Grymkin: The Best Arcana

No feats!  That’s right the all new Grymkin warlocks don’t get feats!  We take a look at this new game interaction today.


So What is Arcana?

Grymkin are here and they are hitting hard.  If you haven’t been following along with the new faction for warmachine hordes then you missed out all a whole new way to play.  The Grymkin warlocks don’t have feats like other hordes casters.  Instead they receive 3 arcana.  1 is specific to the warlock and the other 2 are chosen from a pool before the game.  Unlike feats they have to be triggered for the Arcana to take effect.  Each of them have a unique trigger and then a powerful ability.  Some are based on command range and some are based on control area.

The Arcana:

Labyrinth: Trigger: End move in Warlocks CMD. Models in Control -2 SPD

Pandemonium: Trigger: Order in Warlocks Control. Order is cancelled.

Ruin: Trigger: Target a model in Warlocks Control with spell.  Spell is cancelled and enemy upkeeps are removed.

Sacrifice:  Trigger: Destroy a grymkin in Warlocks Control. Remove all damage from all Grymkin in Control!

Ill Omens: Trigger: Destroy Grymkin warrior model. All enemy models -1 to attack and damage in Control.

The Shadow: Trigger: End move in melee range of a small based grymkin.  Place a free warbeast in control of the warlock. It last 1 round and can’t advance.

Fortune’s Path: Trigger: miss a model in control. +1 to attack and damage rolls for grymkin in Control.

Shroud: Trigger: Destroy a Grymkin with a ranged attack.  Grymkin in control gain stealth.

Accursed: Trigger: Damage a model that has a corpse token. Enemies lose incorpreal, stealth, and can’t have damage removed.

Desolation: Trigger: End normal move in control. Place a terrain piece.

My Pick for Top 3 Arcana!

My favorite by far is The Shadow”.  Placing a warbeast is dirty.  Not only can it swing next turn, it also is great for blocking charges and threatening free strikes.

I think gunlines will be pretty strong in Steamroller 2017.  So having Shroud” to give your army stealth for a turn seems pretty strong.  That is pretty much most of Khaellsya’s feat.

“Pandemonium”:  Being able to stop a unit’s charge seems almost unfair to me.  You can plop a warbeast in a zone in front of a big unit of weaponmasters and if they try to charge you just cancel it.  Very strong ability!!!


~What do you think of the Grymkin?  What is your favorite Arcana?  Please share in the comments below.

  • Richard Mitchell

    I love the way the new Arcana play. Really showcases the flexibility of the core Mk. III rules. They are triggers and not as powerful as one shot feats by themselves and out of the 3 arcana 1 has to default to the warlock’s. However, all three Arcana cards make the warlocks competitive in how flexible the other 2 cards allow Defiers to be and it also plays into their lore. That the Defiers mere presence creates a location time space distortion and bends reality around them.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Wouldn’t know. Privateer’s new release model makes me glad I never really played much.