Bones for the Bone Throne – GW Upcoming Releases

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Check out what’s coming next week from GW.

Skulls, mostly. But there’s also some scenic plant life, an ultramarine upgrade kit, and of course plasma-armed intercessors inceptors interceptors interlopers Jet Pack Shooty Guys.

via Warhammer Community

The multi-part Primaris Inceptors kit is packed with options for these aerial strike specialists. As well as the rapid-firing assault bolters you’ll be familiar with from Dark Imperium, you’ll soon be able to equip your Inceptors with deadly armour-melting plasma exterminators – perfect for hunting down characters, monsters and vehicles wherever they may hide.

If you’re looking to add some character to your Primaris Space Marines, the Ultramarines Upgrade Kit is a great way to do it. You’ll be able to add Chapter insignia to your miniatures with ease thanks to the sculpted shoulder pads, while there are honours, purity seals, unique heads and more to distinguish your Sergeants and other favourite squadmates.

The Citadel Vines and Barbed Bracken are among our most innovative scenery kits yet. As you’d expect, they’re highly detailed and when painted make for convincing flora and fauna – however, unlike our other kits, you can bend, flex and twist them to create unusual and eye-catching effects. The vines, in particular, can be wrapped around ruins or even your models, representing a particularly ancient jungle temple or perhaps a Treelord strangling a rampaging Orruk with a tangle of sentient foliage.


Or, I guess you could get some skulls too then.

Appease Khorne AND build an awesome display in one fell swoop.

  • SilentPony

    Why do Primaris marines look so much like a 3rd party model line trying to skirt the lines of copyright infringement?

    • Krizzab

      in our game group we call them inifinity marines or ubbermarines (those ones that play flames of war)

    • af

      More importantly, why do the jetpack marines look so ugly?

    • CloakingDonkey

      Because regular Marines look so derpy and bad that the Primarines just look too good in an out-of-place kind of way.

      • luke-vdv

        You should really get your eyesight checked.

        • CloakingDonkey

          If you honestly believe the old marines aren’t 1. out of scale and 2. poorer quality sculpts than the Primaris, then you need to get your head checked. You can whinge and moan about the fluff all you want but please don’t deny reality because of your hurt feelings. It’s really quite sad. Grab a Primarine and compare it critically to one of the old Marine models. Put your petty feelings aside and if you still somehow think the old Marines don’t look like a joke in comparison, we can talk again 😉

          • luke-vdv

            Me sad? Look at you resorting to calling me petty and banging on about feelings. The regular marines look better design wise and aesthetically. The scale has nothing to do with it and neither does the sculpt. Just look at the Inceptors. Ugly beyond doubt. That aside, I don’t have a problem with the scale and I never have, but if the regular design was true-scale I wouldn’t mind.

          • CloakingDonkey

            out-of-scale = bad sculpt. It has everything to do with it. They are giant baby people with enormous melon heads and weedy bodies… That may have been acceptable at that price 20 years ago but times change and so does the competition. Whether or not you can live with them being out-of-scale doesn’t really interest me. Objectively, they are lower quality sculpts than those of the competition and the Primaris. The detail is weaker, the scale is trash, the poses are static (to be fair that hasn’t improved much with the Primaris). The best you can say about them is that they are ok for 20 year old models.

          • luke-vdv

            Well what can I tell you? I like what you think are bad sculpts. Regardless, scale and regular model aside, I think the Primaris design looks quite bad overall (to match the fluff). True-scale Terminators, Dreadnoughts, Assault Marines etc would look much better.

  • Wolf-Assassin

    since when did Ultra marines need an upgrade kit? i think i know 8 other chapters that need upgrade kits before Ultra marines

    • Prospero 4life

      You have what we call a bias sir… no chapter deserves kits more than any others.

      • Wolf-Assassin

        maybe but every kit is in its basic form a Ultramarine kit imo. therefore every one else need them more. (Just realized there where a couple of upgrade kits for some other chapters(but they are not Primaris kits) ) also a mixed chapter shoulder kit should be great for Deathwatch players.

      • Crevab

        Thats right, and thats why UM shouldn’t be getting any more stuff

    • Josh Felstead

      I dunno, man.

      Maybe because in the fluff Guilliman ordered that his chapter was first to receive the new wave of Primaris reinforcements, so it’s only fitting that Ultramarines get the first Primaris upgrade sprue. Maybe because Ultramarines are the poster boys of Games Workshop and therefore it makes sense to give them the first upgrades from a sales point of view. Maybe both.

      Guess we’ll never know for sure, man.

  • Ben_S

    Do Bloodletters even have skulls? I know the Grey Knights started a trend of beheading daemons, but I’d always assumed they simply vanish into thin air/the warp when killed.

    • ZeeLobby

      Always been my assumption as well.

      • CloakingDonkey

        Is this a Midichlorians moment?

    • Alexis Muscat

      Check the Orruk Warboss from AoS : they do.

      • AoS takes place in the astral plane though, doesn’t it?

  • Angel Grinder

    I’m only gaming 40k and not up to full speed with AOS creatures – anyone know what these are the skulls of? (highlighted red)

    • Angel Grinder

      this is going to be a must purchase for me, will nicely spruce up some scenery pieces

    • Chet Atkinson

      Some kind of Kroot?

    • Spacefrisian

      Skulls of races from both system…New realm of battle plate?

    • JTY

      They’re Beastmen

      • benvoliothefirst

        As someone who had a love/hate relationship with the 5th ed skeleton sprue (comes with a beastman skull but shouldn’t a beastman skeleton have HOOVES?!) I’m excited by this, but still gonna have to find some horse legs to make the necessary conversions.

        • Bakvrad

          I used the old horses. Cut at the “hip”, normal Torso on top and then the horses head.
          But you can use those legs at the knee as well. Then you can do 2 skeletons with one horse. The old 4th editon box with 3 riders was perfect since you had skeletons that were designed to stand anyway

    • Ben_S

      Beastmen I think.

    • barry sadler

      Minotaur. Or beastman?

  • Spacefrisian

    Yes an upgrade for a powersword, or ask the local grey knight player, those tda powerswords are a good fit and they should have plenty.

  • Muhamad Adhi Setiadi

    ….why I am immediately reminded to Tachanka when seeing that jetpack primaris?