FW: T’au Tiger Shark Returns

The T’au’s classic Flyer is returning to Forge World after a brief absence – but it’s rearmed and reloaded for battle!

Not to be out gunned, the T’au are getting some love from Forge World with the return of the Tiger Shark. This Tank-hunting Flyer is bringing the pain and has a whole new set of weapon looks it can provide.

via Warhammer Community

A classic Forge World Flyer is returning soon with the redesigned and re-armed Tiger Shark AX-1-0. This colossal aircraft is a dedicated Titan-hunter, armed with twin heavy rail cannons capable of scrapping even larger tanks in a single burst; each is Strength 18, with an AP of -5, and causes 2D6 Wounds, with double damage against Titanic units. In short, if you want to give an Imperial Knights player a very, very bad day, this is the Flyer for you.

The Tiger Shark has been redesigned much like its smaller cousin, the Barracuda AX-5-2, with a sleeker appearance and extra detail. There are also some new weapon options coming to represent the Tiger Shark Fighter-Bomber – a pair of heavy burst cannons or ion cannons.

The Tiger Shark’s Rules can be found in the Imperial Armor: Xenos book and you can order your own very soon from Forge World. And remember, they did FAQ the Tiger Shark so that it can actually fire it’s main weapon:


So yes, with some hot dice you could potentially do a devastating 48 wounds to a single Titan model in one round of shooting…OUCH! The odds of that happening are slim, but like my history teacher used to say, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” But even if you don’t max out, you’re still going to do around 28 wounds on average. I don’t care what kind of Titan you are, losing 28 wounds to two shots is going to leave a mark!


What do you think of this revamped T’au flyer? Let us know in the comments below!

  • chris harrison

    I can imagine a warlord titan princeps ordering his personal servitor to bring his brown trousers.

  • Any way to get that large flyer base by itself?

    • UvW Sausage

      I forget the base size but you can get it off their site. Looks to be the same size as what comes with the tau supremacy armour. Whatever the biggest one is.

  • Michael Lee

    So… I guess Knights will have to bring some Icarus Dunecrawlers…?

  • Albert

    How long I need to save money for this??? Ok i think 150£ but how long for buy??!!

    • NNextremNN

      A few weeks/months it takes FW a while from showing a model to actually sell it.