingly have lots of kits coming:
        – Mortarion
        – Terminators/Deathshroud
        – Deathguard Marines
        – Blightdrone Kit
        – Plagueburst Crawler Tank kit
        – Plastic Typhus
        – Tallyman marine dude
        – Alternative Lord of Contagion

        Possible alternative Plaguecaster and Blightbringer.

    • Sparowl

      Don’t worry – if a Marine player doesn’t get new models this time around, they will during their second codex to come out before all Xenos get updated.

      I expect at least three Codex: Ultramarines……I mean “Space Marines”……before all the Xenos books are out.

    • DtLS

      GW’s a model company, unless the Death Guard codex has so many new units that their releases take three months there’s bound to be some more models coming before the new year.

      • CloakingDonkey

        True but there’s also Age of Sigmar and Necromunda. Although I do think Guard will get some models. They’re the most needy out of these codices.. lots of 20+ year old models in that army

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Try sisters.. Most of guard is post 2003, most sistsers are pre 97… Or elder, all non avenger kits are pretty much pre 2001

          • CloakingDonkey

            Don’t take this the wrong way but despite how popular they are online… They always were one of the least played factions.

          • Goatsplitter

            Playing devils advocate they were a pretty expensive army to assemble and kind of boring back in the day. You’re probably right that they are not a focus, but with the today’s plethora of other imperial agent goodies to complement them, I think they’ll see more action if we see plastic sisters.

            I’m probably not going to play them though. Too many other armies interest me more.

      • Fergie0044

        I thinks its more likely that they’ll use some existing chaos units as well. We’ve seen no DG version of havocs, raptors, bikers, helbrute etc etc.
        Unless the standalone DG army doesn’t have them, which will be just terrible for my current collection.

    • Tshiva keln

      Most probably won’t come with models (and GW said as much) but getting rules out and models out isn’t really that related as they are created by totally different teams.

  • Simon Bates

    In some ways the more interesting question is what happens next. It’s not clear whether GW plan on keeping this pace up, but even at half the speed, they should have basically every ‘dex out by the end of 2018. We’ve got something like 3 Eldar ‘dexes (4 if Ynarri somehow get their own), plus Tau, Tyranids, Necrons, Orks, Stealers, Daemons, Deatwatch, Sororitas (which if they do it, is surely going to have some sort of new kits to go with it or what’s the point) and maybe some kind of Agents of the Imperium/Talons book (which might include Sororitas). That’s somewhere in the region of 12 books.

    The implication is that either the ‘dexes slow down and we get some model releases with a few of them or, which seems more likely to me, they get all of the ‘dexes out rapidly with few new models and then, what? Subfactional expansions? Campaign books (possibly with new models and scenery)? Especially with the dynamics shifted to be more like AoS, where the plot progresses over time, some variation of the late 7th ed campaign supplements or the AoS Realmgate Wars books seems plausible.

    • Paul Mattingley

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Eldar have one codex, like codex astartes covers the codex chapters.

      • Simon Bates

        It’s certainly plausible, if only because it would make it easier to get Ynarri to work. I’d still be surprised though. The crafworlds alone must be one of the most diverse factions (by which I mean factions previously contained within a single codex) in the game after the Astartes. Trying to fit them in a single book alongside the Dark Eldar and Harlequins, each of which have their own subfactions (the DE even have 3 types of subfaction) would be pretty epic.

        Looking at it another way, rather more of the Imperium 1 index consists of non-codex units than the proportion of Xenos 1 which consists of Necrons. And Imperium 1 has a lot of regular Astartes units that aren’t in the codex, whereas I can’t think of a single Aeldari unit in Xenos 1 that doesn’t have a current model.

        • Paul Mattingley

          I personally would favour one, purely on the basis of I don’t want to buy 3/4 books. If it is multiple books, I will probably stick with craftworld Eldar.

  • si1

    Typical the xeno’s are the last to get any updates from GW, no change from their normal operating procedure.

    • Wex

      Um, given how 8th has changed the game in terms of sub factions aka chapters/legions etc, i think it’s safe to say that releasing the factions that have recently had similar aspects to their codexes and that are variations on a theme would be the easiest to get out quickly. Seeing as most of these codexes could easily be described as different paint jobs with a few different rules, it’s the best choice for frontloading.the only codex that doesn’t make complete sense with this is AM.

      Having to choose which Xenos subfactiion to represent, design rules for them, and hopefully balance them will take a whole lot more effort to be done correctly and I’m hoping that saving them means they’re done well

      • Strategery.

        you must be unfamiliar with GW power creeping their sh!t over the past 20 years

    • JPMcMillen

      I can sum up why you shouldn’t complain in three simple words: Sister of Battle

    • NNextremNN

      Think positive that means at least some Xenos will get something new next year.

    • Strategery.

      and then after they power creep with 10 imperium / chaos codexes they’ll put out a new space marine codex again lol

  • luke-vdv

    Come on Astra Militarum: IMPERIAL GUARD! GW, you know it matches the title of the Space Marine codex. Dew it!

    • Crevab

      Yes plz

  • mgdavey

    Space Marines -> G-man
    Death Gaurd -> Mortarion
    Thousand Sons -> Magnus

    Does that mean we’re likely to see Sanguinius, the Lion and Russ by the end of the year? Okay, maybe not Sanguinius ….

    • NNextremNN

      No if they bring another primarch it will be super hype and definitely not this year where we already had one.

      • Simon Bates

        Er, we will have had 2 this year. You’re probably right about the hype though. We’ve known for certain Morty was coming since June. We only had a couple of months’ notice on Bobby G though.

        • NNextremNN

          Ok one loyal one traitor better? Maybe we see someone next year. I was expecting Russ or Lion with his new codex but If they get theirs already this year I’m not so sure anymore.

        • mgdavey

          In other words we’ve known Morty was coming for two months. We’re now about 4 months out from the end of the year. Plenty of time for hype and rumors.

    • ellobouk

      I dunno, maybe like some kind of goofy relic coffin mech, that’s essentially a voltron of redemptors…

  • Kaoskadosk

    GW once again confirming that xenos are only there as something for humans to kill (assuming this list is true)…

  • DtLS

    A triumvirate for three different Chapters? Do they want to piss of marine players or something? Blood Angels could fill a Triumvirate box all on their own with a new Dante, new Mephiston, and a Sanguinor beefed up to the level of a Primarch.

  • ellobouk

    oh dear God Emperor I hope guard are so soon… all my regular opponents are getting all these neat strats and I have… a re-roll every phase

  • Christie Bryden

    thousand sons wouldnt need a big release, just maybe a new character and some vehicles, same with mechanius.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    First can we agree that its not “GW” directly saying 2018 would focus on Xenos but that it is the various “inside sources” and “rumour mongers” peddling that line – they may well be correct but let’s not confuse sources. I can certainly fathom the first 10 all being balanced between Imperial and Choas related one.

    Now on the front of codex’s. I personally have my doubt GW will want to cram nearly all the different flavoured Marines into the first 10 codex. It makes more sense that they’d want to spread the love throughout a year for them to even out the income they generate.

    I’ve suggested my 6 (before admech was announced) and reasons for it. Although I’m now possibly leaning towards potentially Astra Militarum; however I do see them as getting a meaty model update to re-do their infantry sets and a few other things – which is what makes me on the edge with them.

  • Krev_Grazl

    Ah, people still going on about triumvirate boxes! yawn…

    • I_am_Alpharius

      I don’t think we’ll see any more them, any time soon. It seems like it was a release strategy just for the Gathering Storm story arc. Perhaps GW will do some next time they run a story arc like Gathering Storm.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Yeah, just the blew the opportunity to do one for chaos. I know they were waiting to push Nurgle, but come on! Coudla done one with Abaddon, Fabius, and maybe something like Lucius or even heck, doom rider.

  • Xodis

    Would make sense IMO, and 2018 can be the year of the Alien!

  • Josh Felstead

    Why can’t Gee Dubs just release each army’s codex at the same bloody time and then spend the rest of the year bringing out updated minis, amiright? Every single faction has minis that need updating and it honestly cannot be that hard. Who wouldn’t want this?

    • mgdavey

      But what about new units in an armies book? The internet would melt down if people were waiting months before they could field a unit that’s in their codex.

      • Josh Felstead

        Do the simple thing and write the basic codex and release rules and background for new models as and when they come out. This would be a win-win for GW because they’d be keeping all factions happy and also being able to sell an initial codex PLUS a final codex after all planned releases have come out for that specific faction.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Yep Ala Warmachine! GW already puts the rules in the box with the figs, no reason they can’t do it now. In fact I am shocked they went back to doing codexs at all, let alone so quickly.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Oh I don’t know. Production time, hours in the day, spreading out of release schedules to help with consistent sales through a year the fact 40k is not the only game to publish new stuff for etc…etc..

      • Josh Felstead

        This was more of a “Dear Santa…” wishlist kind of comment that everyone would like the sound of but thank you for taking it too seriously and being a buzzkill. For a moment there I forgot that a lot of BolS commenters just like to be right about everything.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Touchy – it read like you were serious. Just being a realist here.

  • Ty Hayden

    Another edition of GW ignoring the honest, hard-working and ever-friendly Inquisition… At least when an “Imperium” army gains a new toy, so does the Inquisition; i would just like some new inquisition-specific models.

  • V0iddrgn

    I hope that GW is taking their time making the Xenos books balanced and competitive. Still, it sucks I have to wait until next year for anything.

  • Frank O’Donnell

    You forgot the big one Sisters of Battle so this rumour can’t be right.

  • Strategery.

    ITT: people unfamiliar with GW power creep cycles

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Too obvious. Needs some subfaction/new faction Codexes to spice things up. If they could resurrect some lost factions, people would be amazed.